Sunday School

Sunday school classes for all ages meet Sunday mornings starting at either 9:45 or 10. The preschool classes meet on the ground floor; the children’s classes meet on the second floor; the youth classes meet on the third floor; and the adult classes meet on various floors.

Preschool Room
Bed Babies G19
Toddlers and 2-year-Olds G26B
3- and 4-Year-Olds G22
Kindergarten & Grade 1 230
Grades 2&3 229
Grade 4&5 228
Middle school 304
High school 302
Crusaders (Men) B1
Dorcas-Fidelis/Ruth (Women) 106
Faithful Workers (Women) 218
Family Matters (Co-Ed) 202
Fellowship/Philpott (Men) 206
Good News (Women) 104
Lightbearers (Co-Ed) 204
The Open Door (Co-Ed) 203
Randy Hall (Co-Ed) 105
Rochella Baker (Women) 222
Team (Co-Ed) 201