This Sunday, July 15th, 2018

Dear FBC Friends,

Our Belize Mission Team (33 strong) will be leading in worship this Sunday at the Belmopan Baptist Church.  Meagan and I both will be with our youth for this life-changing mission experience.

You will be in for a treat the next two Sundays.  This Sunday, July 15, Tommy Wilson returns to the FBC pulpit.  Tommy’s sermon is “Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil.”  The Scripture passages are Amos 5: 12-24 and Romans 12: 9-21.  The choir will sing the powerful anthem, “Eternal Life.”

Dr. Bill Blackerby will provide the pre-service music!   Jen Fuller-Allen will lead the Children’s Time this Sunday and next.  It should be an outstanding Sunday and I hope you will be in attendance to welcome Tommy and Sandra back to FBC.

Ray Nance Howell IV will preach on July 22.  His sermon is based on Mark 2: 1-12, the exciting story of the four friends who stopped at nothing to bring their friend to Jesus.  This Bible story is also our focus in Bible School on Wednesday in Belize.  Ray Nance will be talking about bringing others into the presence of Christ.  He says, “The paralytic story invites us in by Jesus’ response to them tearing the roof off.  “When he had seen THEIR faith…”  We are called into the story.  We are the “they.”

The choir will sing a classic, “Bless the Lord” by Beethoven in an   arrangement by Hal Hopson.  Billie Warren and Peggy Barnhardt will be providing the pre-service music.

We will return from Belize on July 23.  I know you will have the mission team in your daily prayers.

If you cannot attend Sunday’s services in person, you can always tune in to WLXN (1440 AM or 99.9 FM)   We are happy to report that online streaming is available once again on the Magic 99 website.

I look forward to seeing everyone when we return from our Belize Mission.

Grace and Peace,



P.S. FBC’s Collection for the Children

School supplies for children in the City of Lexington and Davidson County that are living in poverty. You may shop for needed items or make a financial contribution.

Three-ring binders with individual subject dividers

Ruled composition books

Wide-college ruled notebook paper

No. 2 pencils

Glue sticks

Crayons, 24-count

Washable markers

Colored pencils

Flat pencil pouches

Collection boxes are located by the Fellowship Hall and upstairs by the office.

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