Commitment Forms Available

“Give and it will be given to you”

Commitment packets with forms for adults and children are available in the hall near the parlor. The packets are arranged alphabetically and contain two separate forms for adults and one for children. The long form contains the many opportunities for service, and the smaller form gives each person or family the opportunity to pledge financial support to FBC during 2015.
Many of the investments of these monies are represented on the branches of the tree in the 2015 logo. When members invest and give of their time and resources, God’s kingdom (including we giver) receive a blessing.

Growing Generous Givers

Lois Hill and Brenda Hipp attended “Growing Generous Givers “, a stewardship conference led by Ruben Swing.  The three are pictured here on Friday,  September 19 at Wake Forest Baptist Church.  The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of North Carolina sponsored the event.

Ruben Swing, Brenda Hipp, and Lois Hill (from left to right)

Ruben Swing, Brenda Hipp, and Lois Hill (from left to right)

Ideas and examples were shared for encouraging giving.   In terms of motivation or reinforcement,  did you know that giving is good for your mental and physical health and that your generosity tends to evoke generosity in others.  You may see some of the ideas from this conference modified to fuel our congregation as the  Commitment and Finance committees carry out their parts in our church’s ministry.

Older Children and Middle School Youth

Dr. Howell will have a class for older children and Middle School youth in early January on Christian commitment, baptism, and church membership. Please contact him or the church office using FBC’s contact us page if you are interested