Can We Trust the Bible?

The question of this Bible Study is:  Can We Trust the Bible?

Find Dr. Ray Howell III’s Powerpoint (converted to pdf so that all can view it) about this question here.


  1. Betty Jane Honeycutt says

    What I was hoping to find was the schedule for the whole Bible study sequence. I believe Ray indicated that there are two weeks when he will be gone. I need to know those dates so I can schedule some upcoming activities of my own, but I can’t find the sheet of paper he handed out at the first session. It would be helpful to have that information available online.


    P.S. I still can’t get the church’s new website to load on my XP computer. I’m having to write this message from Richard’s computer.

    • Thanks Betty Jane for using the comments section for your question.
      The Composition of the Bible post has been updated (at the bottom of the page) with the schedule.

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