About First Baptist

Welcome to the First Baptist Church (FBC) website.  This is a great way to learn about our vibrant congregation that has been engaged in the Lexington, North Carolina community well over a century.  Yes, we have a rich heritage, but our focus is on the present—we are seeking to be the presence of Christ in our community that has suffered greatly from the loss of our foundational industries.  Worship is the heartbeat of our church and you can listen to our services live each Sunday at 11:00 a.m. on 1440 AM or at www.wlxn.com

We have many different opportunities for spiritual growth and ministry that you can learn about through this website.  From small children in our Martha Best Children’s Center to senior adults who continue to be on the go, we are an active congregation.  A primary focus of our church is our youth ministry.   Our music ministry begins with preschool children and involves all ages including our Senior Adult Singers.

Our two ministers have over 50 combined years of service here at FBC.  Our Children’s Center director has served for 30 years.  We have only had 3 senior ministers since the Second World War!  Long tenured, stable leadership provides the roadmap for our church.

Our church is focusing on making a difference in our community through trusted agencies and new, exciting initiatives like FaithHealthNC.  Our pastor teaches three community Bible Studies every week and we work closely with all of the Lexington area churches to meet the needs of our struggling town.  We encourage every member and friend of First Baptist to discover and use their spiritual gifts in mission and ministry.

You can discover a lot of facts about our church on this Web site, but to really know who we are you need to come and visit.  You will find a warm welcome as the doors of our church are open to everyone.  Send us an email if you would like to have more information or a personal contact from our church.  Our church is a family and there is always room at our family table for one more!