YouTube premier

FBC did it!  We premiered our YouTube channel and first ever full-length livestream of our worship service on Easter!  It was an outstanding success!  At the height of the service, more than 135 people were tuned in….and if that’s not enough, more than 200 have already watched the Easter service; either live or at a later time.

Thank you FBC for making this a success!  Special production thanks goes to the A/V team: Richard Honeycutt, Trey Shoaf, Jim Honeycutt, Willie Edwards, Jim Skotthy, Whitney Brooks, Wes Richardson and Tobin Shepherd.

To watch the service, we’re making it as easy as possible with as few of clicks as possible.  On our webpage:, look either at the top, right or bottom middle for a YouTube icon, which looks like this:

Simply click on this icon on Sundays at or around 11:00 a.m. and your computer will forward you to our YouTube channel for viewing either a live service or an archived service.  It’s that easy!

For advanced users:  if you’re logged into your Gmail account and watching our YouTube channel, you can post live comments during the service which makes for social interaction while maintaining a safe social distancing.

We’re in this together.

As the news of COVID-19 expands, there are many sources….some excellent, some OK and some not so good.  You may or may not know that FBC has 2 Public Health professionals in our membership.  We’re collaborating to provide you with accurate news resources.

In keeping with the Baptist philosophy of “priesthood of the believer”, below are some resources for your consumption and discernment.  These below resources are updated daily.

Davidson County, NC Health Department. COVID-19

State of NC
State of NC COVID-19

National Resource
Center for Disease Control, COVID-19

And, if you really want a deep dive into Public Health, International Resource
World Health Organization

Perhaps, one of the best summations to-date of this pandemic, was given by a former Harvard epidemiologist, now with UCLA School of Public Health:

The most important question is, “How do we all get through this?” And we get through this by focusing on what we know, and what we need to learn, and taking care of each other — so not by discriminating, not by panicking, and not by trying to isolate ourselves with our 500 rolls of toilet paper. If you’re my age (note: mid 50s), you have lived through two pandemic influenza outbreaks, 1968 and 2009, you have lived through HIV, you have lived through SARS and MERS and the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. And in every one of these cases, using what we know we have either been able to make huge advances in minimizing the impact of these viruses, or actually containing them completely. And that’s going to help us with this virus too.

Further, when asked: In terms of possible interventions, then, what can we do?

His response was: I think the last thing I would say we can do, very concrete, is we can take care of each other. If you’re aware of a friend or colleague or a neighbor who has had to self-isolate because either they have COVID-19 or they have been in contact, call them up. You cannot get COVID-19 over the phone. It just doesn’t happen. So call up and make sure they’re OK, see if they need anything, just check in on them. If you know someone who is elderly and home alone, call them up, make sure they’re OK. Just check in on them. That’s how we’re going to get through this, is by using knowledge that we learn both about this virus and what we know about other viruses and public health in general, and compassion. 

The above reads like some thing we, FBC, are already doing!  Keep ministering (at a distance) and if you’re not, start ministering…we’re in this together for the long haul and there’s good to be had in bad situations!

Mission Moment: Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of NC

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The Power of Partnerships

The heart of our relationship/partnership is with 140+ Baptist congregations across North Carolina, with whom FBC has cooperatively been engaged since its founding in 1994.  Indeed, there is “Power in a Partnership.” (Philippians 1:4-5)

Together In Partnership:
• we have a ministry presence on our 7 in-state Baptist Colleges and Universities and at our four Divinity Schools.
• we support the ministry of the NC Baptist Children Homes, NC Baptist Men, WMU, Baptist Camps, and other Baptist in-state ministries.
• we are ministering and offering Christian hospitality to immigrants and refugees within our state, to the Latino community, and working for racial justice.
• we are supporting and equipping the work of ministers and congregations, and engaging in the spiritual formation of youth and young adults.
• we are enhancing the fellowship of our cooperating congregations.
• God is at work touching many hearts and minds with the transforming love of Christ.(1 Corinthians 12:27)

In fellowship and partnership with other believers we can do far more together than alone.

Thank you for your financial support!

East St. Louis — Chet Cantrell

Update:   Thanks Chet!

Letting Our Light Shine

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#FBCmissionminded, #FBCinaction

For many years, with God’s help, you have been making a profound difference in the lives of poor, underserved young children in East St. Louis, Illinois. Through your regular, weekly contributions you have supported the mission ministry of the Christian Activity Center.

With God’s guidance and wisdom, this center, directed by Reverend Chet Cantrell of Davidson County, has been meeting the needs of some of our country’s most impoverished children. The center works with children ages 5-18 each day meeting their physical, mental and spiritual needs. As this nurturing environment takes place, they see children caring for each other, and watch how they grow in time to enrich daily lives and decisions. These children, like all of us, want their lives to matter. How wonderful to see our gifts making a difference for the least of these.

Chet Cantrell will be visiting our church on Wednesday, March 4. We will have a Covered Dish Supper. We hope you can be present to hear Chet share more about this great ministry.

From the Christian Activity Center’s website, About Us:

Teen violence swept the streets of East St. Louis when Director Rev. Chet Cantrell arrived at the Christian Activity Center in 1989. CAC’s purpose at that time was to keep kids alive.​

CAC’s building was three large rooms/ages 6-18 all together. There was no structure or funding for curriculum, and no funding to hire educators, counselors, chaplains, or coaches. CAC started with graffiti removal, walking into the heart of street violence and gang wars, and visiting mothers of murdered teens to counsel against retribution. The city was in a downward spiral in this post-industrial era. Congregations fled for safer ground just as East St. Louis’s families’ need and despair was compounded by dwindling resources in the city.  CAC’s immediate sphere of influence, the Samuel Gompers Homes (“The Gompers”), had become the acme of violence in what was aptly called: America’s Deadliest City.

The desperate city asked Baptists to do something to help stem the tide of juvenile crime and violence in this neighborhood. After a series of attempts to reestablish ministry that included five directors in seven years and a near-closing in 1988, a nationwide search was conducted and the current Director, Rev. Chet Cantrell, was hired to begin work January 6, 1989.  2018 marks Cantrell’s 29th year at the helm of CAC.

Missions 2020

Join FBC in celebrating our Missions, locally, nationally and internationally.  Periodically we’ll be provided an brief update to you on our giving of financial resources as well as our time and talents.

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#FBCmissionminded, #FBCinaction

March: Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of NC.

February: East Saint Louis, Chet Cantrell.

Salvation Army Christmas Angels

Happy November!  It’s that time of the year for the Angel Tree Program.  Last year, thanks to your generosity, the Salvation Army of Davidson County Angel Tree program was able to provide Christmas gifts to over 1,000 children.

The Angel Tree program provides new clothing and toys for children of families in need ages 0-12 years old in Davidson County.  Please consider adopting an angel again or for the first time this year.

How to Adopt an Angel:
1. Select an Angel or two from the table in the sanctuary and record your name and contact information on the sheet on the table. Each tag provides the Angel’s name, age, gender, clothing size, and wish list.

3. Purchase new, unused, unwrapped toys and clothing items that the angel has specified on the tag; don’t feel obligated to purchase everything on the tag. Place the items in a durable bag with the Angel tag inside the bag or affixed to the gift (s) so that the Salvation Army can identify where the items need to go.

5. Return your gifts to the stage in the Fellowship Hall by Sunday December 8.  Do NOT return them directly to the Salvation Army- they will pick them up at the church the next morning.

6. DONE!  You can feel great knowing that with your help children who otherwise might not have anything for Christmas will find gifts waiting under their tree. Thank you for all you do to help with this important ministry.

Sabbatical Journal. 2019

Joyce and I are having a wonderful Sabbatical.  It is providing the rest and renewal that we needed, but it has also been an amazing spiritual journey as God has surprised us in many ways.  I am writing a Sabbatical Journal that I have posted on my blog.  You can access my blog through our church website at (scroll down to the bottom of the page for the link) or directly at

We are grateful for this special opportunity.

Wednesday Night Meal

The Missions Committee will sponsor a discussion about the church’s Budgeted Missions Giving following our Wednesday night meal. We will enjoy quiches assorted (Lorraine, Broccoli & Cheese, etc.) assorted salads and dessert. Committee members will review the current allocations and lead a discussion with church members about their priorities. Of special interest will be feedback about local agencies the church supports and any that members would like to fund.

Comments can be emailed to committee chairman Chad Killebrew at

Reservations are necessary by noon on Monday. Please remember if you make a reservation and do not cancel by noon on Monday you are responsible to pay the cost of your dinner.

Inmate Christmas Party

Volunteers are needed for the annual Christmas Party at the prison on December 4, 2018. Desserts are the greatest need. Pies, cakes, cookies, doughnuts, and many tasty treats will be needed in large quantities! You are always so faithful and generous. Contact Newell Davis for more details.

Blessing the Lives of Children

We have three opportunities to bless the lives of children as we approach the Holiday season 2018. Through Operation Christmas Child, we can bless children around the world.

We are receiving a special Thanksgiving offering for Baptist Children’s Homes of North Carolina. We can share hope and change lives throughout our state as we support our Baptist Children’s Homes.

We can bless the lives of children locally through the Salvation Army Christmas Angels. We will soon have the angels available.