Dr. Michael Blackwell and Baptist Children’s Homes of North Carolina

Our church has a long and dedicated history with Baptist Children’s Homes of North Carolina.  Dr. Michael C. Blackwell is celebrating his 35th year as President of BCHNC, a remarkable legacy!  We are privileged to have Dr. Blackwell visit our church on Sunday, September 23.  We will also have two very special guests from the past!

To honor Dr. Blackwell for his outstanding service, we want to receive a special offering for the Children’s Home.  Please make checks payable to the church and designate your gift for Baptist Children’s Homes.  We will present Dr. Blackwell with our gift on September 23.

Urgent Plea from Mills Home, Thomasville

Last week’s (March 2014) ice storm did major damage on the Mills Home campus on Thomasville.  Due to power outages, thousands of dollars of food were lost.  Baptist Children’s Homes has sent an urgent plea to all churches to:

1- Please consider giving a financial gift to the Ice Storm Disaster Fund.  Please earmark your check for this purpose.

2- Volunteer:  Help is needed with the cleanup and

3- Pray for all who have been impacted by the storm.

North Carolina Baptist Children’s Home

2013 Annual Goal: $1,475,000

Through our Budget we give $5,664.00. Through your gifts, you make it possible to “Bless” these children.

Alternative Gift Fair 2013

Wednesday, November 13 – 4:30 p.m. -8:00 p.m. – Fellowship Hall

Christmas is a special season. This year instead of giving more “things” give a gift that will make a difference to service organizations. You will have the opportunity to honor a family member or friend with a gift to a local or international service group. You will receive a gift card for your honoree from the organization that you select.

We have set a minimum donation of $10 to get a gift card. This year’s participating organizations include:

  • Habitat for Humanity,
  • Davidson County Prison Ministry,
  • Cancer Services,
  • CBF Global Missions,
  • Martha Best Children’s Center Scholarship Fund,
  • NC Baptist Children’s Home,
  • FBC Assistance Fund.

You may also enjoy homemade cookies, cakes or candy.  If you enjoy baking pleased consider donating homemade items for the fair.  All profits will go to benefit local missions.  Family and friends would love to be honored with a gift to a local agency or one of the other gifts available.