FBC listens!

The FBC webteam is listening to your comments and feedback on our website. And, we are responding.

To-date we have:

1- Provided a “refrigerator format” of our monthly newsletter. Go to the Newsletter page to view the 2 formats. No worries, the original format is still available.

2- In reviewing our website metrics, it is apparent users come to the site looking for current schedule information on the Main or Home page. To improve this experience for the user, we have deleted the original static and generic schedule information on our “Schedule” page and have started to post our current weekly Schedule on the stated page.

3- You have asked for more pictures of FBC in action. We are getting the word out to all that have some type of camera to take pictures of your groups activities. When we get those pictures, we post them to our Visual FBC page. Additionally, we take some of our own and post them to the same page. Keep an eye on this page as the Holiday season promises to provide plenty of Visual opportunities.

Thanks for using our website and keep the feedback coming as we aim to make www.fbclex.org another service ministry to our congregants and our local community.  Please continue to use our Contact Us page!



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