Card Catalog

Call numberAuthorBook Title
220 LANLang, J. Stephen1,001 things you always wanted to know about the Bible but never thought to ask
649 PHEPhelan, Thomas, Ph.D.1-2-3 magic: effective discipline for children 2-12
649 CLAClayton, Lynn P.10 gifts your children will grow to appreciate
371.3 ONE100 activities for preschoolers
J 520 FARFarndon, John1000 facts of space
783.9 OSBOsbeck, Kenneth W.101 hymn stories
AUD 248.8 CLAClaypool, John15th annual Parker lectures
746.43 WeiWeiss, Rita24-Hour crochet projects
746.43 WEIWeiss, Rita24-Hour knitting projects
VID J THR3-2-1 penguins: the amazing carnival of complaining
242 THR365 day brighteners to encourage your heart
649 BROBrown, Susan B., Ph.D.365 positive strategies for single parenting
646 AUGAugustine, Sue5 minute retreats for women
646.7 COVCovey, Stephen R.7 habits of highly effective families, The
649.64 WINWindell, James8 Weeks to a well-behaved child: a failsafe program for toddlers through teens
262 NASNash, Robert N.8-track church in a cd world
J E 220 MONMonroe, ColleenA is for ark: Noah's journey
E J 220 ABCABC Bible block pop-up
220 ABCABC's of the Bible
220.7 EISAbingdon Bible commentary
J Biog LINStevenson, AugustaAbraham Lincoln the great emancipator
BIOG LINSandburg, CarlAbraham Lincoln: the prairie years and the war years, one-volume edition
222 FeiFeiler, BruceAbraham: a journey to the heart of three faiths
R 025.4 DEWDewey, MelvilAbridged decimal classification
248 LARLarson, Ellen E.Accepting and peaceful: Bible-based activities to strengthen Christian values
AUD 226.6 AActs - Ray Howell Bible study - Part I (of II)
AUD 226.6 AActs - Ray Howell Bible study - Part II (of II)
226.6 BARBarclay, WilliamActs of the apostles, The
226.6 OGIOgilvie, LOloyd J.Acts of the Holy Spirit: God's power for living
220.9 CORCornfeld, GaalyahuAdam to Daniel
VID J F ADVAdventures in Odyssey: once upon an avalanche
248.3 MARMarshall, CatherineAdventures in prayer
J F GIRGire, KenAdventures in the big thicket
J E F PARParish, PeggyAdventures of Amelia Bedelia
248 DIADiaz, Gwendolyn MitchellAdventures of Mighty Mom, The
J FIC TWATwain, MarkAdventures of Tom Sawyer and the adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The
J SC KELKelsey, Alice GreerAdventures with the Bible
231 FULFuller, EdmundAffirmations of God and man
270.1 AFTAfter Jesus: the triumph of Christianity
155.9 HEWHewett, JohnAfter suicide
616.85 MATMathews, Andrew M.Agoraphobia: nature and treatment
VID F LUCLucado, MaxAlabaster's song: Christmas through the eyes of an angel
J E F LUCLucado, MaxAlabaster's song: Christmas through the eyes of an angel
J Biog SCHThomas, M. Z.Albert Schweitzer
726.8 STEStewart, DesmondAlhambra, The
J 301.4 YEMYem, Susan SolomonAll kinds of families
J Biog SCHSimon, Charlie MayAll men are brothers: a protrait of Albert Schweitzer
F THOThoene, BodieAll rivers to the sea
220.9 DELdel Mastro, M. L.All the women of the Bible
J 242 ROCRock, LoisAll year long
J E F SCHSchertle, AliceAll you need for a snowman
283 TAYTaylor, Barbara BrownAltar in the world, An: A geography of faith
J E F PIGPignataro, AnnaAlways
B FoxFox, Michael J.Always looking up - The adventures of an incurable optimist
242 SMISmith, David B.Always there: God's manna in the morning
618.97 RONRonch, Judah L.Alzheimer's disease: a practical guide for those who help others
VID 783.9 AMAAmazing grace with Bill Moyers
783 AMAAmazing grace: A country salute to great gospel hymns
230 NORNorris, KathleenAmazing grace: a vocabulary of faith
269 TENten Boom, CorrieAmazing love
J 796 AMAAmazing world of sports, The: The ultimate sports photography book
J F DANDanziger, PaulaAmber Brown is feeling blue
F STRStrobel, LeeAmbition, The
J Biog EARBurke, JohnAmelia Earhart flying solo
910 REAReaders DigestAmerica the beautiful
J 811.4 BATBates, Katharine LeeAmerica the beautiful: poem by Katharine Lee Bates
CD 973 DAVDavis, Kenneth C.America's hidden history
394.2 AMEAmerican Christmases
J 398.2 LEALeach, MariaAmerican folk tales and legends
REF 423 AMEAmerican Heritage student dictionary
970.1 RIGRights, Douglas L.American Indian in North Carolina, The
970.1 RIGRights, Douglas L.American Indian in North Carolina, The
R 220.4 PRIPrice, Ira MauriceAncestry of our English Bible
930 ANCAncient civilization: 4000 B.C. - 400 A.D.
938 STAStarr, Chester G.Ancient Greeks, The
937 STAStarr, Chester G.Ancient Romans, The
220.0 AVIAvi-Yonah, MichaelAncient scrolls: introduction to archaeology
270 DURDurham, JacquelineAnd some had dreams
232.96 LUCLucado, MaxAnd the angels were silent
F RIVRivers, FrancineAnd the shofar blew
235 SPASpangler, AnnAngel a day, An
F BLEBledsoe, JerryAngel doll, The
Biog ROGRogers, Dale EvansAngel unaware
J E F HOLHolabird, KatharineAngelina's baby sister
235.3 GRAGraham, BillyAngels
BIOG REEReese, DellaAngels along the way: my life with help from above/Della Reese
FIC PHIPhillips, MichaelAngels watching over me
248 PRIPrice, John RandolphAngels within us, The: a spiritual guide to the twenty-two angels that govern our lives
VID J 590 ANIAnimal babies
286 SORSorrill, BobbieAnnie Armstrong, dreamer in action
Biog ARMSorrill, BobbieAnnie Armstrong: dreamer in action
291 TUCTucker, Ruth A.Another gospel: alternative religions and the New Age Movement
F OKEOke, JanetteAnother homecoming
248.4 GRAGraham, BillyAnswers to life's problems
082 GRAGraham, BillyAnswers to life's problems - Guidance, inspiration, and hope for the challenges of today
229 GOOGoodspeed, EdgarApocrypha, The
229 APOApocryphal Old Testament
F LAHLaHaye, TimApollyon: the destroyer is unleashed
F CANCannon, JamesApostle Paul: A novel of the man who brought Christianity to the Western world
230 BARBarclay, WilliamApostles' Creed for everyman
818 REEReece, Colleen L.Apples for a teacher: a bushel of stories, poems, and prayers
808 PETPetty, Jo, comp.Apples of gold
220.9 ARCArchaelogical encyclopedia of the Holy Land
J E 235 BOSBostrom, Kathleen LongAre angels real?
228 LAHLaHaye, TimAre we living in the end times?
VID J AREAre you my neighbor?
DVD 248.4 MEYMeyer JoyceAre you too busy?
J 225.9 BATBattle, Gerald N.Armed with love: stories of the disciples
F HINHinton, LynneArms of God, The
808.88 MARMartin, L. A.Around Court Square
J F GEOGeorge, Lindsay BarrettAround the pond: who's been here?
227.86 HAWHawkins, O. S.Art of connecting, The
J F BROBrown, MarcArthur and the lost diary
J F BROBrown, MarcArthur and the scare-your-pants-off club
J F BROBrown, MarcArthur and the true Francine
J F BROBrown, MarcArthur's Christmas
F THOThoene, Bodie, 1951-Ashes of remembrance: a novel
F LAHLaHaye, TimAssasins
F MEDMedlicottAt home in Covington
AUD F KARKaron, JanAt home in Mitford
R 220.9 GROGrollenberg, L. N.Atlas of the Bible
F RIVRivers, FrancineAtonement child, The
AUD BIOG OBAObama, BarackAudacity of Hope, The: Thoughts on reclaiming the American dream
J 937 FOSFoster, GenevieveAugustus Caesar's world: a story of ideas and events from BC 4 to 14 AD
J F SMOSmothers, Ethel FootmanAuntee Edna
J F WILWiles, DeborahAurora County All-Stars, The
J E 394 GOLGold, TracyAway in a manger
242 BRUBrueggemann, WalterAwed to Heaven, rooted in earth: prayers of Walter Brueggemann
230.6 HOBHobbs, Herschel H.Axioms of religion, The
J 394 WILWilner, IsabelB is for Bethlehem: a Christmas alphabet
J E F ASCAsch, FrankBaby bird's first nest
AUD 394 BABBaby Santa
F CARCarlson, MelodyBack home again
684 BACBackyard projects
220.9 HIGHiggs, Liz CurtisBad girls of the Bible
F HEAHealy, ErinBaker's wife, The
J F LEPLeppard, Shannon MasonBallet class mystery, The
J F BENBen-Moring, Alvin LesterBalthazar, the black and shining prince
286.09 LUMLumpkin, W. L.Baptist confessions of faith
286 MCBMcBeth, H. LeonBaptist heritage, The
286 SHUShurden, Walter B.Baptist identity, The: four fragile freedoms
286 HAYHays, BrooksBaptist way of life, The
286 LEOLeonard, Bill J.Baptist ways: a history
286 DEWDeweese, Charles W.Baptists and the Lordship of Christ
286 LEOLeonard, Bill J.Baptists in America
813 DAVDavis, DonaldBarking at a fox-fur coat: family stories and tall tales
J F CRICristaldi, KathrynBaseball ballerina
200 ARMArmstrong, KarenBattle for God, The
248 BATBattleground: preteen electives ages 10-12
J F MANManes, StephenBe a perfect person in just three days!
F PERPerry, TrishBeach dreams
J E F KINKinerk, RobertBear's first Christmas
J 639 FERFertl, DagmarBears: animal questions and answers
248 BARBarclay, WilliamBeatitudes and the Lord's Prayer for everyman, The
232.9 MARMarshall, PeterBeautiful Easter prayers of faith and promise
VID J 234 BEABeauty in the least: a lesson in loving others
F PATPattillo, BethBeauty Shop Tales
248.4 OSTOsteen, JoelBecome a better you: 7 keys to improving your life every day
248 HYBHybels, BillBecoming a contagious Christian
J 220.02 MCCGee, Shirley McCannBedtime Bible story book
J E F RANRandall, RonneBefore I go to sleep
J 220.5 BEGBeginner's Bible - Timeless children's stories: English/Spanish
J 242 BARBarclift, Stephen T.Beginner's devotional, The
VID 796.4 BEGBeginners workout
242.2 KILKillinger, JohnBeginning prayer
F SAWSawyer, Kim VogelBeginnings
286 CAMCampbell-Reed, EileenBeing Baptist: a resource for individual and group study
241.5 SCHSchuller, Robert H.Believe in the God who believes in you
AUD 227.4 MACMacArthur, John, Jr.Believer's armor, The
248.84 MOOMoore, BethBelieving God
J F WHIWhite, RuthBelle Prater's Boy
J Biog FLEFleming, ThomasBen Franklin inventing America
248 JERJeremiah, DavidBend in the road, A: experiencing God when your world caves in
BIOG FRACrane, Verner W.Benjamin Franklin and a rising people
Kit 232 CARCarlson, MelodyBenjamin's box: a resurrection story
242 BesBeside still waters - Refreshing moments to restore your soul
248.8 JOHJohnson, BarbaraBest of Barbara Johnson, The
973 TIMTime-Life BooksBest of life, The
808.88 HENHenry, Lewis C., editorBest quotations for all occasions
242 BESBest-loved passages of the Bible - a devotional
252 PooPoole, Charles E.Between the gates: helpful words from where scripture meets life
Biog MARMarshall, CatherineBeyond ourselves
242 LEWLewis, C. S.Beyond personality: the Christian idea of God
291.4 ELKElkins, David N., Ph.D.Beyond religion: 8 alternative paths to the sacred
346.7 CONCondon, Gerald M., Esq.Beyond the grave: the right way and the wrong way of leaving money to your children (and others)
F KINKingsbury, KarenBeyond Tuesday morning
R 220.02 TRITrimiew, AnnaBible almanac
J e 220 MOSMoseley, KeithBible alphabet, The: A pop-up book
791.5 BRABradshaw, PeggyBible application puppet skits kids can do: 24 quick and easy scripts for ages 8 to 12
220.9 KELKeller, WernerBible as history, The
GAM 793 BIBBible baseball: the Bible knowledge board game
220.9 POWPowell, IvorBible cameos
920 MOOMoody, Dwight L.Bible characters
220 PERPersaud, NancyBible children puzzles: focusing on children from the Bible
J 220.03 MCEMcElrath, William N.Bible dictionary for young readers, A
J 220 BIBBible heroes
J 226 BIBBible heroes storybook: 3 stories in one
221.6 YANYancey, PhilipBible Jesus read, The
AUD 225 BIBBible on CD, The: the New Testament
220.5 ABBAbbott, Walter M.Bible readers, The
220.9 PEAPeale, Norman VincentBible Stories
J 221.95 VANVanNess, BethannBible story book, The
J 220.95 MAXMaxwell, Arthur S.Bible story, The: vol. I
J 220.95 MAXMaxwell, Arthur S.Bible Story, The: vol. II
J 220.95 MAXMaxwell, Arthur S.Bible story, The: vol. III
J 220.95 MAXMaxwell, Arthur S.Bible story, The: vol. IV
J 220.95 MAXMaxwell, Arthur S.Bible story, The: vol. IX
J 220.95 MAXMaxwell, Arthur S.Bible story, The: vol. V
J 220.95 MAXMaxwell, Arthur S.Bible story, The: vol. VII
J 220.95 MAXMaxwell, Arthur S.Bible story, The: vol. VIII
J 220.95 MAXMaxwell, Arthur S.Bible story: vol. VI
J 220 KEEKeefer, MikalBible time travelers
GAM 793 BIBBible trivia: the fun family game for ages 7 and up
220.9 NELNelson, Hazel McCurdyBible women come alive
VID J BIBBibleman live show 2001: breaking the bonds of disobedience
745 MAKMakhan, RosemaryBiblical blocks: inspired designs for quilters
391 ELIElicker, Virginia W.Biblical costumes for church and school
286 ANDAnderson, Donald K.Biblical distinctives of Baptists, The
220.8 THUThurlow, GilbertBiblical myths and mysteries
973 BICBicentennial almanac, The: 1776-1976, 200 years of America
J F LEWLewis, BeverlyBig bad beans
J 818 BIGBig book of jokes & riddles, The
746.43 BUSBuss, KatharinaBig book of knitting
305.26 GEIGeist, BillBig Five-oh!, The: Facing, fearing, and fighting fifty
AUD 792.2 DAVDavis, DonaldBig screen drive-in theater, The
J FIC STAStahl, HildaBig trouble for Roxie
BIOG WALFletcher, Jesse C.Bill Wallace of China
F BILBillerbeck, KristinBillion reasons why, A
BIOG GRABusby, RussBilly Graham, God's ambassador
362.3 GOLGolden, JaneBird sings, A: the story of developing faith as a mentally handicapped daughter handles her Dad's death
598 PEAPearson, T. Gilbert, EditorBirds of America
598 NATNational Geographic SocietyBirds of North America: song and garden
598 NATNational Geographic SocietyBirds of North America: water, prey and game
J E 220 BIRBirth of Baby Jesus, The
270 CROCrossan, John DominicBirth of Christianity, The: discovering what happened in the years immmediately after the execution of Jesus
973.3 BISBishop, JimBirth of the United States, The
F OKEOke, JanetteBirthright, The
J FIC SEWSewell, AnnaBlack Beauty: the autobiography of a horse
DVD J BLABlast from the past, A: or ... anybody got change for a buck?
963 BLEBless Ethopia
242.8 CARCarr, JoBless this mess and other prayers
F SAWSawyer, Kim VogelBlessings
FIC BILBillerbeck, KristinBlind dates
975.6 TYSTyson, Timothy B.Blood done sign my name
F MYEMyers, BillBlood of Heaven
615 WALWalters, JanieBlow a bubble not a gasket
277.3 MILMiller, DonaldBlue like jazz: Nonreligious thoughts on Christian spirituality
F SMISmith, Alexander McCallBlue shoes and happiness
VID J 234 BLUBlunder years, the: a lesson in being humble
269.2 GRAGraham, FranklinBob Pierce: this one thing I do
262 COLColson, CharlesBody, The: being light in darkness
220.9 BOLBold Bible kids: 12 character-building lessons for children's ministry
BIOG SNYSnyder, JimBones, Dean, and me
AUD BIOG. BOnBonhoeffer, the cost of freedom
Biog BONMetaxas, EricBonhoeffer: Pastor, martyr, prophet, spy
811 RICRice, Helen SteinerBook of blessings, A - A fully illustrated collection of uplifting poetry
394.2 REABook of Christmas
F WANWangerin, Walter, Jr.Book of God, The: the Bible as a novel
F BUNBunn, T. DavisBook of hours, The
224.7 ERDErdman, Charles R.Book of Isaiah
228 PHIPhillips, J. B.Book of Revelation: a new translation of the Apocalypse
808.88 FLEFleach, Rudolf, editorBook of unusual quotations
808.8 BOOBook of virtues for young people, The: a treasury of great moral stories
J 910 NATNational Geographic SocietyBooks for young explorere: how animals hide
J 910 NATNational Geographic SocietyBooks for young explorere: Namu
J 910 NATNational Geographic SocietyBooks for young explorers: honeybees
J 910 NATNational Geographic SocietyBooks for young explorers: pandas
248.2 COLColson, Charles W.Born again
J F HENHenry, MargueriteBorn to trot
Biog BOSBoswell, JamesBoswell's London journal
649 CLOCloud, Dr. HenryBoundaries with kids
248.4 CLOCloud, HenryBoundaries: when to say yes, when to say no to take control of your life
J F WARWarner, Gertrude ChandlerBoxcar Children, The: The gymnastics mystery
J F UCHUchida, YoshikoBracelet, The
J E F CouCouric, KatieBrand new kid, The
F HUXHuxley, AldousBrave new world
242 KilKillinger, JohnBread for the wilderness wine for the journey: the miracle of prayer and meditation
F BLABlackstock, TerriBreaker's reef
641.5 BREBreaking bread in a world without borders: global missions unreached people group cookbook
248.8 MOOMoore, BethBreaking free: making liberty in Christ a reality in life
228 METMetzger, Bruce M.Breaking the code: understanding the Book of Revelation
B MASMason, MarthaBreath - A lifetime in the rhythm of an iron lung, a memoir
F GISGist, DeeanneBride most begrudging, A
Biog BUCBuck, Pearl S.Bridge for passing, A
J F PATPaterson, KatherineBridge to Terabithia
J F PATPaterson, KatherineBridge to Terabithia
523.1 HAWHawking, Stephen W.Brief history of time, The: from the big bang to black holes
821 CROCrowell, Grace NellBright harvest
821 RUTRutledge, ArchibaldBrimming tide and other poems
BIOG LINLindbergh, Anne MorrowBring me a unicorn: diaries and letters of Anne Morrow Lindbergh, 1922-1928
249 EVAEvans, James L.Bringing God home: family devotions for the Christian year
R 220.7 BROBroadman Bible commentary, The: Volume 1 revised: General articles Genesis - Exodus
R 220.7 BROBroadman Bible commentary, The: Volume 10: Acts - 1 Corinthians
R 220.7 BROBroadman Bible commentary, The: Volume 11: 2 Corinthians - Philemon
R 220.7 BROBroadman Bible commentary, The: Volume 12: Hebrews - Revelation general articles
R 220.7 BROBroadman Bible Commentary, The: Volume 2: Leviticus - Ruth
R 220.7 BROBroadman Bible commentary, The: Volume 4: Esther - Psalms
R 220.7 BROBroadman Bible commentary, The: Volume 6: Jeremiah - Daniel
R 220.7 BROBroadman Bible commentary, The: Volume 7: Hosea - Malachi
R 220.7Broadman Bible commentary, The: Volume 8: General articles Matthew - Mark
R 220.7 BROBroadman Bible commentary, The: Volume 9: Luke - John
R 220.7 BROBroadman Bible commentary: Volue 3: 1 Samuel - Nehemiah
R 220.7 BROBroadman Bible commentary: Volume 5: Proverbs - Isaiah
J F PLEPlemons, MartiBrooke & the guilty secret
610 LARLarimore, Walt, M.D.Bryson City Seasons: more tales of a doctor's practice in the Smoky mountains
610 LARLarimore, WaltBryson City secrets
610 LARLarimore, Walt, M.D.Bryson City tales
J Biog BUFStevenson, AugustaBuffalo Bill frontier daredevil
J F KIDKidd, RonaldBuilding friends
917.56 TOUTouart, Paul BakerBuilding the backcountry: an architectural history of Davidson County North Carolina
292 BULBulfinch's mythology
J E F WELWells, RosemaryBunny cakes
248 PRIPrice, EugeniaBurden is light
F SIDSiddons, Anne RiversBurnt Mountain
J 916 LANLangley, JudyBush station boys
J E F HAZHazen, Lynn E.Buzz Bumble to the Rescue
E J WAIWaite, Michael P.Buzzle Billy: A book about sharing
Biog SHESherman, Cecil E.By my own reckoning
F SAWSawyer, Kim VogelBygones
BIOG CUNCunningham, Richard B.C. S. Lewis: defender of the faith
Biog CAEHorizon MagazineCaesar
248.4 BLABlackaby, Henry T.Called & accountable: God's purpose for every believer
F StuStump, PhyllisCalled - The story of a mountain midwife
J 920 CARCarmer, Carl, editorCalvacade of young Americans, A
FIC AIKAiken, GinnyCamellia
261.5 GUIGuillen, MichaelCan a smart person believe in God?
155.9 COOCooper, Kenneth H., M.D.Can stress heal?
F FLAFlagg, FannieCan't wait to get to heaven
J 398 HAIHaidle, HelenCandymaker's gift, The: the inspirational legend of the candy cane
F KINKinkade, ThomasCape Light
248.8 ELDEldredge, JohnCaptivating: unveiling the mystery of a woman's soul
155.67 DEADeane, BarbaraCaring for your aging parents
301 DeaDeane, BarbaraCaring for your aging parents
232 BROBrouwer, SigmundCarpenter's cloth, The
232.9 STRStrobel, LeeCase for Christ, The
232.9 STRStrobel, LeeCase for Easter, The - A journalist investigates the evidence for the Resurrection
307 CELCelebrate Dad
285 SKISkipper, Katherine F.Celebration, A: 100 years in the life of the First Reformed United Church of Christ, Lexington, North Carolina
266 ALLAllen, CatherineCentury to celebrate, A: history of Woman's Missionary Union
J E F WILWilliams, Vera B.Chair for my mother, A
220.92 BUSBuswell, SaraChallenge of Old Testament women 2: a guide for Bible study groups
VID 914 CHAChanging faces in Europe: a video experience for youth
VID J FIC SCHSchulz, Charles M.Charlie Brown Christmas, A
F MARMartin, CharlesChasing fireflies - a novel of discovery
J F CANCanfield, JackChicken soup for little souls: best night out with Dad
J F CANCanfield, JackChicken soup for little souls: the goodness gorillas
242 CANCanfield, JackChicken soup for the Christian soul: 101 stories to open the heart and rekindle the spirit
249 CHIChicken soup for the mother's soul 2
810.8 CANCanfield, JackChicken soup for the soul - Answered prayers
331.25 CANCanfield, JackChicken soup for the soul at work: 101 stories of courage, compassion & creativity in the workplace
158.1 CANCanfield, JackChicken soup for the soul cookbook: 101 stories with recipes from the heart
796 CANCanfield, JackChicken soup for the sports fan's soul - 101 stories of insight, inspiration and laughter from the world of sports
158.1 CANCanfield, JackChicken soup for the teenage soul II: 101 more stories of life, love and learning
158.1 CANCanfield, JackChicken soup for the woman's soul
973 CANCanfield, JackChickenh soup for the soul of America: Stories to heal the heart of our nation
J 241 HUNHunter, EmilyChild's first steps to virtues, A
J 301.2 KINKindersley, BarnabasChildren just like me: A unique celebration of children around the world
649 NOLNolte, Dorothy LawChildren learn what they live: parenting to inspire values
J F LUCLucado, MaxChildren of the king, The
J 220.9 WANWansbrough, HenryChildren's atlas of the Bible: a photographic account of journeys in the Bible from Abraham to St. Paul
J 155.4 BERBerry, JoyChildren's book about being selfish, A
J 155.4 BERBerry, JoyChildren's book about disobeying, A
J 155.4 BERBerry, JoyChildren's book about lying, A
J 155.4 BERBerry, JoyChildren's book about teasing, A
J 816 CHIChildren's letters to God
J 780.8 CHIChildren's song book
J F SHESherrow, VictoriaChipmunk at Hollow Tree Lane
704.948 SPESpencer, Frances KippsChrismons
232.9 MAUMaus, Cynthia PearlChrist and the fine arts: an anthology of pictures, poetry, music, and stories centering on the life of Christ
230 PHIPhillips, John A.Christ for us in theology of Dietrich Bonhoeffer
808.8 CLAClark, Thomas Curtis, editorChrist in poetry
248 PETPeterson, Eugene H.Christ plays in ten thousand places: a conversation in spiritual theology
F RICRice, AnneChrist the Lord out of Egypt
AUD F RICRice, AnneChrist the Lord: Out of Egypt
248.3 FINFinley, JamesChristian meditation: experiencing the presence of God
Pam 291 CHRChristian Science
297.02 McCMcCullar, MichaelChristian's guide to Islam, A
297 MILMiller, William M.Christian's response to Islam, A
290 COPCopeland, E. LutherChristianity and world religions
232.9 ALLAllen, Charles L.Christmas
J E 394 GOLGold, AliceChristmas ABC, A
394.2 MILMiller, Helen ToppingChristmas at Monticello
F EVAEvans, Richard PaulChristmas box, the
F CARCarlson, MelodyChristmas bus, The
F LUCLucado, MaxChristmas Candle, The
J F DICDickens, CharlesChristmas carol, A
394.2 WERWernecke, HerbertChristmas customs around the world
F GULGulley, PhilipChristmas in Harmony
J E F WILWilder, Laura IngallsChristmas in the big woods
394.2 ROGRogers, Dale EvansChristmas is always
F KINKinkade, ThomasChristmas promise, A
AUD 394 CHRChristmas songs & instrumental hymns
394.2 CHRChristmas treasury from OUR STATE North Carolina, A
J 394 DALDalgliesh, Alice, comp.Christmas...
J 131 CRACraig, BurrisChristopher is not afraid ... anymore
Pam 291 CHUChurch of God, International
232.9 BRIBridges, Linda McKinnishChurch's portraits of Jesus, The
REF 270 DUPChurchesChurches
BIOG CHUChurchill
F PetPeterson, TracieCity of Angels
973.7 STRStreet, James HowellCivil War
J Biog BARStevenson, AugustaClara Barton founder of the American Red Cross
269 BARBarnette, Henlee H.Clarence Jordan: turning dreams into deeds
J E F CLAClassic animal tales
818 BONBonham, Tal D.Clean jokes
J E F CROCronin, DoreenClick, clack moo: cows that type
Biog. WALWallace, MikeClose encounters
F COYCoyle, NevaClose to a father's heart
J F PARParton, DollyCoat of many colors
J F KINKing, MarionCoat of many colors: the story of Joseph
242 PALPalermo, CelesteCoffee mom's devotional, The
737 BANBanks, FlorenceCoins of Bible days
FIC PHIPhillips, MichaelColor of your skin ain't the color of your heart, The
227.7 MARMartin, RalphColossians
J 297 LAULauridsen, SuzanneCome to the party: Malay Muslim festivals
232.9 COMCome unto me
610.69 CHECheatham, Melvin, M.D.Come walk with me: a story of compassionate love and respect between a father and his son
F SEISeitz, RebecaComing unglued
F KARKaron, JanCommon life, A: the wedding story
225.7 AugAugsburger, Myron S.Communicator's Commentary, The: Matthew
225.7 CHAChafin, KennethCommunicator's Commentary, The: 1, 2 Corinthians
225.7 PALPalmer, Earl F.Communicator's commentary: 1,2,3 John, Revelation
226.6 OGIOgilvie, Lloyd J.The communicator's commentary: Acts
268 BELBellinger, Elizabeth SmithCommunity of faith and religious education, The
241.5 THOThompson, Marjorie J.Companions in Christ: The way of blessedness participant's book
248.4 INDIndermark, JohnCompanions in Christ: the way of grace
VID J COMCompassion, featuring the Good Samarian
J 220 HURHurlbut, Jesse L.Complete book of Bible stories, The: a timeless classic
395 VANVanderbilt, AmyComplete book of etiquette
220.6 COMComplete guide to the Bible: an illustrated book-by-book companion to the scriptures
784.9 ALDAlderson, RichardComplete handbook of voice training
821 HARHarte, BretComplete poetical works of Bret Harte
242 BUCBuck, Pearl S.Complete woman, The
822.3 SHAShakespeare, WilliamComplete works
AUD 783 FIRFirst Baptist ChurchComposer day with David Schwoebel, March 23, 2003
BIOG RICFelix, AntoniaCondi: the Condoleeza Rice story
F LEWLewis, BeverlyConfession, The
248.25 STAStanley, Charles F.Confronting casual Christianity
VC 610.73 CONCongregations who care: the ministry of health and wholeness
J 690 HOBHoban, TanaConstruction zone
227.81 SWISwindoll, Charles R.Contagious Christianity: a study of First Thessalonians
635.9 CONConway, J. GregoryConway's encyclopedia of flower arrangement
J E 179 ROSRosenthal, Amy KrouseCookies: Bite-size life lessons
VID 152.4 COPCoping with anxiety: controlling anxiety from a psychological, physical and spiritual perspective
J E F FREFreeman, DonCorduroy
227 MORMorgan, G. CampbellCorinthian letters of Paul
BIOG TENTen Boom, CorrieCorrie Ten Boom: her story
VID Biog CORCorrie: Behind the scenes with the hiding place
J E F SCIScillian, DevinCosmo's moon
391 KEMKemper, RachelCostume
227.87 JORJordan, ClarenceCotton Patch version of Hebrews and the general epistles, The
226 JORJordan, ClarenceCotton Patch version of Luke and Acts, The
226 JORJordan, ClarenceCotton patch version of Matthew and John, The
227 JORJordan, ClarenceCotton patch version of Paul's epistles, The
269.2 WILWilson, GradyCount it all joy
286 COUCourage and hope: the stories of ten Baptist women ministers
VID 269 COVCove camp, The: a ministry of The Billy Graham Training Center
VID 269 COVCove, The: Billy Graham training center
F LEWLewis, BeverlyCovenant, The
F STAStahl, HildaCovenant, The
J F LEWLewis, BeverlyCrabby cat caper, The
395 FEIFeinbert, Steven L.Crane's wedding blue book: the styles and etiquette of announcements, invitations, and other correspondences
J E F DerDeRolf, ShaneCrayon box that talked, The
F HOWHowell, Ray N. IIICrazy Kolinskis, The
J E F MCDMcDermott, GeraldCreation
222 BONBonhoeffer, DeitrichCreation and fall / temptation: two Biblical studies
J 220 CRECreation, The
649 WHEWhelchel, LisaCreative correction: the Bible study, extraordinary ideas for everyday discipline
230 COFCoffin, William SloaneCredo
241 VALValentine, FoyCross in the market place, The
F CHIChiaverini, JenniferCross-country quilters, The: An Elm Creek Quilts novel
783.9 BARBarrows, Cliff, editorCrusader hymns and hymn stories
BIOG KINReddick, L. O.Crusader without violence: a biography of Martin Luther King, Jr.
248.4 MARMarty, MartinCry of absence, A
Pam 291 CULCults
239 ABAAbanes, RichardCults, new religious movements, and your family
291.1 CARCarter, Stephen L.Culture of disbelief, The
VID 796.4 DANDancin' grannies workout program : mature fitness, beginners
J F STRStreatfeild, NoelDancing shoes
J E 224 CASCaswell, HelenDaniel & his friends
Biog BOOBakeless, JohnDaniel Boone: master of the wilderness
E J 200 CAMCampbell-Todd, DeborahDaniel in the lion's den
J 220 DANDaniel in the lions' den
220.9 CORCornfeld, GaalyahuDaniel to Paul
J Fic GriGrimes, NikkiDark sons
VID J DAVDave and the giant pickle
J 221.95 PETPetersham, Maud & MiskaDavid
J E 222 DAVDavid and Goliath
J 220 DAVDavid and Goliath
J Biog LIVEaton, JeanetteDavid Livingstone, foe of darkness
232.9 BISBishop, JimDay Christ died, The
232 BISBishop, JimDay Christ was born
F HERHerman, KathyDay of reckoning
FIC PHIPhillips, MichaelDay to pick your own cotton, A
J F LOBLobel, ArnoldDays with frog and toad
229 VERVermes, GezaDead Sea Scrolls in English, The
220.93 BURBurrows, MillarDead Sea Scrolls, The
J 220 DEADear God, can we always come back? The prodigal son
J 220 DEADear God, exactly who is my neighbor? The good Samaritan
286 PREPressley, StephenDecade of new beginnings, A: CBFNC and the first ten years
582 HUXHuxley, Anthony, EditorDeciduous garden trees & shrubs
226.5 SUESueltz, Arthur FayDeeper into John's gospel
F WHIWhitlow, RobertDeeper water
240 EDMEdman, V. RaymondDelights of life
270.18 ZACZacharias, RaviDeliver us from evil: restoring the soul in a disintegrating culture
252 BARBarth, KarlDeliverance to the captives: sermons and prayers
J 242 KETKetcham, HandDennis the menace: prayers and graces
F LAHLaHaye, TimDesecration, Antichrist takes the throne
J 570 STAStar, FleurDesert
233 BRIBringle, Mary LouiseDespair - Sickness or Sin? Hopesessness & healing in the Christian life
262 COOCoon, David Hoke, Jr.Development in a local congregation of integrity in the commitment to church membership, The
235 STAStanford, PeterDevil, The: a biography
REF 220.3 RICRichards, Lawrence O.Devotional commentary
242 DICDick, Dan R.Devotions for dieters: a 365-day guide to a lighter you
264 FURFurr, Gary A.Dialogue of worship, The: creating space for revelation and response
J 398.2 DURDurell, Ann, collectorDiane Goode book of American folk tales & songs, The
REF 220.3 HASHastings, James, editorDictionary of the Bible
242 TROTroccoli, KathyDifferent roads
J FIC STIStickland, PaulDinosaur roar!
248.4 NOUNouwen, HenriDiscernment: Reading the signs of daily life
220.9 DISDiscovering the Bible: archaeologists look at scripture
VID J DISDiscovering together
F OKEOke, JanetteDistant beacon, The
248.4 WILWillard, DallasDivine conspiracy, The: rediscovering our hidden life in God
248 JONJones, E. StanleyDivine yes, The
242 DRADravecky, DaveDo not lose heart: meditations of encouragement and comfort
VID J 153.8 DODo the bright thing: a lesson in making wise decisions
234 SHUShurden, Walter B.Doctrine of the priesthood of believers, The
J E F HARHarvey, AmandaDog eared
J FIC RylRylant, CynthiaDog heaven
252 POOPoole, Charles E.Don't cry past Tuesday: hopeful words for difficult days
J E F WilWillems, MoDon't let the pigeon drive the bus
158 CARCarlson, Richard, Ph.D.Don't sweat the small stuff...and it's all small stuff
J F KIDKidd, RonaldDoorway to the world
J 916 LANLangley, JudyDown African roads
J 363.738 DAVDavid, LaurieDown-to-Earth guide to global warming, The
269.2 ZETZettersten, RolfDr. Dobson, turning hearts toward home: the life and principles of America's family advocate
J E F SchSchlessinger, LauraDr. Laura Schlessinger's but I waaannt it!
AUD 248 LeaLeafblad, Bruce, Dr.Dr. Leafblad on worship - Parker lecture series
363.4 STOStone, TedDrug tragedy, The: hope for the one who cares
363.4 STOStone, TedDrug tragedy, The: hope for the one who hurts
226.6 OGIOgilvie, Lloyd JohnDrumbeat of love: the unlimited power of the Spirit as revealed in the book of Acts
VID J DUKDuke and the great pie war: A lesson in loving your family
241 CLOCloninger, Clairee-mail from God for teens
J 220.5 BEEBeers, V. GilbertEarly reader's Bible, The
248 PRIPrice, EugeniaEarly will I seek Thee
177 BIEBiederman, JerryEarth angels
VID J EASEaster Carol, An
VID J EASEaster promise, The
232.9 GLOGlover, Carl A.Easter radiance, The
232.9 BENBenoit, Pierre, ed.Easter: a pictorial pilgrimage
J 266.092 HEAHeath, LouEd Taylor: father of migrant missions
220.9 EEREerdmans' atlas of the Bible: with A-Z guide to places
270 EEREerdmans' handbook to the history of Christianity
J 920 EGEEgermeiers, Elsie E.Egermeier's stories of great men and women
259 THOThouin, JuanitaEight o'clock classes and other life-threatening situations
220 BLABlack, C. CliftonEighth day of creation, The: An anthology of Christian Scripture
BIOG ROOMacleish, ArchibaldEleanor Roosevelt story, The
J E F PADPadgitt, J. DurrellEli the elephant
J E Fic DRADrachman, EricEllison the Elephant
J F SobSobol, Donald J.Encyclopedia Brown and the case of the sleeping dog
J F SobSobol, Donald J.Encyclopedia Brown and the case of the slippery salamander
J F SobSobol, Donald J.Encyclopedia Brown tracks them down
220 MILMiller, Madeleine S.Encyclopedia of Bible life
291 ANKAnkerberg, JohnEncyclopedia of New Age beliefs
808.88 MEAMead, Frank S.Encyclopedia of religious quotations, The
F LEWLewis, BeverlyEnglisher, The
248 PEAPeale, Norman VincentEnthusiasm makes the difference
F PARParker, Gary E.Ephesus fragment, The
268.7 BARBarclay, WilliamEpilogues and prayers
227 HOBHobbs, Herschel H.Epistles of John, The
F KARKaron, JanEsther's gift: a Mitford Christmas story
VID J ESTEsther, the girl who became queen
236 SWISwindoll, Charles R.Eternity: knowing your place in God's forever plan
241 KNOKnox, JohnEthics of Jesus in the teaching of the Church
Biog GRADrummond, Lewis A.Evangelist, The: the worldwide impact of Billy Graham
B HERHerriot, JamesEvery living thing
220.9 EVEEveryday life in Bible times
VID J EVEEveryone is special
J 220 WAGWagner, KathiEverything kids' Bible trivia book, The
J E 395 BETBetter, Cathy DrinkwaterExcuse me: a book all about manners
AUD 613.2 SHAShamblin, GwenExodus out of Egypt
248.4 BLABlackaby, Henry T.Experiencing God
232 BLABlackaby, HenryExperiencing the cross: your greatest opportunity for victory over sin
248.4 BLABlackaby, HenryExperiencing the Word through the Gospels
F ASTAston, ElizabethExploits & adventures of Miss Alethea Darcy, The
R 220.7 NICNicoll, W. Robertson, editorExpositor's Bible: vols. 1--6
242 EXTExtreme devotion - The voice of the martyrs
248 RUSRussell, BobExtreme faith: tapping God's power
291.4 LITLitrel, Mike, M. D.Eyes don't see what the mind don't know, The - A physician's journey to faith
F COLCollins, BrandilynEyes of Elisha
285 BueBuechner, FrederickEyes of the heart, The: a memoir of the lost and found
F ROSRosenberg, Joel C.Ezekiel option, The
VID J FABFabulous families from God's animal kingdom
975.6 ROBRoberts, BruceFace of North Carolina, The
236 GRAGraham, BillyFacing death and the life thereafter
266 McDMcDonnall, CarrieFacing terror: the true story of how an American couple paid the ultimate price for their love of the Muslim people
241 ROBRoberts, Edward W.Faith and ethics: tough choices for the 21st century
Biog BUSMansfield, StephenFaith of George W. Bush, The
F AUSAustin, LynnFaith of my fathers
746.43 MISMiser, LornaFaith, hope, love, knitting : Celebrating the gift of knitting with 24 beautiful patterns
F KINKingsbury, KarenFame
R 808.8 BARBartlettFamiliar quotations
808.8 FAMFamily album, The
REF 220.03 FAMFamily Bible encyclopedia, The
808.8 BRIBriscoe, StuartFamily book of Christian values, The: timeless stories for today's family
J 220 FAMFamily funstuff Bible stories, elementary
J 811 QUAQuattlebaum, MaryFamily reunion
J 920 COFCoffman, Ramon PeytonFamous authors for young people
J 920 COFCoffman, Ramon PeytonFamous explorers for young people
J 920 STEStevens, William OliveFamous humanitarians
J 245 BONBonsall, Elizabeth HubbardFamous hymns with stories and pictures
973.3 MCGMcGee, Dorothy HortonFamous signers of the Declaration
BIOG HECJames, Mrs. W. C.Fannie E. S. Heck
J E WWegman, WilliamFarm days
J F WILWilder, Laura IngallsFarmer Boy
J 636 SHEShefferman, Mary R.Ferret, The: an owner's guide to a happy healthy pet
AUD 783 FIRFirst Baptist ChurchFestival of Nine Lessons and Carols - First Baptist Church, Dec. 13, 2008
J F LEWLewis, BeverlyFiddlesticks
248 AKirk, PattyField guide to God, A: a seeker's manual
158.1 CANCanfield, JackFifth portion of chicken soup for the soul, A - 101 more stories to open the heart and rekindle the spirit
BIOG STUStuart, John LeightonFifty years in China
236 CALCallanan, MaggieFinal gifts: understanding the special awareness, needs, and communications of the dying
232.96 LUCLucado, MaxFinal week of Jesus, The
332 BURBurkett, LarryFinancial parenting
248.3 HAMHamlin, RickFinding God on the A train: a journey into prayer
248 REDRedhead, John A.Finding meaning in the Beatitudes
F HERHerman, KathyFine line, A
J 266.092 HUMHuman, JohnnieFinlay and Julia Graham: missionary partners
J 290 ELGElgin, KathleenFirst book of mythology
232.9 MAIMaier, Paul L.First Christmas: the true and unfamiliar story in words and pictures
232 MAIMaier, Paul L.First Easter, The
232.9 MARMarshall, PeterFirst Easter, The
DVD 232 FIRFirst Easter, The - plus ten more stories from the New Testament
232.9 MARMarshall, PeterFirst Easter, The / Jesus loved them
189 MCIMcInerny, RalphFirst glance at St. Thomas Aquinas, A: A handbook for peeping Thomists
259 FIRFirst impressions: unforgettable openings for youth meetings
242 LOTLoth, Paul J.First steps
J 394 BARBarksdale, LenaFirst Thanksgiving
J F HARHartman, BobFive loaves for Levi
234 CHAChapman, GaryFive love languages of children, The
248.4 CHAChapman, GaryFive love languages, The: how to express heartfelt commitment to your mate
F ALBAlbom, MitchFive people you meet in heaven, The
269.2 MOOMoore, Pamela RosewellFive silent years of Corrie ten Boom, The
FIC BLABlackston, RayFlabbergasted
808.81 KIRKirkman, VicFleeting moments
J F MORMorris, Gilbert L.Flight of the eagles
Biog MCDVining, Elizabeth GrayFlora
F BUNBunn, T. DavisFlorian's gate
635.96 WILWilson, Adelaide B.Flower arrangement for churches
242 BROBrownlow, LeroyFlowers for you
J F McMMcMullan, KateFluffy's spring vacation
232 POOPoole, Charles E.Flute beneath the gold, The: reading the Bible and speaking the truth
J E 394 FOLFollowing a special star
J F GREGreen, TimFootball genius
242 POWPowers, Margaret FishbackFootprints - Images and reflections of God's presence in our lives
269.2 GRAGraham, Ruth BellFootprints of a pilgrim: the life and loves of Ruth Bell Graham
242 ASHAshley, KennyFootprints of the heart - Putting feet on what you believe
J F DANDanziger, PaulaForever Amber Brown
J E F TadTada, Joni EarecksonForever friends
F HINHinton, LynneForever friends: a Hope Springs novel
234.5 SMESmedes, Lewis B.Forgive and forget
VID J FORForgiveness and understanding
234 DAVDavis, Ron LeeForgiving God in an unforgiving world, A
364.15 MorMorris, DebbieForgiving the dead man walking
220.7 SHESherman, CecilFormations commentary: Genesis - Job
220.7 SHESherman, CecilFormations commentary: Luke - Acts
220.7 SHESherman, CecilFormations commentary: Matthew - Mark
220.7 SHESherman, CecilFormations Commentary: Psalms - Malachi
220.7 SHESherman, CecilFormations Commentary: Romans - Revelation
975.6 HERHerring, EthelFort Caswell in war and peace
J SC EGGEggleston, Margaret W.Forty missionary stories
973 UNIUnited PressFour days
242 WELWells, M. R.Four paws from Heaven - Devotions for dog lovers
224 PHIPhillips. J. B.Four prophets: Amos, Hosea, First Isaiah, Micah, a modern translation from the Hebrew
J 973.3 DALDalgliesh, AliceFourth of July story
272 FOXFox's book of martyrs
J Biog ROOJohnson, Gerald W.Franklin D. Roosevelt: portrait of a great man
234 MACMacArthur, John F.Freedom and power of forgiveness, The
248 FOSFoster, Richard J.Freedom of simplicity: finding harmony in a complex world
242 RUPRupp, JoyceFresh bread and other gifts of spiritual nourishment
243 CYMCymbala, JimFresh faith: what happens when real faith ignites God's people
231 CYMCymbala, JimFresh power: experiencing the vast resources of the Spirit of God
269 CYMCymbala, JimFresh wind, fresh fire: what happens when God's Spirit invades the heart of his people
J 782.28 FRIFriendly beasts, The: a traditional Christmas carol
J 240 MARMarshall, CatherineFriends with God: stories and prayers of the Marshall family
Fic HINHinton, LynneFriendship cake
217 WALWalsch, Neale DonaldFriendship with God: an uncommon dialogue
J F LOBLobel, ArnoldFrog and toad all year
J E F LONLondon, JonathanFroggy plays in the band
242 KENKennedy, PeterFrom generation to generation: devotional thoughts drawn from the past
FIC MEDMedlicott, JoanFrom the heart of Covington
616.8 COHCohen, BradFront of the class: how Tourette Syndrome made me the teacher I never had
J 793 FRYFrye, ChadFun Bible search book, The: find Rupert
VID J FUNFunny money
248.8 WHIWhite, B. E., Jr.Funny thing happened, A
158 PECPeck, M. Scott, M. D.Further along the road less traveled: The unending journey toward spiritual growth
248 TILTillich, PaulFuture of religions, The
227 WILWilliams, Sam K.Galatians
BIOG GANEaton, JeanetteGandhi
F HINHinton, LynneGarden of faith
242 CHAChaplin, Lois TriggGarden's blessings, A: refreshment for the soul
FIC MEDMedlicott, JoanGardens of Covington, The
FIC MEDMedlicott, JoanGardens of Covington, The
642 JACJacobs, JayGastronomy
J F MORMorris, Gilbert L.Gates of Neptune, The
262 HAMHammett, Edward H.Gathered and scattered church, The: Equippin believers for the 21st centruy
262 HAMHammett, Edward H.Gathered and scattered church, The: Equippin believers for the 21st centruy
262 HAMHammett, Edward H.Gathered and scattered church, The: equipping believers for the 21st century
220 VESVest, NorveneGathered in the Word: praying the scripture in small groups
362 KNIKnight, Calvin S.Generations of caring
VID 222 GENGenesis
222 GIBGibson, John C. L.Genesis, volume 1
J F SHUShura, Mary FrancisGentle Annie - The true story of a Civil War Nurse
BIOG MULBenge, JanetGeorge Muller: the guardian of Bristol's orphans
J Biog WASGeorge Washington and the making of a nation
131 SHEShearburn, Dudley DovelGet a good life
158 MCCMcCullough, MamieGet it together and remember where you put it
J 413 GIAGiant picture dictionary, The
240 LUCLucado, MaxGift for all people, The: thoughts on God's great grace
814 LINLindbergh, Anne MorrowGift from the sea
242.4 ADKAdkins, Anne SutherlandGift of grief, The
150 YOUYoungs, Bettie B.Gifts of the heart
CD Fic ROBRobinson, MarilynneGilead
J E F GINGingerbread man, The
J E F ANDAndrede, GilesGiraffes can't dance
248.2 WINWinner, LaurenGirl meets God: on the path to a spiritual life
J E 242 RYLRylant, CynthiaGive me grace: a child's daybook of prayers
J 226 GIVGive us this day: the Lord's Prayer
248.8 ConConway, George E.Giving good gifts: The spiritual journey of parenthood
BIOG AYLGenge, JanetGladys Aylward: the adventure of a lifetime
240 MURMurrell, Gladys C.Glimpses of grace: worship services based on women of the Bible
FIC LAHLaHaye, TimGlorious appearing: the end of days
231.7 TADTada, Joni EarecksonGlorious intruder: God's presence in life's chaos
266 SMISmith, BerthaGo home and tell
J E 242 JosJoslin, Mary, Comp.God bless the moon: rhymes and blessings for children
242 RUSRussell, A. J.God calling
232 LUCLucado, MaxGod came near: Chronicles of the Christ
J E F BERBergen, Lisa TawnGod gave us two
231 JERJeremiah, DavidGod in you: releasing the power of the Holy Spirit in your life
241 BRIBringle, Mary LouiseGod of thinness, The: Gluttony and other weighty matters
J E F KEEKeener, Joan N.God thought of it first
VID J GODGod wants me to forgive them?!?
AUD 226 MACMacArthur, John, Jr.God's high calling for women: I Timothy 2: 9-15
242 LUCLucado, MaxGod's inspirational promise book
286 LEOLeonard, Bill J.God's last and only hope
242 GODGod's little devotional book for moms
301.42 GODGod's little instruction book for couples
J 248 WALWalsh, SheilaGod's mighty warrior devotional Bible
242 GODGod's promises for your every need
VID J 784 GODGod's wacky animals
200 TICTickle, Phyllis A.God-Talk in America
F AUSAustin, LynnGods & Kings
821.111 ANDAnderson, Patrick R.Going to hard places: among the gypsies with T. Thomas
808.81 UNTUntermeyer, Louis, editorGolden treasury of poetry
J E F GOLGoldilocks and the three bears
Biog SCHPenner, JamesGoliath: the life of Robert Schuller
248 COLColson, CharlesGood life, The: Seeking purpose, meaning, and truth in your life
240 PHIPhillips, J. B.Good news
248 PHIPhillips, J. B.Good news
240 MIDMiddleton, Gordon K., Jr.Good news for hurting hearts: breaking the code
J E F GAMGamble, AdamGood night beach
VID J 220 GOOGood Samaritan, The
301.42 MEUMeurer, DaveGood spouskeeping. The: his 'n' hers guide to couplehood
975.6 ROBRoberts, BruceGoodliest land, The
226.4 MORMorgan, G. CampbellGospel according to Luke, The
241 SHOShort, RobertGospel according to Peanuts, The
252 TAYTaylor, Barbara BrownGospel medicine
226.5 HOBHobbs, Herschel H.Gospel of John, The: a study guide
226.5 BARBarclay, WilliamGospel of John, Volume I - revised edition
226.5 BARBarclay, WilliamGospel of John, volume II - revised edition
226.4 BARBarclay, WilliamGospel of Luke, The
226.3 BARBarclay, WilliamGospel of Mark, The
226.2 BARBarclay, WilliamGospel of Matthew - Volume 2 - Revised edition
226.2 BARBarclay, WilliamGospel of Matthew, Volume one, chapters 1-10
F OKEOke, JanetteGown of Spanish lace, A
240 SPUSpurgeon, C. H.Grace God's unmerited favor
248.4 LUCLucado, MaxGrace happens here
242 STOStoddard, AlexandraGrace Notes: Insights, reflections, inspirations, and quests for every day of the year
J SC CHAChase, RichardGrandfather tales
J FIC SLASlattery, KathrynGrandma, I'll miss you: a child's story about death and new life
J E F HHill, KarenGrandmother's book of promises
248.8 BROBrownlow, LeroyGrandpa was a preacher
J F KIDKidd, RonaldGrandpa's hammer
J E F OTTOttolenghi, CarolGrandparents love their little ones
J F LEWLewis, BeverlyGranny game, The
975.6 STIStick, DavidGraveyard of the Atlantic
R 901 TIMTime-Life BooksGreat ages of man: African kingdoms
R 901 TIMTime-Life BooksGreat ages of man: age of enlightenment
R 901 TIMTime-Life BooksGreat ages of man: age of exploration
R 901 TIMTime-Life BooksGreat ages of man: age of faith
R 901 TIMTime-Life BooksGreat ages of man: age of kings
R 901 TIMTime-Life BooksGreat ages of man: ancient America
R 901 TIMTime-Life BooksGreat ages of man: ancient China
R 901 TIMTime-Life BooksGreat ages of man: ancient Egypt
R 901 TIMTime-Life BooksGreat ages of man: barbarian Europe
R 901 TIMTime-Life BooksGreat ages of man: classical Greece
R 901 TIMTime-Life BooksGreat ages of man: cradle of civilization
901 TIMTime-LifeGreat ages of man: early Islam
R 901 TIMTime-Life BooksGreat ages of man: early Japan
R 901 TIMTime-Life BooksGreat ages of man: historic India
R 901 TIMTime-Life BooksGreat ages of man: imperial Rome
R 901 TIMTime-Life BooksGreat ages of man: rise of Russia
R 901 TIMTime-Life BooksGreat ages of man: the Reformation
R 901 TIMTime-Life BooksGreat ages of man: twentieth century
R 901 TIMTime-Life BooksGreat ages of man; age of progress
R 901 TIMTime-Life BooksGreat ages of man; Byzantium
R 901 TIMTime-Life BooksGreat ages of man; Renaissance
917.3 GRENational Geographic SocietyGreat American journeys
975.6 BIGBigger, Margaret G., editorGreat Depression, The - How we coped, worked and played - Life experience stories from the Carolinas' Piedmont
F BUNBunn, T. DavisGreat divide, The
236 LEWLewis, C. S.Great divorce, The: a dream
J F BRABraeuner, ShellieGreat Dog Wash, The (El gran lavaperros)
J F BRABraeuner, ShellieGreat Dog Wash, The (El gran lavaperros)
909.82 REAReader's DigestGreat events of the 20th century: how they changed our lives
J FIC SIBSibley, BrianGreat food feud, The: or a little give and take
J 793 TAGTaggar, SamGreat games! old & new, indoor/outdoor, travel, board, ball & word
226.9 LUCLucado, MaxGreat house of God, The: a home for your heart
266 GROGross, Mary, EditorGreat kid mission, The: a complete resource to educate and excite kids about missions around the world
220.9 GREGreat people of the Bible and how they lived
290 NATNational geographic societyGreat religions of the world
J FIC STOStokes, Penelope J., AdaptorGreat stone face, The: Nathaniel Hawthorne
920 DEEDeen, EdithGreat women of the Christian faith
248.4 OGIOgilvie, Lloyd JohnGreatest counselor in the world, The: a fresh, new look at the Holy Spirit
AUD 920 BROBrokaw, TomGreatest generation, The
940.54 BROBrokaw, TomGreatest generation, The
232.9 OUROursler, FultonGreatest story ever told
242 LEWLewis, C. S.Grief observed, A
230 WELWellborn, CharlesGrits, grace, and goodness
242 SWISwindoll, Charles R.Growing strong in the seasons of life
286.09 GROGrowth of one hundred years, The: addresses delivered at the first centennial session of the Baptist State Convention
F HENHenderson, DeeGuardian, The
F SPASparks, NicholasGuardian, The
J F McBMcBratney, SamGuess how much I love you
737.4 YEOYeoman, R. S.Guide book of U.S. coins, A
258 PEAPeale, Norman VincentGuide to confident living
220.7 McGMcGee, J. VernonGuidelines for the understanding of the scriptures: Ecclesiastes--Malachi
220.7 McGMcGee, J. VernonGuidelines for the understanding of the scriptures: Genesis--Proverbs
220.7 McGMcGee, J. VernonGuidelines for the understanding of the scriptures: Matthew--Revelation
242 HOBHobe, PhyllisGuideposts handbook of prayer, The
J 030 GUIGuinness world records: Amazing school records
R 912 HAMHammond atlas of the world: concise edition
291.1 HANHand of God, The
AUD 242Handbook for the HeartHandbook for the heart
AUD 242 HANHandbook for the soul
Ref 220.3 HANHandbook of Bible application, The: a guide for applying the Bible to everyday life
291 MEAMead, Frank S.Handbook of denominations in the United States
F BERBerry, WendellHannah Coulter
J E F MASMasurel, ClaireHappy Halloween, Emily!
E J 783 HARHark, the herald angels sing: a traditional Christmas carol
J 266 KIZKizer, Kathryn W.Harley Shields, The: Alaskan missionaries
226.1 ROBRobertson, A. T.Harmony of the Gospels for students of the life of Christ, A
REF 220.3 HARHarper's Bible dictionary
J E F ZIOZion, GeneHarry the dirty dog
252 MELMelton, W. W.Has civilization failed? and other sermons
248 ALBAlbom, MitchHave a little faith: A true story
J FIC TAFTafuri, NancyHave you seen my duckling?
VID J 220 HEHe is risen
242 LUCLucado, MaxHe still moves stones
265 MACMacNutt, FrancisHealing
242 DAIDailey, Timothy J., Ph.D.Healing through the power of prayer: what the Bible says about healing
291.4 DOSDossey, Larry, M.D.Healing words: the power of prayer and the practice of medicine
248.3 OWIOwings, Timothy L.Hearing God in a noisy world: prayer as listening
811 STUStump, PhyllisHeart knows, The
222 MOOMoore, BethHeart like his, A: intimate reflections on the life of David
248.4 NOUNouwen, HenriHeart of Henri Nouwen, The: his words of blessing
362.82 WOLWolinsky, Mary AnnHeart of wisdom, A: marital counseling with older and elderly couples
J F ANOAnonymousHeart reader of Franklin High, The
248.3 DEADean, Jennifer KennedyHeart's cry: principles of prayer
J F BROBrooke, LaurenHeartland - Coming Home
J F BROBrooke, LaurenHeartland - One day you'll know
248 TYLTyler, KelseyHeaven hears each whisper: answered prayers in everyday life
J E 236 BURBurpo, ToddHeaven is for real for kids
236 LOTLotz, Anne GrahamHeaven: my Father's house
VID 236 LOTLotz, Anne GrahamHeaven: My Father's House
F WILWilcox, JamesHeavenly days
J FIC SPYSpyri, JohannaHeidi
242 HONHoneycutt, Richard A., PhDHello, Daddy - A discussion of Christian prayer
242 BELBell, RoyHelp in time of trouble: And other Dial-a-prayer meditations
248.8 RICRice, Wayne, ed.Help there's a teenager in my house: a troubleshooting guide for parents
306.8 FREFreeman, BeckyHelp! I'm turning into my mother: with a few quirks of my own
231.3 MARMarshall, CatherineHelper, The
306.89 HARHart, Archibald D.Helping children survive divorce: what to expect; how to help
J F RYLRylant, CynthiaHenry and Mudge and Annie's perfect pet
J E F CAVCave, KathrynHenry's Song
F COTCote, LynHer inheritance forever - Texas, Star of Destiny - Book Two
J Biog MOOMonsell, Helen A.Her own way
F HARHart, JillianHer wedding wish
E J 220 PARParry, LindaHerald angels, The
940.542 PYLPyle, ErnieHere is your war
917.56 HERHeritage of Davidson County 1982, The
286 HOBHobbs, Herschel H.Hershel H. Hobbs: my faith and message, an autobiography
220.8 PARParales, Heidi BrightHidden voices: Biblical women and our Christian heritage
649.1 DOBDobson, James C.Hide or seek
J E F McCMcCartney, PaulHigh in the clouds
F HERHerman, KathyHigh stakes
940.544 HACHachiya, MichihikoHiroshima diary: journal of a Japanese physician, August 6-September 30, 1945
240 CHAChapian, MarieHis gifts to me
232.9 HISHis hands: resources for Lent and Easter
J 232 JONJones, Mary AliceHis name was Jesus
362.6 HAYHayes, James MadisonHistory and memoirs of the founding and first decade (1950-1960) of North Carolina Baptist Homes for the Aging
909.82 THOThomas, LowellHistory as you heard it
378.09 MCKMcKnight, E. V.History of Chowan College, A
270 TILTillich, PaulHistory of Christian thought
286.09 SHESheets, HenryHistory of Liberty Baptist Association
286.09 PASPaschal, G. W.History of North Carolina Baptists
286.09 HUGHuggins, M. A.History of North Carolina Baptists 1727-1932, A
286.09 CHRChristian, John T.History of the Baptists of the United States, volumes 1 & 2
286.09 CHRChristian, John T.History of the Baptists of the United States, volumes 1 & 2
286.09 TORTorbet, R. G.History of the Baptists, A
282 EUSEusebiusHistory of the church from Christ to Constantine, The
R 266 WALWall, Jeanne W.History of the first twenty-five years of Lexington Meals on Wheels
266 LAWLawrence, J. B.History of the Home Mission Board
286.06 HUNHunt, AlmaHistory of W. M. U.
378.7 PASPaschal, George WashingtonHistory of Wake Forest College
286 CANCantrell, Rufus RoyHistory, heritage, and memories - Abbots Creek Missionary Baptist Church, High Point, North Carolina 1756-2006
J F FIEField, RachelHitty, her first hundred years
J F TOLTolkien, J.R.R.Hobbit, The
248.8 GUTGuthrie, NancyHolding on to hope
796.342 CHAChang, MichaelHolding serve: Perseering on and off the court
248.4 STEStearns, Richard E.Hole in our Gospel, The: the answer that changed my life and might just change the world
J F SACSachar, LouisHoles
F RimRimes, LeAnnHoliday in your heart
AUD 394 HOLHoliday melodies - Baby Einstein
220.9 HOLHoly Land in maps
220.9 KOTKotker, NormanHoly Land in the time of Jesus, The
J 231 NYSNystrom, CarolynHoly Spirit in me, The
F ROBRobinson, MarilynneHome
252 TAYTaylor, Barbara BrownHome by another way
818 RUTRutledge, ArchibaldHome by the river
635.9 HOM Charles Scribner 1966Home Garden's MagazineHome garden book of roses
F GULGulley, PhilipHome to Harmony
F KARKaron, JanHome to Holly Springs, the first of the Father Tim novels
F KARKaron, JanHome to Holly Springs: The first of the Father Tim Novels
684 HOMHome workshop, The
F PELPella, JudithHomeward my heart
262 SNISnider, JoelHonest numbers: growing churches with integrity
028 HUNHunt, GladysHoney for a child's heart: the imaginative use of books in family life
028 HUNHunt, GladysHoney for a woman's heart: growing your world through reading great books
J 595.79 GIBGibbons, GailHoney makers, The
242 GRAGraham, BillyHope for each day: Words of wisdom and faith
616.85 JANJantz, Gregory L., Ph.D.Hope, help, & healing for eating disorders
726 HORHorizon book of great cathedrals, The
909.7 DAVDavidson, Marshall B.Horizon history of the world in 1776, The
J F LEWLewis, C. S.Horse and his boy, The
J F LEWLewis, C. S.Horse and his boy, The
J F LUPLupica, MikeHot Hand
BIOG LINLindbergh, Anne MorrowHour of gold, hour of lead: diaries and letters of Anne Morrow Lindbergh, 1929-1932
226.6 HOUHour of power: Acts of the apostles - your faith in action
J F CARCarle, EricHouse for hermit crab, A
DVD 956 HOUHouse of Saud
F KELKelly, Susan S.How close we came: a novel of women's friendships
J E F YOLYolen, JaneHow do dinosaurs say good night?
J E F HALHallinan, P. K.How do I love you?
J E F HALHallinan, P. K.How do I love you?: a love poem from parent to child
J E F VISVischer, PhilHow many veggies?
220 HERHerklots, H. G. G.How our Bible came to us
J 220.4 TRETrent, RobbieHow the Bible came to us
VID J SeuSeuss, Dr.How the grinch stole Christmas! and Horton hears a who!
649 FORForeman, Brian, Dr.How to be # social media parents
243 GRAGraham, BillyHow to be born again
371.3 BOWBowman, SharonHow to give it so they get it: A flight plan for teaching anyone anything and making it stick
J 745.594 IRVIrvine, JoanHow to make holiday pop-ups
J 745.594 IRVIrvine, JoanHow to make holiday pop-ups
808 SNYSnyder, James E., Jr. J.D.How to write a book in a day..."This one was"
J F SimSimon, SeymourHowling dog and other cases, The
R 808.88 ROBRoberts, Kate Louise, editorHoyt's new cyclopedia of practical quotations
814 MACMacDonald, Shari, compilerHumor for a friend's heart: stories, quips, and quotes to lift the heart
248.8 HUMClairmont, PatsyHumor for a mom's heart
371.1 HUMHumor for a teacher's heart
248.8 JOHJohnson, BarbaraHumor me, I'm your mother
248.4 PIPPiper, JohnHunger for God, A: desiring God through fasting and prayer
242 BUEBuechner, FrederickHungering dark, The
305.2 ELKElkind, DavidHurried child, The
783 HYMKennedy, Pamela J.Hymns of faith & inspiration
245 CLAClark, W. ThorburnHymns that endure
J E F CRYCrystal, BillyI already know I love you
J E 782 PARParton, DollyI am a rainbow
234.2 PEAPearce, J. WinstonI believe
813.5 LANLandorf, JoyceI came to love you late
158 MCCMcCullough, MamieI can: you can too!
J F BUEBuehner, CaralynI did it, I'm sorry
J F BUEBuehner, CaralynI did it, I'm sorry
248.8 DAVDavis, KenI don't remember dropping the skunk but I do remember trying to breathe: Survival skills for teenagers
AC 248 SWASwanberg, DennisI grew up A.D.D.
J 305.8 KINKing, Martin Luther, Jr.I have a dream
323 KINKing, Martin Luther, Jr.I have a dream: writings and speeches that changed the world
323 KINKing, Martin Luther, Jr.I have a dream: writings and speeches that changed the world
Fic CRACraven, MargaretI heard the owl call my name
J E F HALHallinan, P. K.I know Jesus loves me
J E BAKBaker, LizaI love you because you're you
J E F CRICrites, Susan E.I love you more than rainbows
307.87 MEYMeyer, RickI love you, son: what every boy (and man) needs to hear
J E F ILOI love you: a keepsake storybook collection
J E F WARWard, Heather PatriciaI promise I'll find you
J E 793 WICWick, WalterI spy gold challenger: a book of picture riddles
Biog McAHohler, Robert T.I touch the future...: the story of Christa McAuliffe
J 808.81 COLCole, WilliamI went to the animal fair
J E F WILWilson, KarmaI will rejoice
J E F TreTrent, John, Ph.D.I'd choose you: giving the blessing to your child
J 155.4 COLCole, JoannaI'm a big brother
J 155.4 COLCole, JoannaI'm a big sister
J E F CURCurtis, Jamie LeeI'm gonna like me: letting off a litle self-esteem
242.8 HOLHolmes, MarjorieI've got to talk to somebody, God
J FIC WALWalker, NicholasIce princess
248.4 OGIOgilvie, Lloyd J.If God cares, why do I still have problems?
248.4 GULGulley, PhilipIf God is love
J E F RICRichmond, MarianneIf I could keep you little
J E F LORLord, Jill RomanIf Jesus came to visit me
248 SWOSwor, ChesterIf we dared
248 MCCMcClain, Roy O.If with all your heart
248.4 ORTOrtberg JohnIf you want to walk on water, you've got to get out of the boat
J 220 IllIllustrated Bible stories for children
233 WHIWhite, W. L.Image of a man in C. S. Lewis
917.56 HOWHowell, RayImages of America: Davidson County
917.56 HOWHowell, RayImages of America: Davidson County
242 HALHall, J. RandyImages of sorrow, visions of hope
AUD 241 KILKillinger, John, PhDImagine, if Christians were really Christians!
150 PEAPeale, Norman VincentImaging
J FIC SMASmall, DavidImogene's antlers
940.53 HeaHearth, Amy HillIn a world gone mad
248.8 GRAGraham, RuthIn every pew sits a broken heart: hope for the hurting
920 COUCousins, Norman, editorIn God we trust
920 BRYBryan, G. McLeodIn His likeness
F SHESheldon, Charles M.In His steps
269 tenten Boom, CorrieIn my Father's house
266 HECHeck, Fannie E. S.In royal service: the mission work of Southern Baptist women
DVD J INIn search of the great white tiger: a story about following God
248 DOBDobson, JamesIn the arms of God
231.7 INIn the beginning, God
220.1 McGMcGrath, AlisterIn the beginning:the story of the King James Bible and how it changed a nation, a language, and a culture
811 FROFrost, RobertIn the clearing
F KARKaron, JanIn the company of others, a Father Tim novel
248.4 LUCLucado, MaxIn the eye of the storm
F GUEGuess, Catherine RitchIn the garden
248.4 LUCLucado, MaxIn the grip of grace
248.4 ROGRogers, Dale EvansIn the hands of the potter
296.4 FELFellner, Judith B.In the Jewish tradition: a year of food and festivities
VID J 234 INIn the nick of time: a lesson in courage
811.5 RICRice, Helen SteinerIn the vineyard of the Lord
F KARKaron, JanIn this mountain
DVD 574.5 GORGore, AlInconvenient truth, An: A global warning
VID J INCIncredible force of joy, The
286.09 ARMArmstrong, O. K.Indomitable Baptists, The
F LaHLaHaye, TimIndwelling, The: the beast takes possession
282.092 NOUNouwen, Henri J. M.Inner voice of love, The: a journey through anguish to freedom
DVD 973 INS 2005Inside 9/11: scene Selections
945.6 MCDMcDowell, BartInside the Vatican
248 SCHSchuller, Robert H.Inspirational writings of Robert H. Schuller, The
259 INSInstant programs for youth groups 1
170 CARCarter, Stephen L.Integrity
973 KIDKidder, David S.Intellectual devotional American history, The: revive your mind, complete your education, and converse confidently about our nation's past
242 KIDKidder, David S.Intellectual devotional, The - 365 daily lessons from the seven fields of knowledge
REF 220.3 ORROrr, James, M.A., D.D., general editorInternational standard Bible encyclopaedia, The
R 220.3 ORROrr, James, editorInternational standard Bible encyclopaedia, vols. 1 - 5
241 NIENiebuhr, ReinholdInterpretation of Christian ethics, An
R 220.3 INTInterpreter's dictionary of the Bible, The: an illustrated encyclopedia; Vols. 1 - 5
R 220.7 INTInterpreters Bible: vols. 1--12
248.4 CARCartledge, TonyIntrigued, how I love to proclaim it: adventures in thinking theologically
220 BARBarclay, WilliamIntroducing the Bible
286 LEOLeonard, Bill J.Introduction to Baptist principles, An
227.3 CLAClaiborne, ShaneIrrestible revolution, The: Living as an ordinary radical
297 BRABraswell, George, Jr.Islam and America: answers to the 31 most-asked questions
297 DENDenny, Frederick M.Islam and the Muslim community
297 HITHitti, Philip K.Islam: a way of life
DVD 297 ISLIslam: empire of faith
VID 297 ISLIslam: empire of faith
F WINWindsor, LindaIt had to be you
F CHAChapman, GaryIt happens every spring
248 GREGreene, PhyllisIt must have been moonglow: reflections on the first years of widowhood
J 220 MANManley, DeborahIt's fun finding out about Bible times
J E 226.8 CARCarlson, MelodyIt's not funny I've lost my money!
J E 394 BOWBowman, CrystalJ is for Jesus: The sweetest story ever told
248.3 McGMcGee, J. VernonJ. Vernon McGee on prayer: praying and living in the Father's will
J E 220 MIYMiyoshi, SekiyaJacob's ladder
AUD 220 JAMJames Earl Jones reads the Bible
636.089 LORLord, GrahamJames Herriot: the life of a country vet
Pam 291 JEHJehovah's Witnesses
J F KarKaron, JanJeremy, the tale of an honest bunny
915 ARMArmstrong, KarenJerusalem: one city, three faiths
F KILKillinger, JohnJessie, a novel
J 220 WILWildsmith, BrianJesus
232.9 JESJesus and his times
VID 232 REAReader's DigestJesus and His times
J 220 HARHarmon, JeannieJesus and the big catch
J 225.9 JESJesus and the twelve
232.9 BARBarclay, WilliamJesus as they saw him
232 PORPorter, J. R.Jesus Christ: the Jesus of history, the Christ of faith
301.15 GRAGraham, BillyJesus generation, The
232 YANYancey, PhilipJesus I never knew, The
226.1 KEEKee, Howard ClarkJesus in history: an approach to the study of the Gospels
J E 220 JESJesus loves me
VID BIOG JESJesus of Nazareth
J 232.9 FOSFosdick, Harry EmersonJesus of Nazareth
J E 248 WILWilhelm, HansJesus wants me for a sunbeam
248.8 TAMTamasy, Robert J., ed.Jesus works here
232.9 JerJeremiah, DavidJesus' final warning: hearing Christ's voice in the midst of chaos
232 LESLessing, ErichJesus: history and culture of the New Testament
VID 225 JESJesus: Paul with Peter Jennings
J FIC ZIGZiglar, ZigJewel thief's regret, The
296.3 TELTelushkin, Rabbi JosephJewish wisdom
J F FleFleischman, SidJim Ugly
Biog ADASmith, PageJohn Adams,vol. 2
Biog. ADASmith, PageJohn Adams: vol. 1
VID J 220 JOHJohn the Baptist
J E 224 ANDAnderson, JoelJonah's trash : God's treasure
DVD J JONJonah: a Veggie Tales movie, disc 1and disc 2
201 BACBach, RichardJonathan Livingston Seagull
VID Biog TADTada, Joni EarecksonJoni
J F TRITripp, ValerieJosefina learns a lesson - A school story - book two
J 222 WILWildsmith, BrianJoseph
J E 222 JOSJoseph and the coat of many colors
E J 200 CAMCampbell-Todd, DeborahJoseph and the coat of many colours
242 HOSHostetler, BobJosh McDowell's youth devotions: a daily adventure in making right choices
F GIRGirzone, Joseph F.Joshua and the children
F GIRGirzone, Joseph F.Joshua and the Shepherd
F GIRGirzone, Joseph F.Joshua in the Holy Land
VID F MACMacLachlan, PatriciaJourney
210.2 CHRChristenson, EvelynJourney into prayer, A
248.8 BOZBozarth, Alla Renee, PhDJourney through grief, A
248.8 McKMcKenzie, Vashti M.Journey to the well
241 GRAGraham, BillyJourney, The - How to live by faith in an uncertain world
780.1 BERBernstein, LeonardJoy of music, The
857 SPASpalding, Henry D.Joys of Italian humor
296 FISFishbane, Michael A.Judaism
296 SANSandmel, SamuelJudaism and Christian beginnings
917.6 CRACrawford, JeanJugtown pottery
F MARMarshall, CatherineJulie
J Biog LOWHiggins, Helen BoydJuliette Low, Girl Scout
J F PARPark, BarbaraJunie B. Jones and some sneaky peeky spying
J F PARPark, BarbaraJunie B. Jones and the mushy gushy valentine
J F PARPark, BarbaraJunie B. Jones is (almost) a flower girl
J F PARPark, BarbaraJunie B. Jones is a beauty shop guy
J F PARPark, BarbaraJunie B. Jones is a party animal
J F PARPark, BarbaraJunie B. Jones is not a crook
J F PARPark, BarbaraJunie B., first grader (at last!)
J F PARPart, BarbaraJunie B., first grader cheater pants
F WICWick, LoriJust above a whisper
BIOG GRAGraham, BillyJust as I am: the autobiography of Billy Graham
286 McIMcIver, BruceJust as long as I'm riding up front: more stories I couldn't tell while I was a pastor
286 CAPCapel, WintJust call me Mickey: from mill village to Mills Home, the journey of Michael C. Blackwell
F THAThacker, UrsulaJust Emily
808.81 RICRice, Helen SteinerJust for you: a special collection of inspirational verses
232 LOTLotz, Anne GrahamJust give me Jesus
J F LUCLucado, MaxJust in case you ever wonder
232.9 LUCLucado, MaxJust like Jesus
J E J PITPitcher, CarolineJust one more swim
F GULGulley, PhilipJust shy of Harmony
J F HENHenry, MargueriteJustin Morgan had a horse
808 KALKalliope: A journal of women's literature and art
BIOG BARMueller, David L.Karl Barth
252 MARMarshall, PeterKeepers of the springs and other messages
394.2 GRAGray, AliceKeepsake Christmas, A
081 COSCosby, BillKids say the darndest things
259 SCHSchultz, ThomKids taking charge: youth-led youth ministry
VID J 220 KINKing is born, The
J E 222 GREGreenbert, BluKing Solomon and the Queen of Sheba
J F SHAShaw, JanetKirsten saves the day - A summer story - Book five
291.2 LITLittle, Paul E.Know what you believe & know why you believe
231 TOZTozer, A. W.Knowledge of the holy, The
J E F WILWillems, MoKnuffle bunny: a cautionary tale
J 597.95 DARDarling, KathyKomodo dragon on location
F MEDMedlicott, JoanLadies of Covington send their love, The
916.8 PATPaton, AlanLand and people of South Africa
215 COLCollins, Francis S.Language of God, The: a scientist presents evidence for belief
FIC AIKAiken, GinnyLark
VID J LARLarry Boy and the rumor weed
VID J LARLarry Boy and the rumor weed
DVD J LARLarry learns to listen
VID LARLarry-Boy! & the fib from outer space!
J FIC BRABray, Marian, AdaptorLassie: danger at Echo Cliffs
J F LEWLewis, C. S.Last battle, The
J F LEWLewis, C. S.Last battle, The
268 LASLast impressions: unforgettable closings for youth meetings
901 REAReader's DigestLast two million years, The
253 WILWillimon, William H.Last word, The: insights about the church and ministry
248.8 LAULaughter for a woman's soul: revive your spirit with women of faith
242 SNYSnyder, James E., Jr.Lawyer prays God's will for his clients, A
227.1 MACMacGorman, J. W.Layman's Bible book commentary Romans, 1 Corinthians, Volume 20
222.13 HONHoneycutt, Roy Lee, Jr.Layman's Bible book commentary: vol 3, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy
222.11 STEStevens, Sherrill G.Layman's Bible book commentary: vol. 1, Genesis
227 TOLTolbert, Malcolm O.Layman's Bible Book Commentary: vol. 22, Philippians, Colossians, 1 & 2 Thessalonians, 1 & 2 Timothy, Titus, Philemon: Vol. 22
222.2 KENKent, Dan G.Layman's Bible book commentary: vol. 4, Joshua, Judges, Ruth
222.4 LEWLewis, Joe O.Layman's Bible book commentary: vol. 5, 1 & 2 Samuel, 1 Chronicles
222.5 TRATraylor, John H., Jr.Layman's Bible book commentary: vol. 6, 1 & 2 Kings, 2 Chronicles
222.7 OWEOwens, Mary FrancesLayman's Bible book commentary: vol. 7, Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, Job
228 HOWHoward, Fred D.Layman's Bible book commentary: 1,2,3 John, Jude, Revelation, volume 24
227 GEOGeorge, David C.Layman's Bible book commentary: 2 Corinthians, Galatians, Ephesians, volume 21
226.6 MADMaddox, Robert L., Jr.Layman's Bible book commentary: Acts, volume 19
222.12 CATCate, Robert L.Layman's Bible book commentary: Exodus, vol. 2
224.4 HUEHuey, F. B., Jr.Layman's Bible book commentary: Ezekiel, Daniel
227.87 VALValentine, FoyLayman's Bible book commentary: Hebrews, James, 1 & 2 Peter, volume 23
224.6 SMISmith, Billy K.Layman's Bible book commentary: Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah, volume 13
224.1 BUTButler, Trent C.Layman's Bible book commentary: Isaiah, volume 10
224.2 DALDalglish, Edward R.Layman's Bible book commentary: Jeremiah, Lamentations, volume 11
226.3 GODGodwin, Johnnie C.Layman's Bible book commentary: Mark, volume 16
224 KELKelley, Page H.Layman's Bible book commentary: Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi
224 KELKelley, Page H.Layman's Bible book commentary: Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi
223.7 JOHJohnson, L. D.Layman's Bible book commentary: Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon, volume 9
REF 220.03 MARMartin, William C.Layman's Bible encyclopedia
Biog O'CoO'Connor, Sandra DayLazy B: growing up on a cattle ranch in the American southwest
262 HAMHamrick, Terry R.Leadership in constant change: Embracing a new missional reality
781 BAXBaxter, HarryLearn to read music
226.6 PRIPrice, EugeniaLearning to live from the Acts
Vid J LeaLearning to share
808.8 LYTLytle, Clyde F., editorLeaves of gold: an anthology of prayers, memorable phrases, and inspirational verse and prose
F KINKingsbury, KarenLeaving
F LAHLaHaye, TimLeft behind: a novel
F LAHLaHaye, TimLeft behind: a novel of the earth's last days
236 EFIEfird, James M.Left behind?: what the Bible really says about the end of times
282 IliIlibagiza, ImmaculeeLeft to tell: Discovering God amidst the Rwandan Holocaust
818 GRAGraham, Ruth BellLegacy of a pack rat
VID J LEGLegend of the desert bigfoot
J E F LEGLegend of the three trees, The
J E F KRAKraus, RobertLeo the late bloomer
J E Fic DRADrachman, EricLeo the lightning bug
BIOG LEOLeonardo da Vinci
CD Fic RIVRivers, FrancineLeota's garden
226.1 WILWilliams, R. RhysLet each Gospel speak for itself
J E F KINKingsbury, KarenLet me hold you longer
251 CAMCampolo, TonyLet me tell you a story
J E 394 CALCaldwell, LisaLet's celebrate God's blessings on Thanksgiving
394.2 MARMarshall, PeterLet's keep Christmas
J E 394 STOStortz, DianeLet's shine Jesus' light on Halloween
J 236 ANDAnderson, DebbyLet's talk about heaven
227.87 BARBarclay, WilliamLetter to the Hebrews, The
227.1 BARBarclay, WilliamLetter to the Romans
F EVAEvans, Richard PaulLetter, The
824 JEFJefferson, ThomasLetters and addresses
808.86 BONBonhoeffer, DietrichLetters and papers from prison
227.9 BARBarclay, WilliamLetters of James and Peter
227.9 BARBarclay, WilliamLetters of John and Jude
248 CAMCampolo, TonyLetters to a young evangelical
808.86 LEWLewis, C. S.Letters to an American lady
227.2 BARBarclay, WilliamLetters to the Corinthians
227.4 BARBarclay, WilliamLetters to the Galatians and Ephesians - Revised edition
227.7 BARBarclay, William`Letters to the Philippians, Colossians, and Thessalonians, The - Revised edition
227.8 BARBarclay, WilliamLetters to Timothy, Titus, and Philemon - Revised edition
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J E F STEStewart, SarahLibrary, The
J F NAPNapoli, Donna JoLies and Lemons
248.8 DeMDeMoss, Nancy LeighLies women believe and the truth that sets them free
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F GIBGibbons, KayeLife all around me by Ellen Foster, The
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F WHIWhitlow, RobertLife everlasting
R 973 LIFLife history of the U.S.: vol. I, the new world
R 973 LIFLife history of the U.S.: vol. II, making of a nation
R 973 LIFLife history of the U.S.: vol. III, the growing years (1789-1829)
R 973 LIFLife history of the U.S.: vol. IV, the sweep westward
R 973 LIFLife history of the U.S.: vol. IX, the progressive era (1901-1917)
R 973 LIFLife history of the U.S.: vol. V, uinion sundered
R 973 LIFLife history of the U.S.: vol. VI, union restored
R 973 LIFLife history of the U.S.: vol. VII, steel and steam
R 973 LIFLife history of the U.S.: vol. VIII, reaching for empire
R 973 LIFLife history of the U.S.: vol. X, boom & bust (1917-1932)
R 973 LIFLife history of the U.S.: vol. XI, New Deal and war (1933-1945)
R 973 LIFLife history of the U.S.: vol. XII, age of change (1945--)
811 RICRice, Helen SteinerLife is forever
131 LIFLife is good: Simple words from Jake and Rocket
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Biog. FRADe Robeck, Nesta Life of St. Francis of Assisi, The
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158 DOBDobson, JamesLife on the edge: a young adult's guide to a meaningful future
F WHIWhitlow, RobertLife support
241 NYBNyberg, Dorothea MarvinLife support: Christian compassion and the terminally ill
F KARKaron, JanLight from heaven
082 LIGLight from many lamps: a treasury of inspiration
F CARCarter, CharlotteLight in the dark, A
F KARKaron, JanLight in the window, A
AUD F KARKaron, JanLight in the window, A
J E 551 KINKinkade, ThomasLight my world: colors
J E F KINKinkade, ThomasLight my world: numbers
J E 394 EVAEvans, Richard PaulLight of Christmas, The
305.26 NEANearing, HelenLight on aging and dying: an inspirational gathering of thoughts on living a good old age into deth
152.4 METMetcalf, C. W.Lighten up: survival skills for people under pressure
F GOBGobbell, PhyllisLike a promise
AUD Biog LinBerg, A. ScottLindbergh
J F LEWLewis, C. S.Lion, the witch, and the wardrobe, The
J F LEWLewis, C. S.Lion, the witch, and the wardrobe: book 1 in the chronicles of Narnia
J F LITLittlesugar, AmyLisette's angel
F WhiWhitlow, RobertList, The
616.85 KRAKramer, Peter D.Listening to Prozac: a phychiatrist explores antidepressant drugs and the remaking of the self
J F MARMartin, J. M.Little Baptist
VID J LYILittle dogs of the prairie: lyin', cheatin', and a hot lollipop
DVD J LITLittle Drummer Boy, The
E J 780 WERWerner, Elsa JaneLittle Golden Book of hymns
J F WILWilder, Laura IngallsLittle house in the big woods
J F WILWilder, Laura IngallsLittle house on the prairie
J E FIC BRIBriers, EricaLittle lamb to the rescue
J E F HARHarper, PiersLittle lamb: a soft-to-the-touch book
J E F SANSan Jose, Christine Little match girl, The
J F ALCAlcott, Louisa MayLittle men
J E F KIRKirk, DavidLittle Miss spider
J E Fic HARHarper, PiersLittle owl
J F TAYTaylor, Helen L.Little Pilgrim's progress: from John Bunyan's classic
J E F WILWilder, Laura IngallsLittle prairie house, A
J E F HORHorse, HarryLittle rabbit lost
J E F LITLittle Red Riding Hood
J 268.7 JAHJahsmann, Allan HartLittle visits with God
J F ALCAlcott, Louisa MayLittle women
J FIC TAZTazewell, CharlesLittlest angel, The
J E F SHEShepherd, Ellenor EubanksThe "littlest" knitter
CD 296.7 KUSKushner, Harold S.Living a life that matters
248 REDRedhead, John A.Living all your life
362.1 SPISpiegel, David, M.D.Living beyond limits: new hope and help for facing life-threatening illness
248.4 GRAGraham, FranklinLiving beyond the limits
248 CARCarter, JimmyLiving faith
930 CONConnolly, PeterLiving in the time of Jesus of Nazareth
973.02 VANVanderbilt, Cornelius, Jr.Living past of America, The
220.5 TAYTaylor, Kenneth N.Living prophecies
248.8 JOHJohnson, BarbaraLiving somewhere between estrogen and death
248.4 MAHMahaney, C. J.Living the cross centered life
242.4 GROGrollman, Earl A.Living when a loved one has died
242 BUCBuchanan, MissyLiving with purpose in a worn-out body - Spiritual encouragement for older adults
J F LIZLizzie McGuire: Mirror, mirror
J F LIZLizzie McGuire: New kid in school
BIOG WESKroll, Harry HarrisonLong quest: the story of John Wesley
VID 362.7 LONLong walk home, A: Baptist Children's Homes of NC
813 BUEBuechner, FrederickLonging for home, The
F GILGilmore, Susan GreggLooking for salvation at the Dairy Queen
J E 223 ANDAnderson, JoelLord is my shepherd!, The: from Psalm 23
J E 223 WILWilhelm, HansLord is my shepherd, The
J E 223.6 LORLord is my shepherd, The - The twenty-third Psalm
223 KUSKushner, Harold S.Lord is my shepherd, The: healing wisdom of the twenty-third Psalm
J E 220 LORLord's prayer, The
232.95 BARBarclay, WilliamLord's supper, The
248 RAIRaines, Robert A.Lord, could you make it a little better?
VID J LOSLost in the barrens
J E F SAMSams, Carl R. IILost in the woods: a photographic fantasy
811 JARJarrell, RandallLost world, The
Biog MOOLawrence, Una RobertsLottie Moon
266 SULSullivan, ReginaLottie Moon: a Southern Baptist missionary to China in history and legend
VID F LOULouisa May Alcott's "Little Women": angels in boots
Fic RIPRipley, AlexandraLove divine, A
Biog THOThomas, SteveLove in a butterscotch pie
152.4 HEMHemfelt, RobertLove is a choice
301.42 STESternberg, Robert J., Ph.D.Love is a story: a new theory of relationships
F GUEGuess, Catherine RitchLove lifted me
646.78 DOBDobson, JamesLove must be tough
F KIRKirkpatrick, JaneLove to water my soul
234 BELBell, RobLove wins - A book about Heaven, Hell, and the fate of every person who ever lived
J F MUNMunsch, RobertLove you forever
646.78 BUSBuscaglia, LeoLoving each other: the challenge of human relationships
248.20 COLColson, Charles W.Loving God
F FRAFraser, GailLumby lines, The
VID J LYLLyle the kindly Viking
912 LITLittell, Franklin H.Macmillan atlas history of Christianity, The
VID J F MADMadame Blueberry
BIOG CURCurie, EveMadame Curie
J F RESResnick, Jane P.Magic sneakers, The
J F LEWLewis, C. S.Magicians's nephew, The
242 BUEBuechner, FrederickMagnificent defeat, The
248 OGIOgilvie, Lloyd JohnMagnificent vision, The
F AIKAiken, GinnyMagnolia
248 PRIPrice, EugeniaMake love your aim
306.7 SMASmalley, GaryMaking love last forever
814.54 JOHJohnson, BarbaraMama, get the hammer, there's a fly on Papa's head: using humor to flatten out your pain
J 232.9 PHIPhillips, J. B.Man called Jesus, A
Biog MARMarshall, CatherineMan called Peter, A
232.9 FOSFosdick, Harry EmersonMan from Nazareth
VID 266 MANMandate: North Carolina missions video magazine
232 FOSFosdick, Harry EmersonManhood of the Master
J F SpiSpinelli, JerryManiac Magee
AUD 394 MAN.Mannheim Steamroller Christmas celebration
268 CONConde-Frazier, ElizabethMany colored kingdom, A: multicultural dynamics for spiritual formation
VID 792.2 LOWLowry, MarkMark Lowry: mouth in motion
VID 792.2 LOWLowry, MarkMark Lowry: my first comedy video
Fic LaHLaHaye, TimMark, The: the beast rules the world
808.88 HAMHammarskjold, DagMarkings
CD 636.7 GROGrogan, JohnMarley & me
248.4 JANJanssen, AlMarriage masterpiece, The
J E F LITLithgow, JohnMarsupial Sue
BIOG BUBPanko, Stephen M.Martin Buber
J F SacSachar LouisMarvin Redpost class president
F GEOGeorge, MargaretMary, called Magdalene
J 232 LOWLowry, MarkMary, did you know?
220.92 BARBarclay, WilliamMaster's men, The
AUD 226 MACMacArthur, JohnMaster's men, The: Matthew 10: 1-4
226.5 FREFredrikson, Roger L.Mastering the New Testament: John
227.8 DEMDemarest, Gary W.Mastering the New Testament: 1,2 Thessalonians; 1, 2 Timothy; & Titus
228 PALPalmer, Earl F.Mastering the New Testament: 1,2,3 John & Revelation
225.7 DUNDunnam, Maxie D.Mastering the New Testament: Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, & Philemon
227.8 EVAEvans, Louis H., Jr.Mastering the New Testament: Hebrews
227.8 CEDCedar, Paul A.Mastering the New Testament: James; 1,2 Peter; and Jude
226.4 LARLarson, BruceMastering the New Testament: Luke
226.3 McKMcKenna, David L.Mastering the New Testament: Mark
227 BRIBriscoe, D. StuartMastering the New Testament: Romans
808.8 MORMorrison, James Dalton, editorMasterpieces of religious verse
F ManMangum, ErynnMatch Point
F MAGMaguire, GregoryMatchless: a Christmas story
Biog BRAHoran, James D.Matthew Brady, historian with a camera
J SC LUCLucado, MaxMax Lucado children's treasury, A: A child's first collection
J SC LUCLucado, MaxMax Lucado children's treasury, A: A child's first collection
248 MAXMaximum challenge: preteen electives ages 10-12
VID F McGMcGee and me: 'twas the fight before Christmas
VID J F MCGMcGee and me: the not-so-great escape
VID J McGMcGee TV: out of control
F HARHart, JillianMcKaslin homecoming, A
AC 202 JERJeremiah, DavidMedicine for the soul: hilarious anecdotes, stories, and one-liners told by Dr. David Jeremiah
306.874 SAASaavedra, Beth WilsonMeditations for mothers of toddlers
242 SCHSchaef, Anne WilsonMeditations for women who do too much
242 CLAClark, John G.Meditations on the Lord's Supper
J F PORPorter, ConnieMeet Addy
J FIC TRITripp, ValerieMeet Josefina, an American girl: book one
J FIC TRITripp, ValerieMeet Josefina, an American girl: book one
J F TRITripp, ValerieMeet Kit - An American Girl - Book 1
J F ADLAdler, Susan S.Meet Samantha, an American girl
280.4 MARMarshall, Catherine WoodMeeting God at every turn
277.4 WINWinslow, Ola ElizabethMeetinghouse Hill, 1630-1783
230 PELPelikan, JaroslavMelody of theology, The
975.6 HAMHamby, Zetta BarkerMemoirs of Grassy Creek
F McLMcLarty, RonMemory of running, The
F JAKJakes, T. D.Memory quilt, The
306.7 FARFarrel, BillMen are like waffles women are like spaghetti
220.92 SPUSpurgeon, Charles H.Men of the Old Testament
248.8 CLAClaypool, JohnMending the heart
REF 220.3 MILMercer commentary on the Bible
R 220.3 MILMills, Watson E. , editorMercer commentary on the Bible
REF 220.3 MILMills, Watson E., general editorMercer dictionary of the Bible
F LEWLewis, BeverlyMercy, The
230 LEWLewis, C. S.Mere Christianity
220 MESMessage of the Bible, The
F HOLHolmes, MarjorieMessiah, The
J F COTCotton, DebieMessy Marcy MacIntyre
J F EDGEdgren, Mary ElizabethMethuselah's gift
AUD 394 MICMichael W. Smith Christmastime
F MARMartin, Gail GaymerMichigan
J F LEWLewis, BeverlyMidnight mystery, The
J F GAGGage, WilsonMike's toads
F StuStump, PhyllisMillennium
J F TRITripp, ValerieMilly learns a lesson - A school story - Book two
232 BARBarclay, WilliamMind of Jesus, The
220.92 BARBarclay, WilliamMind of St. Paul, The
262.1 SHESheffield, RobertMinistry of Baptist deacons, The
808.8 TOLToler, StanMinute motivators for teens
J 808.8 TOLToler, StanMinute motivfators for teens - Quick inspiration for the time of your life
J E F GRAGraham, FranklinMiracle in a shoe box: a Christmas gift of wonder
J 232.9 ERIErickson, Mary E.Miracle in the morning: the wonderful story of Easter
VID J 220 MIRMiracles of Jesus
Biog MATMatney, DonMiracles, my life
231 LEWLewis, C. S.Miracles: How God intervenes in nature and human affairs
973.7 STEStepp, John W.Mirror of war
155.9 WILWilliamson, WalterMiscarriage: sharing the grief, facing the pain, healing the wounds
808 STESteinbach, AliceMiss Dennis School of Writing and other lessons from a woman's life, The
J F KARKaron, JanMiss Fannie's hat
F ROSRoss, Ann B.Miss Julia hits the road
F ROSRoss, Ann B.Miss Julia speaks her mind
CD Fic ROSRoss, Ann B.Miss Julia stands her ground
F ROSRoss, Ann B.Miss Julia takes over
AUD F ROSRoss, Ann B.Miss Julia throws a wedding
F ROSRoss, Ann B.Miss Julia throws a wedding
F ROSRoss, Ann B.Miss Julia's school of beauty
F ManMangum, ErynnMiss Match
Kit 232 MISMiss Patty Cake's egg-stravaganza
J E F KIRKirk, DavidMiss Spider's tea party
229 MISMissing books of the Bible, The, vol. I
229 MISMissing books of the Bible, The: vol. II
F NOBNoble, DianeMissing ingredient, The
Biog PAHPahlavi, Mohammed Reza ShahMission for my country
J SC MILMillen, NineMissionary story hour
266 CRICrisci, Elizabeth WhitneyMissions made fun for kids: creative ideas to involve children in missions
266 CRICrisci, Elizabeth WhitneyMissions made fun for kids: creative ideas to involve children in missions
252 TAYTaylor, Barbara BrownMixed blessings
F HIGHiggs, Liz CurtisMixed signals
248 OUROursler, FultonModern parables
J E F HAFHafner, MarylinMolly and Emmett's surprise garden
242 JOHJohnson, L. D.Moments of reflection: explorations into the pilgrimage of faith
726 BERBernhard, MarianneMonasteries
F PERPeretti, FrankMonster
F WICWick, LoriMoonlight on the millpond
818 SAMSamra, CalMore holy humor
J SC CHIChild Study Association of America, comp.More read to yourself stories: fun and magic
J SC KELKelsey, Alice GreerMore stories for junior worship
VID 796 MORMore than gold: I Peter 1:7
J E VISVischer, PhilMore veggiecational fun
Pam 291 MORMormons
242 JOHJohnson, L. D.Morning after death, The
242 JOHJohnson, L. D.Morning after death, The
J 221.95 PETPetersham, Maud & MiskaMoses
271 TERTeresa, MotherMother Teresa come be my light: The private writings of the "Saint of Calcutta"
242 MADMaddox, SarahMother's garden of prayer, A
F BERBergren, Lisa TawnMother's love, A
J E 306 KATKatz, MeredithMothers & Daughters: Why daughters always need their mothers
306.87 SALSaline, CarolMothers and daughters
306.8 CHAChapian, MarieMothers and daughters: learning to be friends
610 KIDKidder, TracyMountains beyond mountains
J E F BENBenjamin, A. H.Mouse, Mole, and the falling star
J 793 NELNelson, Esther, L.Movement games for children of all ages
J Biog MOZKamroff, ManuelMozart
F ASTAston, ElizabethMr. Darcy's daughters
252 MARMarshall, PeterMr. Jones meet the Master
J E F BUCBuchanan, SueMud Pie Annie: God's recipe for doing your best
082 SMISmith, Donna TobinMuddy feet on the narrow path: Encouragement for staying focused on God, even in the messy times of our lives
J E F BUTButterfield, MoiraMuddy paws
J F LEWLewis, BeverlyMudhole mystery, The
248.4 WINWinner, Lauren F.Mudhouse sabbath
822 ELIEliot, T. S.Murder in the cathedral
813 BUNBunn, T. DavisMusic box, The
241 GRAGraham, BillyMy answer
J E 636.8 FOLFoley, CateMy cat
J E 636.7 HUGHughes, SarahMy dog
J E 220 MYMy favorite Bible promises
242 MYMy favorite prayers
KIT 220 MYMy first New Testament Bible stories floor puzzle
KIT 220 MYMy first Old Testament Bible stories floor puzzle
J E 231 JEFJeffs, StephanieMy first picture book about God
J E 793 CORMy first riddles
J E F CARCarlson, MelodyMy happy heart
226.5 LOTLotz, Anne GrahamMy heart's cry
248.3 JERJeremiah, DavidMy heart's desire: living every moment in the wonder of worship
232 LOTLotz, Anne GrahamMy Jesus is ... everything
Biog CROCrosby, KathrynMy life with Bing
J 398.9 BREBrennan-Nelson, DeniseMy momma likes to say
362.1 DOUDouglas, KirkMy stroke of luck
242 CHAChambers, OswaldMy utmost for his highest
220.6 MYSMysteries of the Bible: the enduring questions of the scriptures
J F LEWLewis, BeverlyMystery mutt
J Fic MurMurphy, Elspeth CampbellMystery of the dancing angels, The
J F MURMurphy, Elspeth CampbellMystery of the gingerbread house, The
J F MURMurphy, Elspeth CampbellMystery of the goldfish pond, The
J Fic MurMurphy, Elspeth CampbellMystery of the haunted lighthouse, The
J Fic MurMurphy, Elspeth CampbellMystery of the silent nightingale, The
J Fic MurMurphy, Elspeth Campbell Mystery of the white elephant, The
J Fic MurMurphy, Elspeth CampbellMystery of the wrong dog, The
J F CAMMurphy, Elspeth CampbellMystery of the zoo camp, The
248.8 WAGWaggoner, BrendaMyth of the submissive Christian woman, The: walking with God without being stepped on by others
291 LEELeeming, DavidMythology
232 GRAGraham, FranklinName, The
261.7 NATNation under God: a religious-patriotic anthology
299 HULHultkrantz, AkeNative religions of North America
915.694 ALOAlon, AzariaNatural history of the land of the Bible
152 VIOViorst, JudithNecessary losses
F HENHenderson, DeeNegotiator, The
Biog NEHSheean, VincentNehru
J Biog ARMDunham, MontrewNeil Armstrong young flyer
R 220.2 ELLEllison, John W., CompilerNelson's complete concordance
KIT 262 BUGBugbee, BruceNetwork
AUD 262 BUGBugbee, BruceNetwork discovery sessions
226.5 BORBorchert, Gerald L.New American commentary, The
J E F DePDe Paola, TomieNew barker in the house, A
242 NEWNew guideposts treasury of faith, The
242 NEWNew Guideposts treasury of prayer, The
917.72 RITRitz, StacyNew key to Belize, The
248.8 KENKent, CarolNew kind of normal, A - Hope-filled choices when life turns upside down
266.092 ALLAllen, Catherine B.New Lottie Moon story, The
VID 225 NEWNew Media Bible, The: Luke - Part I "Christmas"
VID 225 NEWNew media Bible, The: Luke, part II "Early Ministry"
VID 225 NEWNew media Bible, The: Luke, part III "The Parables"
VID 225 NEWNew media Bible, The: Luke, part IV "Easter"
227.4 HOBHobbs, Herschel H.New men in Christ: studies in Ephesians
306.85 BLABlackwell, Michael C.New millennium families: How you can soar above the coming flood of change
262 OGDOgden, GregNew Reformation, The: returning the ministry to the people of God
286 COTCothen, Grady C.New SBC, The
R 200.3 JACJackson, Samuel, editorNew Schaff-Herzog encyclopedia of religious knowledge: vols. I - XIII
F KARKaron, JanNew song, A
R 220.5 STRStrong, James, LL.D, S.T.D.New Strong's exhaustive concordance of the Bible, The
AUD 225 NEWNew Testament (King James Version)
AC J 220 NEWNew Testament Bible stories
230 PHIPhillips, J. B.New Testament Christianity
220.9 ALEAlexander, David S.New Testament in living pictures, The
225.6 HARHarris, Stephen L.New Testament, a student's introduction
J E F HANHanson, WarrenNext place, The
J E 796 ISAIsadora, RachelNick plays baseball
305.569 EHREhrenreich, BarbaraNickel and dimed: on (not) getting by in America
F LAHLaHaye, TimNicolae: the rise of Antichrist
F KILKillinger, JohnNight Jessie sang at the Opry, The
959 DOODooley, Thomas A.Night they burned the mountain, The
J 395 CLIClise, Michelle DurksonNo bad bears
227 BRABraxton, Brad RonnellNo longer slaves: Galatians and African American experience
363.5 FULFuller, MillardNo more shacks!: The daring vision of Habitat for Humanity
248 PRIPrice, EugeniaNo pat answers
232.9 LUCLucado, MaxNo wonder they call him the Savior
242 MORMorgan, Richard L.No wrinkles on the soul: a book of readings for older adults
J E 222 NOANoah and the ark
VID J 220 NOANoah's ark
J 220 SPISpier, PeterNoah's ark
J E F WEBWebster, SherylNoodle's knitting
DVD 231 BELBell, RobNooma Breathe 14
DVD 646.78 BELBell, RobNooma Bullhorn 009
DVD 241 BELBell, RobNooma Dust 8
DVD 248 BELBell, RobNooma Flame 2
DVD 248.4 BELBell, RobNooma Kickball 6
DVD 234 BELBell, RobNooma Luggage 7
DVD 234 BELBell, RobNooma Lump 10
DVD 248 BELBell, RobNooma Matthew 12
DVD 150 BELBell, RobNooma Name 18
DVD 231 BELBell, RobNooma Noise 5
DVD 231.7 BELBell, RobNooma Rain 1
DVD 248 BELBell, RobNooma Rhythm 11
DVD 248 BELBell, RobNooma Rich 13
DVD 142.4 BELBell, RobNooma Store 16
DVD 248 BELBell, RobNooma Sunday 4
DVD 258 BELBell, RobNooma Today 17
DVD 248 BELBell, RobNooma Trees 3
DVD 232.9 BELBell, RobNooma You 15
J SC KRAKramer, NoraNora Kramer's storybook
812 WALWalser, RichardNorth Carolina drama
818 WALWalser, RichardNorth Carolina miscellany
811 WALWalser, Richard, editorNorth Carolina poetry
286 MELMelton, Joyce WhiteNorth Lexington Baptist Church, The: they came from everywhere
286.09 SHUShurden, Walter B.Not a silent people
248.8 GEANurturing the souls of our children: what children need and what parents can do
248.8 GEANurturing the souls of our children: what children need and what parents can do
J F NUTWalden, Daniel, adaptorNutcracker, The
E J FIC SEESeek, Vesta J.Old Ruff and the mother bird
975.6 NIVNiven, PenelopeOld Salem: the official guidebook
221 MAUMaus, Cynthia PearlOld Testament and the fine arts, The
AC J 220 OLDOld Testament Bible stories
221.6 TULTullock, John H.Old Testament story, The
J F WOOWood, DouglasOld Turtle
J F GIPGipson, FredOld Yeller
305.26 SCOScott, WillardOlder the fiddle, the better the tune, The; The joys of reaching a certain age
J E F FALFalconer, IanOlivia
796 HARHarris, GeraldOlympic heroes
150 FOSFosdick, Harry EmersonOn being a real person
229.9 CALCalvin, JohnOn God and Man: selections from Institutes of the Christian religion
155.9 KUBKubler-Ross, ElisabethOn grief and grieving
J F WILWilder, Laura IngallsOn the banks of Plum Creek
811 ANGAngelou, MayaOn the pulse of morning
J F ROCRockwell, AnneOnce upon a time this morning
291.4 VANVanzant, IyanlaOne day my soul just opened up
F WICWick, LoriOne forever promise, The
808.81 ONEOne hundred and one famous poems
F WILWilder, Effie LelandOne more time (just for the fun of it!): notes from Fairacres
808.8 MORMorris, Audrey Stone, Comp.One thousand inspiration things
808.81 SECSechrist, Elizabeth HoughOne thousand poems for children
220.7 DUMDummelow, J. R.One volume Bible commentary
J F F BUTButler, M. ChristinaOne winter's day
220.5 OneOne year Bible, The: The entire New Living Translation arranged in 365 daily readings
248.3 NOUNouwen, Henri J.M.Only necessary thing, The: living a prayerful life
248.3 STAStahl, CarolynOpening to God: Guided imagery meditation on Scripture
269 CROCrocker, David W.Operation Inasmuch: Mobilizing believers beyond the walls of the church
F RILRiley, LucindaOrchid House, The
BIOG WILHoover, HerbertOrdeal of Woodrow Wilson, The
J E 394 GAIGaither, GloriaOrdinary baby extraordinary gift
J F BLUBlume, JudyOtherwise known as Sheila the Great
280 DUNDuncan, Pope A.Our Baptist story
306 CARCarter, JimmyOur endangered values
J 917.3 MIEMiers, Earl SchenckOur fifty states
920 MCCMcConnell, JaneOur first ladies: from Martha Washington to Mamie Eisenhower
J FIC SNESnelling, LauraineOut of the mist
F DEGDe Graaf, AnneOut of the red shadow
AUD F KARKaron, JanOut to Canaan
F KARKaron, JanOut to Canaan
F WILWilder, Effie LelandOut to pasture (but not over the hill)
F WILWilder, Effie LelandOver what hill? (notes from the pasture)
220.9 OXFOxford Bible Atlas
291.4 OXFOxford book of prayer, The
297 OxfOxford history of Islam
J FIC VISVischer, PhilPa Grape's shapes
248.8 JOHJohnson, BarbaraPack up your gloomees in a great big box, then sit on the lid and laugh!
J E F JACJacob, Gale SypherPajama light
F MILMilne, Kevin AlanPaper bag Christmas The
226.5 CARCard, MichaelParable of joy, The: reflections on the wisdom of the Book of John
J E F HIGHiggs, Liz CurtisParable of the lily, The
241 SHOShort, Robert L.Parables of Peanuts, The
649 WALWaldrep, PhilParenting prodigals: six principles for bringing your son or daughter back to God
306.7 SWISwitzer, David K.Parents of the homosexual
328.1 UTTUtter, E. C.Parliamentary law at a glance
938 GREGreen, PeterParthenon, The
239 CAMCampolo, AnthonyPartly right
VID 232.9 PASPassion
VID 232.9 PASPassion of the Christ, The
232 PASPassion, The: Photography from the movie The passion of the Christ
248.8 BRABrazelton, KatiePathway to purpose for women: connecting your to-do list, your passions, and God's purposes for your life
J E 220 AUGAugustine, PegPaul says
225.9 WILWilson, A. N.Paul: the mind of the apostle
J FIC SWISwindoll, Charles R.Paw Paw Chuck's big ideas in the Bible
BIOG LEELee, Robert G.Payday everyday: the incomparable memoirs of a pulpit giant
796.352 STEStewart, TraceyPayne Stewart: the authorized biography
248 GRAGraham, BillyPeace with God
261 GRAGraham, BillyPeace with God
268.7 MARMarsh, F. E.Pearls, points, and parables
F KILKillinger, Anne KathrynPendleton Farm
E J 220 PEOPeople of the Bible
221.6 PEOPeople of the Covenant: an introduction to the Old Testament
242 PERPerfect peace and rest - featuring the artwork of Thomas Kinkade
VID 152.4 PERPersonality types and how to cope: understanding how people handle the pressures of contemporary living
J E F STESteig, WilliamPete's a pizza
J F BARBarrie, James M.Peter Pan
R 270 FERFerm, VergiliusPictorial history of Protestantism
F PERPeretti, Frank E.Piercing the darkness
J 252 JOHJohnson, S. LawrencePig's brother and other children's sermons, The
J F LEWLewis, BeverlyPiggy party
J F McPMcPhail, DavidPigs aplenty, pigs galore!
823 BUNBunyan, JohnPilgrim's progress, The
FIC GILGiles, Janice HoltPiney Ridge trilogy, The
F GLOGlover, RuthPlace called Bliss, A
362.73 BLABlackwell, Michael C.Place for Miracles, A: Baptist Children's Homes of North Carolina
242 DeMDeMoss, Nancy LeighPlace of quiet rest, A
269 HINHinson, William H.Place to dig in, A: doing evangelism in the local church
252 PHIPhillips, J. B.Plain Christianity
232.9 WEAWeatherhead, Leslie D.Plain man looks at the cross
813 LAMLamott, AnnePlan B: further thoughts on faith
242.8 CARCarr, JoPlum jelly and stained glass and other prayers
J E 242 ALEAlexander, MarthaPoems and prayers for the very young
811 CROCrowell, Grace NoelPoems of inspiration & courage
808.1 OHAO'Hara, J. D.Poetry
J FIC VANVan Allsburg, ChrisPolar express, The
232.9 PORPortrait of Christ
J 232 KINKing, MarianPortrait of Jesus
150 PEAPeale, Norman VincentPositive power of Jesus Christ, The
F LEWLewis, BeverlyPostcard, The
J E F HUBHubbell, PatriciaPots and pans
248.3 OMAOmartian, StormiePower of a praying parent, The
248.8 LEWLewis, Gregg A.Power of a promise kept, The: life stories
248.4 LAWLawrence, BrotherPractice of the presence of God, The: with spiritual maxims
291.1 PRAPracticing religion in the age of the media: explorations in media, religion, and culture
F TROTrobaugh, AugustaPraise Jerusalem
J 217 CANCannon, KathyPray and play: 101 creative prayer ideas for use with under-fives
242 PRAPray for our nation: Scriptural prayers to revive our country
217 BARBarth, KarlPrayer
242 WILWilkinson, BrucePrayer of Jabez, The
291.3 CAICaine, Kenneth WinstonPrayer, faith and healing: cure your body, heal your mind, and restore your soul
248.3 YANYancey, PhilipPrayer: does it make any difference?
248.3 FOSFoster, Richard J.Prayer: finding the heart's true home
217 STEStevenson, Robert LouisPrayers
E J 242 PRAPrayers for children
242 BARBarclay, WilliamPrayers for help and healing
242 BARBarclay, WilliamPrayers for young people
F HUNHunt, DiannPrayers, paws & providence
AUD 248.3 MOOMoore, BethPraying God's Word: breaking free from spiritual strongholds
248.3 MOOMoore, BethPraying God's Word: breaking free from spiritual strongholds
248.3 ROWRowlett, Martha GraybealPraying together: forming prayer ministries in your congregation
242.2 PETPeterson, Eugene H.Praying with the Psalms: a year of daily prayers and reflections on the words of David
248.3 MOYMoye, JerryPraying with the saints: Julian of Norwich, Francis of Assisi
202.07 PREPreacher joke book, The: religious anecdotes from the oral tradition
F LEWLewis, BeverlyPreacher's daughter, The
248 WEAWeatherhead, Leslie D.Prescription for anxiety
Fic BUNBunn, T. DavisPresence, The
920 BEABeard, Charles E.Presidents in American history
F WICWick, LoriPretense
248 MARMarney, CarlylePriests to each other
J F LEWLewis, C. S.Prince Caspian
J 220 PRIPrince of Egypt, The: collector's edition storybook
J F MARMarshall, CatherinePrincess club, The
F WICWick, LoriPrincess, The
264.1 WEAWeatherhead, Leslie D.Private house of prayer, A
F BLABlackstock, TerriPrivate justice
152 LEWLewis, C. S.Problem of pain, The: How human suffering raises almost intolerable intellectual problems
VID J 220 PROProdigal son, The
248.4 GRAGraham, Ruth BellProdigals and those who love them
286 PROProfile of First Baptist Church
920 KENKennedy, John FitzgeraldProfiles in courage
793 PROProgram ideas to give you a lift
F WICWick, LoriPromise me tomorrow
231.3 BARBarclay, WilliamPromise of the Spirit, The
BIOG DOODooley, AgnesPromises to keep
236 ALEAlexander, Eben, M. D.Proof of Heaven - a neurosurgion's journey into the afterlife
F PERPeretti, Frank E.Prophet
224 CHAChase, Mary EllenProphets for the common reader, The
224 POD 3165Podhoretz, NormanProphets, The - Who they were, what they are
223 BRABrandt, LesliePsalms now
223.6 LESLeslie, Elmer A.Psalms, The
221.9 HOUHouston, TomPublic and private morality: Reflections on King David for today's leaders
J E F HigHiggs, Liz CurtisPumpkin patch parable, The
CD 248.4 WARWarren, RickPurpose driven life, The
248.4 WARWarren, RickPurpose driven life, The: what on earth am I here for?
241 REDRedhead, John A.Putting your faith to work
261.5 POLPolkinghorne, JohnQuarks, chaos, & Christianity: questions to science and religion
286 EDGEdge, Findley B.Quest for vitality in religion, A
242 FreFree, BettyQuiet moments for caregivers: devotional and worship ideas for caregivers and care receivers
242 OGIOgilvie, Lloyd JohnQuiet moments with God
AUD F OKEOke, JanetteQuiet strength, A
J F BRUBrumbeau, JeffQuilt makers gift, The
646 QUIQuilt pink for hope
F CHIChiaverini, JenniferQuilter's apprentice, The
394.2 PAPPape, GordonQuizmas: Christmas trivia family fun
241 FLIFlint, Cort R. (Ed)Quotable Billy Graham, The
232.9 CHIChilton, BruceRabbi Jesus: an intimate biography
F KILKillinger, Anne KathrynRachel remembers
226.8 BALBall, MichaelRadical stories of Jesus, The - Interpreting the Parables today - Regent's study guides 8
J 570 GREGreenwood, ElinorRain forest
J 973 MIEMiers, Earl SchenckRainbow book of American history
J F PFIPfister, MarcusRainbow fish, The
J FIC SAISt. John, PatriciaRainbow garden
F BROBrown, SandraRainwater
248.8 GEOGeorge, ElizabethRaising a daughter after God's own heart
649 LITLittauer, FlorenceRaising Christians, not just children
307 OLIOliver, GaryRaising sons and loving it
J F KIDKidd, RonaldRaising the roof
242 KilKillinger, JohnRaising your spiritual awareness through 365 simple gifts from God
R 030 WEIWeideman, Hugh, compilerRapid fact finder, The
J 398.2 ZELZelinsky, Paul O.Rapunzel
268 ENGEnglebretson, RosannReach everyone you teach
231 YANYancey, PhilipReaching for the invisible God: what can we expect to find?
J 220.9 LINLindvall, Ella K.Read-aloud Bible stories, vol. 1
220 SMISmith, T. C.Reading the signs
239 CAMCampolo, AnthonyReasonable faith, A: responding to secularism
J FIC WIGWiggin, Kate DouglasRebecca of Sunnybrook Farm
Fic CARCard, Orson ScottRebekah: woman of Genesis
BIOG GRAGraham, FranklinRebel with a cause
F LEWLewis, BeverlyReckoning, The
362.29 MOOMooney, Al J.Recovery book, The
277.3 CAMCampolo, TonyRed letter Christians: A citizen's guide to faith & politics
394 BUTButchart, EdRed suit diaries, The: a real-life Santa on hopes, dreams, and childlike faith
F DIADiamant, AnitaRed tent, The
F RIVRivers, FrancineRedeeming love
F KINKingsbury, KarenRedemption
286 PACPace, John H., Sr.Reeds X Roads Baptist Church
286 REFReflections
223 LEWLewis, C. S.Reflections on the Psalms
BIOG NIEPatterson, Bob E.Reinhold Niebuhr
291.1 RELReligion and media
299 LAWLawson, E. ThomasReligions of Africa
280 GAUGaustad, Edwin S.Religious history of America, A
F ManMangum, ErynnRematch
F RANRaney, DeborahRemember to forget: a Clayburn novel
813 RICRice, Helen SteinerRemembering with love
F LaHLaHaye, TimRemnant, The: on the brink of Armageddon
R 921 RAMRemses II, the great pharaoh and his time
B EDWEdwards, ElizabethResilience
920 WHIWhite, William S.Responsibles, The
F PERPerry, MartaRestless Hearts
641.57 CHAChandler, E. T., M.D.Resurrection Kitchen - Living in light of the Resurrection - Eating to your belief
277 RITRitchie, George G.Return from tomorrow
248.4 NOUNouwen, Henri J.M.Return of the prodigal son, The
242 GORGordon, ArthurReturn to wonder
228 GONGonzalez, Catherine GunsalusRevelation
228 IROIronside, H. A.Revelation
228 BBarclay, WilliamRevelation of John, The - Vol. 1 - Revised edition
228 BARBarclay, WilliamRevelation of John, volume 1
226 BARBarclay, WilliamRevelation of John, volume 2
228 CAICaird, G. B.Revelation of St. John the Divine
F LEWLewis, BeverlyRevelation, The
AC 228 REVRevelation: study by Dr. Ray Howell
252 SCHSchweitzer, AlbertReverence for life
J FIC SCAScarry, RichardRichard Scarry's little counting book
131 BLABlackwell, Mrchael, Dr.Riches beyond measure: creating a life worth living
943.086 SHIShirer, William L.Rise and fall of the Third Reich, The
J E F RISRise and shine - Sing a story
F LAHLahaye, TimRising, The: Antichrist is born before they were left behind
242 JacJackson, DeniseRoad home, the: Footsteps of faith, hope, and love
158.1 PECPeck, M. Scott Peck, M.D.Road less traveled
158.1 PECPeck, M. Scott Peck, M.D.Road less traveled
158.1 PECPeck, M. Scott, M.D.Road less traveled and beyond, The
AUD 158.1 PECPeck, M. Scott, N.D.Road less traveled, The
F KENKent, CameronRoad to Devotion, the
280 FRIFries, Adelaide L.Road to Salem, The
242 JENJenkins, PeterRoad unseen, The
242 SCHSchuller, Robert H.Robert Schuller's life changers
328.1 ROBRobert, Henry M.Robert's rules of order
J F GILGilbert, HenryRobin Hood
J F DEFDefoe, DanielRobinson Crusoe
291.1 GOUGould, Stephen JayRocks of ages: science and religion in the fullness of life
Ref 423 ROGRoget's college thesaurus in dictionary form, The
291.3 JACJackson, Edgar N.Role of faith in the process of healing, The
937 HAMHamilton, EdithRoman way, The
227 BARBarton, Bruce B.Romans
227 ACHAchtemeier, Paul J.Romans, interpretation: a Bible commentary for teaching and preaching
252 BueBuechner, FrederickRoom called remember, A: uncollected pieces
J Biog RICCarver, Saxon RoweRopes to Burma: the story of Luther Rice
J E F DEGde Groat, DianeRoses are pink, your feet really stink
VID 614.7 ROTRotten truth, The
917.72 ELTEltringham, PeterRough guide to Belize, The
975.6 ROURough weather makes good timber
F CHIChiaverini, JenniferRound robin: An Elm Creek Quilts novel
J E FIC BRIBriers, EricaRunaway chick, The
J 221.95 PETPetersham, Maud & MiskaRuth
BIOG GRACornwell, PatriciaRuth, a portrait: the story of Ruth Bell Graham
291.3 MULMuller, WayneSabbath: restoring the sacred rhythm of rest
253 EASEasum, William M.Sacred cows make gourmet burgers - Ministry anytime anywhere by anyone
285.1 BueBuechner, FrederickSacred Journey, The; A memoir of early days
F WHIWhitlow, RobertSacrifice, The
Fic SNYSnyder, James E., Jr.Saga of Joe Monk: the greatest golfer of Olive Chapel, The
Biog FRAChesterton, G. K.Saint Francis of Assisi
286.06 HENHendricks, GarlandSaints and sinners at Jersey settlement
F FISFischer, JohnSaints' and angels' song, The
J FIC SCHSchulz, Charles M.Sally's Christmas play
J Biog JORJordan, DelorisSalt in his shoes: Michael Jordan in pursuit of a dream
240 WEAWeatherhead, Leslie D.Salute to a sufferer
J F ADLAdler, Susan S.Samantha learns a lesson: a school story
J E F SHESherman, Denise PrivetteSamantha Salisbury Worthington
Biog HALHall, RonSame kind of different as me
F RICRice, LuanneSandcastles
CD Fic HALHalter, MarekSarah
VID J 220 SAUSaul of Tarsus
J F GIPGipson, FredSavage Sam
242 ROGRogers, Dale EvansSay yes to tomorrow
248.8 CLEClemons, HardySaying goodbye to your grief
AUD 248.8 CLEClemmons, HardySaying hello to life after grief
232 GOMGomes, Peter J.Scandalous gospel of Jesus, The: What's so good about the good news?
248.8 BARBarnhill, Julie AnnScandalous grace
F RIVRivers, FrancineScarlet thread, The
F PICPickard, NancyScent of rain and lightning, The
BIOG SCHAnderson, EricaSchweitzer album, The
Pam 291 SCIScientology
244 LEWLewis, C. S.Screwtape letters, The
241 MARMarty, Martin E.Search for a usable future, The
277.3 MILMiller, DonaldSearching for God knows what
291.4 SEASearching for your soul
F OKEOke, JanetteSearching heart, A
811 LANLanier, H. GlenSeasons of life, The
158.1 CANCanfield, JackSecond chicken soup for the woman's soul, A
306.81 JOHJohnson, GregSecond decade of love, The
Fic THRThrasher, TravisSecond thief, The
J F BURBurnett, Frances HodgsonSecret garden, The
J E F WooWood, DouglasSecret of saying thanks, The
Secret's in the sauce, The
F SHEShepherd, Linda Evans ShepherdSecret's in the sauce, The
248 TOUTournier, PaulSecrets
242 WILWilkinson, BruceSecrets of the vine
VID J SELSelf-discipline, featuring the magic thread
248.4 HINHinson, E. GlennSerious call to a contemplative lifestyle, A
AUD 252 BRABraxton, Brad R.Serious preaching for serious times
226 NASSermon on the Mount, The: studies and sermons
J 252 HODHodges, Graham R.Sermons in stories for children
252 REDRedhead, John A.Sermons on Bible characters
252 WALWall, Ronald E.Sermons on prayer: outlines and messages
264 BUTButtrick, George ArthurSermons preached in a university church
270 HOWHowell, James C.Servants, misfits, and martyrs: saints and their stories
AUD 152.5 COVCovey, Stephen R.Seven habits of highly effective people, The
394 BUSBuscaglia, LeoSeven stories of Christmas love
128 STEStevenson, LeslieSeven theories of human nature: Christianity, Freud, Lorenz, Marx, Sartre, Skinner, Plato
Pam 291 SEVSeventh-day Adventism
J SC EGGEggleston, MargaretSeventy-five stories for the worship hour
VID 612.6 SEXSex, lies & the truth
F YOUYoung, Wm. PaulShack, The
942.055 HORHorizons MagazineShakespeare's England
286.09 TULTull, James E.Shapers of Baptist thought
248.8 BEABeausay, BillShaping the man inside teenage boys: surviving and enjoying these extraordinary years
307.87 WOLWolgemuth, RobertShe calls me daddy
F GIRGirzone, Joseph F.Shepherd, The
F KARKaron, JanShepherds abiding: a Mitford Christmas story
J Fic NAYNaylor, Phyllis ReynoldsShiloh
J 266.092 RIVRives, ElsieShoemakes, The: God's helpers
F LEWLewis, BeverlyShunning, The
F GULGulley, PhilipSigns and wonders: a Harmony novel
574.9 COUCousteau, Jaques Y.Silent world
J E F FoxFoxworthy, JeffSilly Street
F RICRice, LuanneSilver bells - A holiday tale
J F LEWLewis, C. S.Silver chair, The
363.12 RODRodgers, June ScobeeSilver linings: triumph of the Challenger 7
J F PETPetersham, MaudSilver mace
242 HUFHuffman, Margaret AnneSimple prayers & blessings
242 BOABoa, KennethSimple prayers for women
Fic BalBaldacci, DavidSimple truth, The
241 WRIWright, H. NormanSimplify your life and get more out of it!
F BOSBostwick, MarieSingle thread, A
F GUNGunn, Robin JonesSister Chicks down under!
Fic GUNGunn, Robin JonesSister chicks on the loose!
FIC GUNGunn, Robin JonesSisterchicks do the hula!
232.9 SPASpangler, AnnSitting at the feet of Rabbi Jesus: How the Jewishness of Jesus can transform your faith
808 GRAGraham, Ruth BellSitting by my laughing fire
220.4 WEGWegener, G. S.Six thousand years of the Bible
F GRIGrisham, JohnSkipping Christmas
J F MACMacLachlan, PatriciaSkylark
J E F LUCLucado, MaxSmall gifts in God's hands
133.8 HALHalberstam, YittaSmall miracles - extraordinary coincidences from everyday life
248.8 CHAChapman, AnnieSmart women keep it simple
VID J SMESmells like trouble
241.5 DAVDavidman, JoySmoke on the mountain: an interpretation of the Ten Commandments
J F BOOBoone, DebbySnow angel, The
J E F HARHarper, PiersSnow Bear's surprise: a soft-to-touch book
J E 394 MAYMayfield, Marilee JoySnowman's Song, The: A Christmas story
J E F BUEBuehner, CaralynSnowmen at night
J E F ImbImbody, AmySnug as a bug?
J 236 LIBLibby, LarrySomeday heaven
248 MARMarshall, CatherineSomething more
F PELPella, JudithSomewhere a song
F BUEBuechner, FrederickSon of laughter, The
F TRATraylor, Ellen GundersonSong of Abraham - The fascinating life story of the man both Arabs and Jews call "Father"
F LAHLaHaye, TimSoul harvest: the world takes sides
270 YANYancey, PhilipSoul survivor: how my faith survived the church
VID F SOUSound of music, The
220 WALWalton, Robert C.Source book of the Bible for teachers, A
248.4 CARCarter, JimmySources of strength
286.06 BARBarnes, William W.Southern Baptist Convention, The
F ADAAdams, Stacy HawkinsSpeak to my heart
297 ABDAbdullah, AslamSpeaking for ourselves: the American Muslim identity
394 VANVan Dyke, HenrySpirit of Christmas, The
FIC MEDMedlicott, JoanSpirit of Covington, The
Biog LINLindbergh, Charles AugustusSpirit of St. Louis
F CORCorbit, DanaSpirit of the season, The
248.4 LAHLaHaye, TimSpirit-controlled temperament
242 THAThatcher, Floyd W., comp.Splendor of Easter, The
J E F DEADeal, SarahSpotless ladybug, The
J F EVAEvans, Richard PaulSpyglass, The
649 STAStage coach: coaching tips for 10 tough life stages
J E 394 BOWBowman, CrystalStar for Jesus, A
520 REYRey, Hans AugustoStars: a new way to see them
301.4 STAStarting small: teaching tolerance in preschool and the early grades
248 PEAPeale, Norman VincentStay alive all your life
F FRAFraser, GailStealing Lumby
362.4 EAREareckson, JoniStep further, A
261.8 SMISmith, Roy L.Stewardship studies
240 BOLBolding, AmyStimulating devotions for church groups
J FIC SCIScieszka, JonStinky cheese man, The: and other fairly stupid tales
371.823 MORMortenson, GregStones into schools - Promoting peace with books, not bombs, in Afghanistan and Pakistan
J SC KELKelsey, Alice GreerStories for junior worship
822.3 CHUChute, MarchetteStories from Shakespeare
286 McIMcIver, BruceStories I couldn't tell while I was a pastor
226.8 CLAClaypool, John R.Stories Jesus still tells: the parables
245 CLAClark, W. ThorburgStories of fadeless hymns
J SC MCGMcGarvan, GranceStories of the book of books
236 GRAGraham, BillyStorm warning
J E F GLIGliori, DebiStormy weather
973 REAReader's Digest AssociationStory of America, The
J 222 RAYRay, JaneStory of creation, The: words from Genesis
232.9 KOMKomrof, ManuelStory of Jesus
VID J 220Story of Jesus for children, The
232.9 STOStory of Jesus, The
J E 232 PINPingry, Patricia A.Story of Jesus, The
J 222 DAVDavidson, Alice JoyceStory of Jonah, The
901 NATNational Geographic SocietyStory of man: age of chivalry
Biog MICStone, IrvingStory of Michelangelo's Pieta
E J 220 CAMCampbell-Todd, DeborayStory of Moses
VID BIOG MOSStory of Moses, The
J E 222 STOStory of Moses, The
VID J 220 STOStory of Moses, The
Biog KELKeller, HelenStory of my life, The
598.43 SCHSchweitzer, AlbertStory of my pelican, The
VID J BEGBeginner's BibleStory of the Nativity, The
J FIC VANVan Dyke, HenryStory of the other wise man, The
270 STEStevenson, WilliamStory of the Reformation
290 HATHattstein, MarkusStory of world religions, The: Hinduism, Buddhism, religions of China and Japan, Judaism, Christianity, Islam
VID J STOStoryteller cafe: the gift
301.42 DOBDobson, James C.Straight talk to men and their wives
F CopCopeland, LoriStranded in Paradise: A story of letting go
261.2 KIMKimball, CharlesStriving together
248.45 SWISwindoll, ChuckStrong family, The
248.45 SWISwindoll, ChuckStrong family, The: growing wise in family life
649.1 DOBDobson, JamesStrong-willed child, The
J FIC WHIWhite, E. B.Stuart Little
REF 220.03 DOCDockrey, KarenStudent Bible dictionary, The: A complete learning system to help you understand words, people, places, and events of the Bible
259 McLMcLuen, Dennis "Tiger"Student leadership training manual for youth workers, The: everything you need to disciple your kids in leadership skills
222.13 ACKAckland, Donald F.Studies in Deuteronomy
227 HOBHobbs, Herschel H.Studies in Hebrews
227 HERHerring, Ralph A.Studies in Philippinas
266.02 VANVan Cise, MarthaSuccessful mission teams: a guide for volunteers
J F LUPLupica, MikeSummer ball
F CHAChapman, GarySummer breeze
F PETPeterson, TracieSummer of the midnight sun
J F LEPLeppard, Shannon MasonSummer surprise
277.3 SUNSunday in America: 75 photographers celebrate faith and family
808.1 RICRice, Helen SteinerSunshine of joy
J E F JohJohnson, BarbaraSuper-scrumptious jelly donuts sprinkled with hugs: a book about hugs
AUD 226 MACMacarthur, John, Jr.Supernatural Living: Romans 12: 9-21
J F NOLNoll, SallySurprise!
BIOG LEWLewis, C. S.Surprised by joy - the shape of my early life
362.1 FORFore, Robert C.Survivor's guide to breast cancer: a couple's story
J E F SWESweet dreams, my little one: a treasury of stories for bedtime
J F RICRice, EveSwim!
Biog FOSLutz, LorrySword and scalpel: a surgeon's story of faith and courage
J F MORMorris, GilbertSword of Camelot, The
F MORMorris, GilbertSword of truth, The
R 225 ROBRobertson, A. T.Syllabus for New Testament study
230 TILTillich, PaulSystematic theology, volume 1
230 TILTillich, PaulSystematic theology, volume 2
J 975.6 CRACrane, CarolT is for Tar Heel: A North Carolina alphabet
VID 796.4 BlaBlanks, BillyTAE- BO Advanced: The ultimate total body workout for men & women
VID 796.4 BLABlanks, BillyTAE-BO Basic: The ultimate total body workout for men & women
VID 796.4 BLABlanks, BillyTAE-BO Instructional: The ulitmate total body workout for men & women
340 SnySnyder, James E., Jr.Take counsel: a lawyer discusses life and law
VID J 234 TAKTake me out of the ball game: a lesson in faith
253 TAYTaylor-Troutman, AndrewTake my hand - A theological memoir
286 JAMJames, Rob, ed.Takeover in the Southern Baptist Convention, The: a brief history
J F HUNHunt, AngelaTale of three trees, The
822.3 LAMLamb, CharlesTales from Shakespeare
J 220 PiePierce, DavidTales from the ark
953 RASTalibanTaliban
248 LYNLynn, David and KathyTalksheets: 4th--6th grade
J SC UNTUntermeyer, BrynaTall tales
F PetPeterson, TracieTapestry of hope, A
082 HUDHudson, R. LoftonTaproots for tall souls
248 MILMiller, KeithTaste of new wine, The
Biog MACKeller, HelenTeacher: Anne Sullivan Macy
294.3 TEATeaching of Buddha, The
240 EVAEvans, Colleen TownsendTeaching your child to pray
F SMISmith, Alexander McCallTears of the giraffe
J FIC SCHSchwartz, AmyTeeny tiny baby, A
BIOG DECTeilhard DeChardin album, The
F SAISt. Johns, Adela RogersTell no man
285 BueBuechner, FrederickTelling secrets: a memoir
251 BUEBuechner, FrederickTelling the truth: the gospel as tragedy, comedy, and fairy tale
F BAEBaer, JudyTempest in a teapot
J E F McGMcGinty, Alice B.Ten little lambs
248.8 GUFGuffey, Angela ThomasTender mercy for a mother's soul
F WINWingate, LisaTending roses
268 FULFulbright, Pat H.Termites on the ark: creative ideas for teaching children
F HERHerman, KathyTested by fire
Kit 266 ThaThailand mission trip
J E F BEABea, HollyThank you, God
J F POLPolacco, PatriciaThank you, Mr. Falker
362.1 WALWalker, Laura JensenThanks for the mammogram: fighting cancer with faith, hope, and a healthy dose of laughter
J E 394 HALHallinan, P. K.Thanksgiving at our house
J E 394 MYRMyra, HaroldThanksgiving: what makes it special?
E J RELRelf, PatriciaThat new baby!
R 220.5 SEVSeverance, W. MurrayThat's easy for you to say
245 MORMorgan, Robert J.Then sings my soul: 150 of the world's greatest hymn stories
261.8 FULFuller, MillardTheology of the hammer, The
241 MARMartin, MalachiThere is still love: five parables of God's love that will change your life
248 TYLTyler, KelseyThere's an angel on your shoulder: angel encounters in everyday life
AUD F KARKaron, JanThese high, green hills
F KARKaron, JanThese high, green hills
248 MARMarney, CarlyleThese things remain
F OKEOke, JanetteThey called her Mrs. Doc
F HINHinton, LynneThings I know best, The
J SC EGGEggleston, Margaret W.Thirty stories I like to tell
242 LEILeitch, Addison H.This cup: communion meditations
F PERPeretti, Frank E.This present darkness
F MORMorgan, RobertThis rock
155 HUFHuffman, Margaret AnneThis too shall pass - Keeping faith during tough times
J Biog EDIGuthridge, SueThomas A. Edison young inventor
Biog JEFMartin, Edwin ThomasThomas Jefferson, scientist
271 CUNCunningham, Lawrence S.Thomas Merton and the monastic vision
F JENJenkins, Jerry B.Though none go with me
Biog KENSchlesinger, Arthur M.Thousand days, A
VID J THRThreads
371 MORMortenson, GregThree cups of tea
226.3 PRIPrice, ReynoldsThree Gospels
J E F BREBrett, JanThree snow bears, The
364.12 MOOMoose, Charles A.Three weeks in October: the manhunt for the serial sniper
B SPASparks, NicholasThree weeks with my brother
920 ELLElliott, ElisabethThrough gates of splendor
F NOBNoble, DianeThrough the fire
158 GRAGraham, BillyTill Armageddon: a perspective on suffering
J E F LODLodge, JoTime for bed (with action pop-ups!)
808.81 NORNorth Carolina Poetry SocietyTime for poetry, A
269.2 CORCornwell, Patricia DanielsTime for remembering, A: the Ruth Bell Graham story
J FIC VISVischer, PhilTime for Tom
J E F LODLodge, JoTime to help (with action pop-ups!)
VID J TIMTime to pray
242 COUCountryman, JackTime with God for fathers
813 HASHastings, Robert J.Tinyburg revisited: a sequel to Tinytburg tales
J F PENPenberthy, JohnTo bee or not to bee
VID 266 TOTo every heart: a global missions music video from CBF
J F PETPeterson, Edward C.To find Jesus
Biog MARMarshall, CatherineTo live again
225.9 MOOMoore, BethTo live is Christ: embracing the passion of Paul
Biog JUDAnderson, CourtneyTo the golden shore
J E F HALHallinan, P. K.Today is your birthday!
J F RODRoddie, ShenToes are to tickle
FIC PHIPhillips, MichaelTogether is all we need
321.8 ROORoosevelt, EleanorTomorrow is now
242.8 CARCarr, JoToo busy not to pray
F OKEOke, JanetteToo long a stranger
242 GORGordon, ArthurTouch of wonder, A
F DAVSeay, DavinTouched by an angel: it came upon a midnight clear
F PELPella, JudithToward the sunrise
VID J F TOYToy that saved Christmas, The
248.8 CLAClaypool, John R.Tracks of a fellow struggler: living and growing through grief
636 BUTButler, SandyTrain your dog in one hour
J 625.1 ROCRockwell, AnneTrains
813 LAMLamott, AnneTraveling mercies: some thoughts on faith
J F ABNAbnett, DanTreasure hunt in the lost city: a puzzle and role-playing adventure
910 REAReader's Digest AssociationTreasures of America and where to find them
J FIC SAISt. John, Patricia M.Treasures of the snow
975.6 GARGarrison, WebbTreasury of Carolina tales, A
242 KINKingsbury, KarenTreasury of Christmas miracles, A: True stories of God's presence today
818 BONBonham, Tal D.Treasury of clean senior adult jokes, The
REF 264 TRETreasury of great preaching, A, vol. 2: Luther to Massillon, 1483-1742
REF 264 TRETreasury of great preaching, A, vol. 10: Luccock to Niebuhr, 1885-1984
REF 264 TRETreasury of great preaching, A, vol. 11: Maier to Sangster, 1893-1993
REF 264 TRETreasury of great preaching, A, vol. 12: Marshall to King 1902-
REF 264 TRETreasury of great preaching, A, vol. 13: Indexes
REF 264 TRETreasury of great preaching, A, vol. 1: Biblical sermons to Savonarola - A.D. 27 - 1498
REF 264 TRETreasury of great preaching, A, vol. 3: Wesley to Finney, 1703-1875
REF 264 TRETreasury of great preaching, A, vol. 4: Newman to Robertson - 1801-1901
REF 264 TRETreasury of great preaching, A, vol. 5: Maclaren to Talmage, 1826 - 1912
REF 264 TRETreasury of great preaching, A, vol. 6: Spurgeon to Meyer, 1834-1929
REF 264 TRETreasury of great preaching, A, vol. 7: Watson [Maclaren] to Rufus Jones, 18950-1950
REF 264 TRETreasury of great preaching, A, vol. 8: Morgan to Coffin, 1863-1959
REF 264 TRETreasury of great preaching, A, vol. 9: Fosdick to E. Stanley Jones, 1878-1973
808.8 WOOWood, Ralph L., editorTreasury of inspiration
AUD 082 TRETreasury of miracles for teens, A: True stories of God's presence today
818 MYEMyers, James E.Treasury of religious humor, A
737.4 REIReinfeld, FredTreasury of world coins
J E F KARKaron, JanTrellis and the seed, The
F WHIWhitlow, RobertTrial, The
Fic LAHLaHaye, TimTribulation force: the continuing drama of those left behind
J F OOke, JanetteTrouble in a fur coat
CD Fic SPASparks, NicholasTrue believer
F ASTAston, ElizabethTrue Darcy spirit, The
J E F COLCole, BabetteTrue love
248.4 BRIBridges, JerryTrusting God even when life hurts
248.4 ELLElliot, ElisabethTrusting God in a twisted world
241.5 HAUHauerwas, Stanley M.Truth about God, The: the Ten Commandments in Christian life
153.8 SnySnyder, James E., Jr.Truth, The - The Power of decision
378.1 ALBAlbom, MitchTuesdays with Morrie
J F HIGHightower, SusanTwelve snails to one lizard
223.6 ALLAllen, Charles L.Twenty-third Psalm, The
J 223 DAVDavidson, Alice JoyceTwenty-third psalm, The
F THOThoene, BodieTwilight of courage, The
VID J 234 TWITwister and shout: a lesson in faith
J 266.092 SUMSummers, JesterTwo Nichols, The: spent for missions
J E Fic ANDAndersen, Hans ChristianUgly duckling, The
808.8 MACMacHale, DesUltimate wit: A treasury of even more of the cleverest things ever said on any subject
F RivRivers, FrancineUnafraid
F RIVRivers, FrancineUnashamed: Rahab
940.54 HILHillenbrand, LauraUnbroken - A World War II story of survival, resilience, and redemption
574.92 DUGDugam, JamesUnder sea explorer
296 BORBorowitz, Eugene B.Understanding Judaism
F HEIHeitzmann, KristenUnforgotten
322.4 ESPEsposito John L.Unholy war: terror in the name of Islam
277.58 SMISmith, AshleyUnlikely angel: the untold story of the Atlanta hostage hero
242 UNLUnlimited power of prayer, The
F RIVRivers, FrancineUnspoken: Bathsheba
J F FURFurlong, NicolaUnsuitable suitor, The
F RIVRivers, FrancineUnveiled: Tamar
BIOG MACMacon, Seth C.Uphill both ways - Overcoming difficulties...with lots of help
J E F JohJohnson, BarbaraUpside-down frown and splashes of joy, The
332.024 BURBurkett, LarryUsing your money wisely
973 NATNational Geographic SocietyVacationland U. S. A.
J Biog PASJohnson, Spencer, M.D.Value of believing in yourself, The
F WRIWright, Vinita HamptonVelma still cooks in Leeway
261 BELBell, RobVelvet Elvis: Repainting the Christian faith
J E F WILWilliams, MargeryVelveteen Rabbit, The
J 166.092 BARBarrett, MarshaVena Aguillard: woman of faith
720.945 NEWNewsweek Book DivisionVenice
J E 220 MAIMaier, Pail L.Very first Christmas, The
J E 220 MAIMaier, Paul L.Very first Easter, The
221.9 MARMarcus, Amy DockserView from Nebo, The: how archaeology is rewriting the Bible and reshaping the Middle East
VID BIOG BONView from the underside, A: the legacy of Dietrich Bonhoeffer
J 266.092 MASMassey, BarbaraVirginia Wingo: teacher and friend
248.843 COUCourtney, VickiVirtuous woman, The: shattering the superwoman myth
228 LOTLotz, Anne GrahamVision of His glory, The: finding hope through the revelation of Jesus Christ
F CANCantrell, RoyVisitors around the manger - First person stories of Mary, Joseph, Herod, the innkeeper, shepherds, magi, the owner of the stable
F HERHerman, KathyVital signs
240 OUTOutlaw, Nell WarrenVoiceless lips
242 VOIVoices of the faithful: inspiring stories of courage from Christians serving around the world
J 551.2 MAGMagloff, LisaVolcano
F RANRaney, DeborahVow to cherish, A
J F LEWLewis, C. S.Voyage of the dawn treader, The
J FIC WELWells, RosemaryWaiting for the evening star
F PRIPrice, EugeniaWaiting time, The
248.4 ELDEldredge, JohnWaking the dead: the glory of a heart fully alive
J FIC WILWilhem, HansWaldo, tell me about dying
J FIC WILWilhelm, HansWaldo, tell me about me
917.3 JENJenkins, PeterWalk across America, A
917.3 JENJenkins, PeterWalk west, The: a walk across America 2
232 WHYWhyte, AlexanderWalk, character and conversation of our Lord, The
F EVAEvans, Richard PaulWalk, The
F EDGEdgerton, ClydeWalking Across Egypt
811 StuStump, PhyllisWalking the Gunnysack Trail: A mountain journey in poetry
227.34 TOLTolbert, MalcolmWalking with the Lord
322.4 JEFJeffrey, Grant R.War on terror: unfolding Bible prophecy
248.8 GIBGibbs, DonnaWater from the rock: finding God's comfort in the midst of infertility
241 FANFann, JoeyWay back to Mayberry, The: lessons from a simpler time
Pam 291 WAYWay international, The
230.6 HUMHumphreys, FisherWay we were, The: how Southern Baptist theology has changed and what it means to us all
220.9 HAMHamilton, AdamWay, The: Walking in the footsteps of Jesus
808.88 MARMartin, L. A.Wayside reflections
J SC MCGMcGavran, GraceWe gather together
F HUNHunt, DiannWe have this moment
J E F WEWe wish you a merry Christmas
R 423 WEBWebster's new international dictionary, unabridged
F EICEicher, Jerry S.Wedding quilt for Ella, A
F WORWorth, LenoraWedding quilt, The
F SPASparks, NicholasWedding, The
AC J 220 WEEWee Sing Musical Bible: a collection of Bible stories and songs
F BROBrouwer, SigmundWeeping chamber, The
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F FLAFlagg, FannieWelcome to the world, baby girl!
R 220.91 WRIWright, George Ernest, editorWestminster historical atlas of the Bible
J 639 STOStoops, ErikWhales: animal questions and answers
J E 236 BOSBostrom, Kathleen LongWhat about heaven?
230.6 HOBHobbs, Herschel H.What Baptists believe
J 551 FORFord, MielaWhat color was the sky today?
261.8 HallHall, RonWhat difference do it make? Stories of hope and healing
155.9 GERGerali, StevenWhat do I do when teenagers are depressed and contemplate suicide?
J E 242 CARCarlstrom, Nancy WhiteWhat does the sky say?
286.132 COTCothen, Grady C.What happened to the Southern Baptist Convention?: a memoir of the controversy
J 236 NYSNystrom, CarolynWhat happens when we die?
J E F LUDLudington, ColleenWhat I like about you
J 598 SNESnedden, RobertWhat is a bird?
J 220 NYSNystrom, CarolynWhat is a Christian?
J 597 SNESnedden, RobertWhat is a fish?
J E 211 BOSBostrom, Kathleen LongWhat is God like?
J F LEWLewis, BeverlyWhat is Heaven like?
J 220 NYSNystrom, CarolynWhat is prayer?
J 220 NYSNystrom, CarolynWhat is the Bible?
296 BERBernstein, Philip S.What the Jews believe
301.42 DOBDobson, JamesWhat wives wish their husbands knew about women
J FIC THOThomas, MackWhat would Jesus do?
F SHESheldon, Garret Ward, 1954 - What would Jesus do?: a contemporary re-telling of Charles M. Sheldon's classic In His steps
241 COLColbert, Don, M.D.What would Jesus eat?
641.57 KIRKirk, JaneWhat's cooking
392 DicDickson, PaulWhat's in a name?: reflections of an irrepressible name collector
234 YANYancey, PhilipWhat's so amazing about grace?
J E F THOThomas, Joyce CarolWhat's the hurry, Fox? and other animal stories
170 MENMenninger, Karl, M.D.Whatever became of sin?
F WICWick, LoriWhatever tomorrow brings
242 VALValentine, FoyWhatsoever things are lovely
917.56 MATMatthews, MaryWheels of faith and courage: a history of Thomasville, North Carolina
248.8 HIPHipps, Richard S., ed.When a child dies: stories of survival and hope
296.7 KUSKushner, HaroldWhen all you've ever wanted isn't enough: the search for a life that matters
296.3 ARTArthur, KayWhen bad things happen
296.3 KUSKushner, Harold S.When bad things happen to good people
F OKEOke, JanetteWhen breaks the dawn
F OKEOke, JanetteWhen calls the heart
F OKEOke, JanetteWhen comes the spring
231.8 DOBDobson, JamesWhen God doesn't make sense
232 PHIPhillips, J. B.When God was man
231.7 TADTada, Joni EarecksonWhen God weeps: why our sufferings matter to the Almighty
248.4 LUCLucado, MaxWhen God whispers your name
261.8 CORCorbett, SteveWhen helping hurts - How to alleviate poverty without hurting the poor...and yourself
F OKEOke, JanetteWhen hope springs new
259 VeeVeerman, DaveWhen kids ask sticky questions
259 BorBorthwick, PaulWhen kids don't know the basics
291.2 KIMKimball, CharlesWhen religion becomes evil
J F CURCurtis, MunzeeWhen the big dog barks
F OKEOke, JanetteWhen tomorrow comes
J F MILMilne, A. A.When we were very young
248.3 EVAShepherd, Linda EvansWhen you don't know what to pray - How to talk to God about anything
242 ALLAllen, Charles L.When you lose a loved one
J E F HAZHazen, Barbara ShookWhere do bears sleep?
VID 915 WHEWhere Jesus walked: a video journey through Bethlehem, Nazareth, Jericho, Capernaum & Jerusalem
291.2 ANDAnderson, Joan WesterWhere miracles happen: true stories of heavenly encounters
VID J WHEWhere rubber meets the road
J 811 SILSilverstein, ShelWhere the sidewalk ends
F SAWSawyer, Kim VogelWhere willows grow
VID J WHEWhere's God when I'm s-scared?
J E F TILTillman, NancyWherever you are my love will find you
917.53 WHIWhite House, The
242.8 HOLHolmes, MarjorieWho am I, God?
267 ABRAbraham, KenWho are the Promise Keepers?: understanding the Christian men's movement
J 220 NYSNystrom, CarolynWho is God?
J 220 NYSNystrom, CarolynWho is Jesus?
296.7 KUSKushner, HaroldWho needs God
J E F FEAFearrington, AnnWho sees the lighthouse?
KIT 241 CAMCampolo, TonyWho switched the price tags?
F COXCox, CarolWho's that girl?
813 PRIPrice, ReynoldsWhole new life, A
248.8 CARCartledge, TonyWhole new world, A
J 811 PATPatterson, Elizabeth BurmanWhose eyes are these?
J F HazHazen, Barbara ShookWhy are people different?: A book about prejudice
286 WHYWhy I am a Baptist: reflections on being Baptist in the 21st century
BIOG CARCarter, JimmyWhy not the best?
J F ALDAlden, Raymond MacDonaldWhy the chimes rang
248.8 LOTLotz, Anne GrahamWhy?: trusting God when you don't understand
790.19 ROERoehlkepartain, Jolene L.Wiggle tamers
590 NATNational Geographic SocietyWild animals of North America
581 JUSJustice, William S.Wild flowers of North Carolina
F PHIPhillips, MichaelWild grows the heather in Devon
919.8 WILWild ice: Antarctic journeys
F GUNGunn, Robin JonesWildflowers
J E F COHCohen, MiriamWill I have a friend?
217 WEAWeatherhead, Leslie D.Will of God, The
AC 269 DAVDavis, KenWimpy prophet, a butane bush, & no excuses, A
J F GRAGrahame, KennethWind in the willows, The
252 PEAPearce, J. WinstonWindow sill of heaven
226.8 WieWiersbe, Warren W.Windows on the parables
F MORMorris, GilbertWinds of God, The
808.8 WINWings of silver
F BUNBunn, T. DavisWinner take all
F BALBaldacci, DavidWinner, The
248.8 FISCFischer, KathleenWinter grace - Spirituality and aging
394.261 MATMatthews, JohnWinter solstice, The: The sacret traditions of Christmas
J F LITLittleton, MarkWinter thunder
242 DICDick, DanWisdom from the proverbs: 365 days of wisdom and encouragement
Fic ARTArthur, RandallWisdom hunter
266.007 WITWith a servant heart: perspectives on women in leadership
234 NouNouwen, Henri J. M.With burning hearts: a meditation on the eucharistic life
F GLOGlover, RuthWith love from Bliss
J E F HARHartman, BobWolf who cried boy, The
248.8 GEOGeorge, ElizabethWoman after God's own heart, A
220.9 STOStowe, Harriet BeecherWoman in sacred history: a celebration of women in the Bible
F MORMorgan, KathleenWoman of grace
248.8 FARFarrel, PamWoman of influence: ten traits of those who want to make a difference
266 WOMWomen in Southern Baptist history
220.92 MORMorton, H. V.Women of the Bible
220.9 SPASpangler, AnnWomen of the Bible
220 JENJensen, Mary E.Women of the Bible tell their stories
220.92 SPUSpurgeon, Charles H.Women of the Old Testament
253.5 HUBHubbard, M. Gay, Ph.D.Women the misunderstood majority: contemporary concerns in counseling women
J F CAMCampbell, JoannaWonder's yearling
901 NEWNewsweekWonders of man: Colosseum
901 NEWNewsweekWonders of man: Dome of the Rock
901 NEWNewsweekWonders of man: El Escorial
901 NEWNewsweekWonders of man: Hagia Sophia
901 NEWNewsweekWonders of man: Notre Dame
901 NEWNewsweekWonders of man: pyramids and Sphinx
901 NEWNewsweekWonders of man: Statue of Liberty
901 NEWNewsweekWonders of man: the Forbidden City
901 NEWNewsweekWonders of man: the Kremlin
901 NEWNewsweekWonders of man: the Taj Mahal
901 NEWNewsweekWonders of man: the White House
901 NEWNewsweekWonders of man: Tower of London
901 NEWNewsweek BooksWonders of man: Versailles
J 574 BERBerrill, JacquelynWonders of the fields and ponds at night
BIOG WILBrooks, Eugene C.Woodrow Wilson as president
242.2 JONJones, E. StanleyWord became flesh, The
423.12 SNYSnyder, James E., Jr.Word for word
220 LACLacey, RobWord on the street, The
102 FULFulghum, RobertWords I wish I wrote
684 WORWorking with wood
248 GRAGraham, BillyWorld aflame
CD 973.93 FRIFriedman, Thomas L.World is flat, The: a brief history of the twenty-first century
759 TIMTime-Life Library of ArtWorld of Durer
808.88 WOOWoods, Ralph, editorWorld treasury of religious quotations, The
Ref 290 WORWorld's great religions
232.931 MAUMaus, Cynthia PearlWorld's greatest madonnas, The
152.4 HALHallowell, Edward M., M.D.Worry
152.4 MINMinirth, Frank, M.D.Worry-free living
248.3 HAYHayford, Jack W.Worship his majesty
R 783 WORWorshiping Church, a hymnal, The: Worship leaders' edition
242 BRIBrillhart, Florence C.Worshiping with women of the Bible
248.8 DRADravecky, DaveWorth of a man, The
J E 975.6 CRACrane, CarolWright numbers: A North Carolina number book
J F SPISpinelli, JerryWringer
152.5 KLAKlauser, Henriette AnneWrite it down, make it happen: knowing what you want and getting it
808 DeSDeSalvo, Louise, Ph.D.Writing as a way of healing: how telling our stories transforms our lives
227 MEEMeeks, Wayne A., ed.Writings of St. Paul, The
F PELPella, JudithWritten on the wind
F JACJackson, NetaYada yada prayer group gets caught, The
DVD J LUCLucado, MaxYou are mine
J E F LUCLucado, MaxYou are special
817 BLEBledsoe, JerryYou can't live on radishes: some funny things happened on the way back to the land
J 811 FROFrost, RobertYou come too
AUD 225 YOUYou've got the time: a journey of Biblical faithfulness
J 246 DAVDaves, MichaelYoung readers book of Christian symbolism
J 248.8 GEOGeorge, ElizabethYoung woman after God's own heart, A: A teen's guide to friends, faith, family, and the future
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231 PHIPhillips, J. B.Your God is too small
248.4 JohJohnson, ReginaldYour personality and the spiritual life
220 DocKockrey, KarenYouth worker's guide to creative Bible study, The
J E F MUTMuth, Jon J.Zen shorts
F HALHalter, MarekZipporah, wife of Moses