The Pumpkins are Coming!

We will have pumpkins from the Great Pumpkin Patch this Wednesday night and next
Sunday morning.

All children are invited to take a pumpkin.

Belize Mission Team Returns Wednesday, August 12, 2015

This week twenty nine youth and adults have been leading a Vacation Bible School
along with the youth and adults of the Belmopan Baptist Church. Today our youth are
assisting in the worship service at The church. Following a few days of adventure and
relaxing they will return late Wednesday. Continue to pray for an enriching experience
and safe travels. We look forward to next Sunday and hearing more about the trip.

Winston-Salem Dash Baseball

We have reservations Friday, August 28, 2015 for WS Dash Baseball.   First Baptist will be  recognized on the big screen during the game. Tickets are only $11.00 and includes hat and all food. Fireworks will follow the game. This is a fun-filled, enjoyable outing. Please  contact the church office to make your reservations.

Sign up by Friday, August 14 by calling the church office.

Belize Field Journal 2015

Day 9:  We had a great day yesterday.    Grilled 75 hamburgers and had delicious watermelon.   The Youth from Belmopan had a wonderful time.  Waiting for power to go off.  Our youth are ready for worship this morning.

Day 8:  We have had a fantastic week in Belize.  I can’t say enough good things about our youth.   They have been phenomenal!   Bible School was a big success.   The youth have some powerful experiences to share.   Grayson went to the children’s home yesterday to take the sports equipment. It was an experience he will never forget.image(1)

  Today we are hosting the Belize youth for a day long celebration.   We have been asked to lead the worship service tomorrow at Belmopan Baptist.  The youth will be singing and speaking and I will be preaching in the morning.
    We celebrated Emerson’s and Carol’s birthdays yesterday.   The is nothing like a Belizean birthday!
  Working with FUMC has been a great experience.     All of our kids have bonded and can’t wait to continue working together when we get home.  We have talked a great deal about plans for the school year and everyone is excited about senior high youth!
  This may be my last email.   The electricity will be off tomorrow.   Monday we go to the island where we have no connection by phone or email.   In the event of an emergency contact Pelican Beach Resort in Dangriga.
      This trip has exceeded all expectations.   God has richly blessed us all.


Day 7: Great day in Belize yesterday.  We visited the Mayan ruins which is a great image(2)highlight.   Today is the last day of VBS.   Our numbers have grown each day.  Working with FUMC has been a great, positive experience.   The kids have been great and have bonded very well.  They are already planning ways to work together when we get back home.

Day 6:  image_2image_1image

Day 5: image

Day 4:   Another great day in Belize!   Our numbers in Bible School increased again this morning and we were officially informed that they want us to lead the worship service this Sunday.   We went to see the Howler Monkeys this afternoon.  We go into the very heart of the rain forest and our guide “calls” the monkeys down from the trees.  It is an incredible experience the kids will never forget.

These young people are phenomenal.  They are working so well together and demonstrating exceptional leadership.   They are all well and having a fantastic time.

We are grateful for the opportunity to share this experience with them.  Tomorrow we visit Mayan Ruins

Day 3:  The kids had an amazing experience this afternoon as we went cave tubing.  We explored one of the most incredible cave systems in Belize. The kids were able to jump off an underground cliff inside the cave into the cold water below. It was an experience they will never forget. Bible School went much better today.    Everyone is having a great time in Belize.

Day 2:   Belmopan is the capital city of Belize but there were no eggs to be found on Monday, August 3.  There was Bible School in Belmopan. Lee and I had to leave to go to Belize City to get his bag, but not to worry–our youth took over and by the end of the day the children were so excited they couldn’t wait to come back tomorrow. The kitchen crew is busy getting ready for dinner tonight.  The kids are resting.   We saw a rainbow this morning that was a simple confirmation God is blessing us.  Everyone is healthy.  All is good.

Day 1:   The group landed early in Belize and after a great lunch at Cheers we arrived at image_1the camp about 3:00 pm.  The only glitch is that LMabe’s suitcase is still at the airport–we hope!   We find out in the morning.  Everyone is tired but very happy to be here.  Bible School begins in the morning.

Our mission shirt is already hanging at Cheers!image

Belize Team Departs 2015 venture

A group of 29 youth and adults from First Baptist Church and First United Methodist  Church departed First Baptist at 2:00 a.m. this morning for their  mission trip to Belize.

Please be in prayer for their safety and success as they share their love and faith this week.

Church Van

FBC recently purchased a large van to replace the aging one.  See the new version below.

Sunday, July 12, 2015 Lunch

Eric and Julie Maas are our CBF Missionaries in Belize. They serve as Camp Directors for the Baptist Training Center that our church helped to start 25 years ago. Eric and Julie will be our guests Sunday, July 12.

We are having a lunch with Eric and Julie following the service at Tricia’s Catering. Everyone is invited to attend. Tickets are $14.00 for adults and $7.00 for children 10 and under. Tickets (available in the church office) must be purchased by Sunday, July 5 and checks made to Tricia’s Catering.

The 144 Challenge

We are asking you to become a mission partner with our youth through the 144
Challenge. The youth who are going to Belize represent the 12 disciples and the church represents the 12 Tribes of Israel. Twelve youth working alone can only do so much, but with you accepting the challenge to partner with them through prayer and financial support, we can multiply their effectiveness. 12 X 12 = 144.

You are invited to take one of the envelopes in the sanctuary. The number on the front is the amount of money you are willing to give, anywhere between 1 and 144 dollars. The envelope contains a listing of the Belize team and details about this summer’s mission.

We ask that you prayerfully consider accepting the 144 Challenge!

Youth Belize Mission Trip 2015

Our Senior High Youth are preparing for this summer’s mission trip to Belize. Here are some items that we will need for Bible School. Your donations of any of these items will be appreciated.
Small Bean Bags
Blind Folds/Bandanas/Scarves
Sidewalk Chalk
Jump Ropes
Water Balloons
Plastic or Sponge Fish (4 to 6 inches)
Deflated dodge balls, soccer balls, or nerf balls

Winston-Salem Dash Baseball

Baseball-WSDash-July15--006We have three nights reserved this summer for WS Dash Baseball. The $21 package includes admission, food and drink, and baseball cap. First Baptist will be recognized on the big screen during the game. Fireworks will follow the game. This is a fun-filled, enjoyable outing. Dates are Friday nights, May 29, July 24, and August 28. Please contact the church office to make your reservations.