Audio-Visual Committee

Ministry: The Audio-Visual Committee operates the sanctuary sound system for worship services each week as well as the fellowship hall and chapel when needed. The committee also oversees the purchase and maintenance of audio-visual equipment and supplies. Tape duplication services provide outreach and support the church’s ministries.

Baptism Committee

Ministry: The Baptism Committee enriches the experience of baptism for both the baptismal candidate and the congregation by assisting the pastor and the candidate in the preparation for the ordinance and during the actual service.

Bereavement Committee

Ministry: The Bereavement Committee, upon the death of a church member, makes arrangements for a meal to be served at their home or at the church and calls the names on the food list. The members of the committee serve and clean up if needed. This committee provides comfort to those experiencing a family death.

Building and Grounds Committee

Ministry: The Building and Grounds Committee is responsible for the care and maintenance of all church property, including the building, grounds, vehicles, equipment and furnishings. This committee formulates policy governing the use of church property, sets priorities and schedules for major repairs and upkeep, and recommends the employment of maintenance personnel.

Children’s Center Ministry

Ministry: The Martha Best Children’s Center provides a safe, nurturing environment for parents who desire quality day care services. The members of this group meet with the Children’s Center Director in an advisory and supportive capacity.

Church Commitment Committee

Ministry: The Church Commitment Committee recommends and administers the annual commitment plan which encourages members of the church family to participate fully in the life of the church, to serve and lead according to their gifts, and to give regularly and systematically to the church through their tithes and offerings.

Communion Committee

Ministry: The Communion Committee assists the church family in the observance of the Lord’s Supper by maintaining an adequate inventory of materials and supplies, preparing the elements of communion, and overseeing the gathering, cleaning and storing of equipment after each observance.

Endowment Trust Fund Committee

Ministry: The Endowment Trust Fund Committee manages, invests, and distributes the assets held by First Baptist Church in the Endowment Trust Fund. Four categories of funds are held in trust: missions, building and grounds, enrichment, and unrestricted. The committee also encourages gifts to the endowment trust.

Family Life Committee

Ministry: The Family Life Committee enhances Christian family life within the church and community. This committee promotes activities such as the Family Beach Retreat, the Birthday Banquet and the Vacation Bible School Kick-off Picnic to meet the needs of all families of all ages and stages while coordinating efforts with other ministries in the church.

Finance Committee

Ministry: The Finance Committee administers expenditures from the annual budget and designated funds of the church, with special attention to cash flow, timing, and unanticipated needs.

Food Service Committee

Ministry: Each group sets up and serves the family night meal and cleans up afterward one Wednesday per month.

Funeral Committee

Ministry: The Funeral Committee, upon the death of a church member, assists the family and church staff in coordinating and planning the worship service at the church. This Committee also provides assistance, as needed, to the funeral professionals chosen by the family.

Health and Wellness Council

Ministry: The Health and Wellness Council focuses on a better quality of life, physically and spiritually, through health promotion, disease prevention, and health/illness management within the congregation.

History Committee

Ministry: The History Committee assists the church in preserving its history. This committee properly preserves photos, books, and furniture as it leads the church to appreciate its Baptist Heritage and its own past.

Media Center Committee

Ministry: The Media Center Committee oversees the operation of the church media center. This committee chooses, purchases, and processes books and audio-visual materials. The media center is staffed and open to church members on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings.

Missions Committee


Ministry: The Missions Committee administers the Missions giving of the church, explores and develops mission opportunities, and promotes and teaches the church congregation regarding missions’ work.

Music Committee

Ministry: The Music Committee serves as an advisory group for the Minister of Music and supports the personnel and equipment needs of the church’s Music Ministry.

New Member Orientation Committee

Ministry: The New Member Orientation Committee assists the pastor in planning orientation classes for new and prospective church members, and assists new members in getting settled into church family life.

Nominating Committee

Ministry: The Nominating Committee leads the church in filling all church-elected leadership positions with volunteers from the church membership. The committee nominates general church officers, deacons, Sunday school officers and teachers, ministry leaders, committee members and chairpersons.

Personnel Committee

Ministry: The Personnel Committee recommends to the Diaconate the employment/discharge of personnel other than the Senior Minister, and recommends staff salary and benefits to the Budget Planning Committee. The Personnel Committee meets periodically with staff members and is available to hear their concerns and grievances.

Public Relations Committee

Ministry: The Public Relations Committee assists the ministerial staff in maintaining the church website and in promoting special events happening, such as the Parker Lecture Series, Nine Lessons and Carols, and Bible Study opportunities and times. The promotional advertisement is accomplished primarily through the local newspaper, The Dispatch.

Sanctuary Committee

Ministry: The Sanctuary Committee enhances the Sunday morning worship services by coordinating the placement of a live arrangement in the Sanctuary each week and seasonal potted flowers at Christmas and Easter, by decorating the church for the Christmas season using wreaths, a Chrismon Tree, and greenery in the Sanctuary windows, and by maintaining the brass chandeliers and light bulbs.

Social Committee

Ministry: The Social Committee enhances the church fellowship by providing seasonal decorations and maintaining the church silver used for social events. At Christmas this committee decorates trees in the Fellowship Hall and the Children’s Dining Hall.

Ushers Committee

Ministry: The Usher Committee serves the Sunday morning worship congregation including members, visitors, and church leaders by greeting people, handing out bulletins, and passing the offering plate. The committees’ service is needed before, during and after the worship service.

Young People Away Committee

Ministry: The Young People Away Committee keeps in touch with the young people from First Baptist Church who are away from home in college or other training programs and lets them know that their church family is interested in their well-being. This committee sends church bulletins and newsletters, cards and letters on special occasions, and thinking of you reminders during exams.