Community Missions

Members of First Baptist Church contribute their time, energy, and money to many worthwhile causes in the Lexington area.

Four Habitat for Humanity houses have been totally funded and built by First Baptist Church. One of these projects was a joint effort with the congregation of First Baptist, Village Drive, in Lexington. A fifth house was constructed by First Baptist youth along with other Christian youth in the Lexington area.

The homeless shelter, which now falls under the umbrella of Crisis Ministry, was begun in the basement of First Baptist Church some years ago. First Baptist members continue to support this ministry as well as to contribute on a regular basis to the food closet of Crisis Ministry.

Meals on Wheels is another program of ministry that had its beginnings at First Baptist. Presently, many First Baptist volunteers deliver meals to those in the community who are unable to enjoy a daily hot meal.

Among other local ministries that receive funding and support from the First Baptist congregation are Pastor’s Pantry, Davidson Medical Ministries Clinic and Davidson County Prison Chaplaincy.