FaithHealth focus: Organ Donation

Life is God’s greatest gift. Jesus said “I’ve come that you might have life in all of its fullness.” (John 10: 10) Modern medicine has opened new doors of sharing God’s greatest gift. Each one of us can potentially extend the gift of life to others through Organ Donation.

There are over 3,300 North Carolinians waiting to receive a life-saving organ. But there is a shortage of donors. Each day an average of 21 people die who could have been saved with an organ donation.

April is Donate Life Month and becoming an organ donor is simple, easy, and doesn’t cost a dime. Go to to register. Joining the registry means that you have chosen to make some or all of your organs and tissue available for transplant at the time of your death. Advances in medicine continue to allow more people to donate, and organs and tissues are carefully screened prior to transplant, so anyone can join the registry — regardless of age or medical history.

You can also register in person at the DMV. A heart is placed on your driver’s license that identifies you as a donor. It is important to let your family know of your wishes. Donor cards can also be downloaded from the website and are available this morning.

Becoming an organ donor will not cost you or your family anything, but it might just provide God’s greatest gift to a deserving person in need. Don’t delay—become an organ donor today!

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