School Supply final update

Here’s the final update on FBC’s Back to School mission this year from Ray:

One picture shows 576 packs of paper! Another shows boxes of supplies ready for delivery to Foster Children.

Other pictures are of book bags and supplies.

We collected 510 book bags. We delivered 6 boxes of school supplies to Social Services for the Foster Children. They were thrilled and said it was more than we have ever given in the past.

We had between $2500 – $3000 donated to help us buy the supplies. This was combined with the generous donations of people who brought book bags and various supplies. While it is hard to estimate the value, the supplies and book bags that will be given away amount to at least $5,000.

We are grateful to our entire church family and others in the community who made contributions to this effort!

Thanks FBC!

God is good ……  all the time!


Grape Jelly and Tomato Soup

Our church, for many years, has been responsible fore supplying tomato soup and grape jelly for Crisis Ministry of Davidson County. We have recently fallen behind our commitment.

Let’s us use the month of May to renew our commitment to Crisis Ministry and replenish the supply of soup and jelly. You can bring your donations to the basket located under the television monitor beside the ground floor elevator.

Transportation Fund

FBC has voted to purchase a “used van” in the range of $24,000 – 30,000.  Currently memorials are going to this purchase.  We encourage you to make a donation to the Transportation Fund to help with this purchase.

Urgent Plea from Mills Home, Thomasville

Last week’s (March 2014) ice storm did major damage on the Mills Home campus on Thomasville.  Due to power outages, thousands of dollars of food were lost.  Baptist Children’s Homes has sent an urgent plea to all churches to:

1- Please consider giving a financial gift to the Ice Storm Disaster Fund.  Please earmark your check for this purpose.

2- Volunteer:  Help is needed with the cleanup and

3- Pray for all who have been impacted by the storm.