Elevator update

Last Sunday the church experienced a partial power loss. On Monday all HVAC equipment was reviewed and only sustained minor problems. When power was turned on to the elevator, it sustained some damage and the Fire Department was even dispatched. We are still working with the Elevator Company and the Insurance Company to get things back up and working. All HVAC is fully functional. The elevator could take weeks to be up and running. We are working as quickly as possible. If we can assist your access to the building in anyway please do not hesitate to ask.

Urgent Plea from Mills Home, Thomasville

Last week’s (March 2014) ice storm did major damage on the Mills Home campus on Thomasville.  Due to power outages, thousands of dollars of food were lost.  Baptist Children’s Homes has sent an urgent plea to all churches to:

1- Please consider giving a financial gift to the Ice Storm Disaster Fund.  Please earmark your check for this purpose.

2- Volunteer:  Help is needed with the cleanup and

3- Pray for all who have been impacted by the storm.