Wednesday Night Reservations update: August 2017

Make your Wednesday night reservations by emailing You can also call the church office at (336)245-1261, extension 102. Reservations can now be made for our kickoff on September 13 with Matthew Weaver and Clay Lunsford.


  1. Sparky Brooks & Barbee Kugel says:

    Reservations for Sparky Brooks and Barbee Kugel for September 13 Kickoff

    • T Shepherd says:

      Hey Sparky! Thanks for using our comments! Please uses our “Contact Us” page to send your reservations for Wednesday night reservations. Simply complete the requested demographics. In the bottom box labeled “Choose the staff member to receive this message” click on the Wednesday Night Reservations to make your reservations. It’s easy….

  2. Reservations for Don and Ann bishop for Supper on next Wednesday ..

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