Movie Matinee

Saturday, November 23, 2:30 – 4:30 p.m.  Fellowship Hall

When Leigh Anne Tuohy (played by Sandra Bullock) learns that a local student is homeless, she takes him under her wing and transforms his life. Helping him to catch up academically, she makes it possible for him to join the high school football team and inspires him to excel.

The Blind Side tells the true story of Michael Oher, who became an All-American football player and a first-round NFL draft pick. Run time 126 minutes; rated PG-13.

Come and bring a friend.  This is a very heart warming success story of service in the community and the impact the service has upon a single person.  No knowledge of football is necessary!


Family Movie Night

Because of Winn-Dixie

Saturday, October 12 7:00 p. m. – Fellowship Hall

New kid in town Opal Buloni has trouble making friends. When a stray dog wanders into the local grocery store and starts wrecking the place, Opal clams him and name him Winn-Dixie. To her surprise, everywhere Winn-Dixie goes, he makes friends – and so does she. As their circle of friends grows, they develop a sense of community and love. Then, frightened by a thunderstorm Winn-Dixie runs away. Can they ever find him?

Come and see! This movie will warm your heart and tickle your funny bone.

Rated PG; run time 106 minutes.