Ice Storm of March 2014

update:  March 11.  Additional photos added.  Photos courtesy of TWilson.  The chronological order is the morning of March 7th at the peak of the ice storm,  after lunch, March 8th and at night, Saturday, March 8th at 11 pm.

The Ice Storm came to Lexington on Friday.  A late winter storm in 2014.  Up to 1/2 inch of ice accumulated in most areas of town.  Plant life sagged from the weight of frozen water.  With this heavy burden, trees were uprooted and limbs broke, snapping at weak points.   Other casualties were downed power and telephone poles.  Friday was a mess.  By noon Saturday, most of the power had been restored to Lexington.  One exception, was First Baptist Church, 4th Street side.






After numerous consults with Utility Officials, FBC was promised power by late Saturday evening.  Power crews worked feverishly day and night.  Sunday morning came.  No Power.  Yet, FBC persevered, as Sunday School started with no utilities!  Most congregants left the cold dark classrooms searching for light and some measure of comfort and fellowship.  The Sanctuary provided the needed place of respite.

By 10:30 am, the power was restored!  The Sanctuary,  in all of its glory, provided even more light.  While there were no bulletins, Rev. Tommy Wilson, simply and elegantly guided the morning worship by announcing each point of the service.



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