Faith Health presentation

View the Wednesday, January 22, 2014 Faith Health presentation by Keith Stirewalt here.

Title:  Advance Care Planning, Reclaiming Love and Faith in Times of Illness

The purpose of the presentation is to:

  • create increased awareness of the importance of meaningful family conversations about illness and death before a medical crisis and
  • help to emphasize these conversations and times of serious illness as Holy moments encountered in sacred space and sacred times.

FaithHealth Meeting 2014

A very important meeting for all FaithHealth volunteers will be Wednesday, January 15, 2014
at 7:00 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall. Everyone is invited to attend!

This would be a great opportunity to get involved in one of our church’s most dynamic ministries. There will be a presentation sponsored by Lexington Medical Center by the Monarcares Company on a new website and computer application for the FaithHealth NC ministry.

Wednesday night, October 23, 2013 6:30 pm

Dr. Ray Morrow from Wake Forest Baptist Hospital will speak on “Christian Health” following our Wednesday night meal. Steve Snelgrove, from Lexington Medical Center will also be with us. This is a FaithHealthNC presentation.

FaithHealthNC, FBC covenant

What is FaithHealthNC, First Baptist Church Covenant?

FaithHealthNC improves health by combining the caring strengths of faith communities and the clinical expertise of medical providers. Volunteers from the faith community help their fellow congregation members and their neighbors in the community before, during and after illness strikes.

Participating congregations appoint volunteer caregivers led by one or more Congregational Care Coordinators (CCCs) to facilitate care for members and their neighbors particularly during times of illness. They work with the medical center’s Health Care Liaisons to ensure that people receive care at the right time (usually sooner than later), the right place (primary care physicians, community clinics, outpatient centers, the Hospital), and with the right after care (emotional and spiritual support, adequate meals, transportation, help with medications, home care services). Others they know and trust accompany people access the journey of illness.

Committees of First Baptist Church Covenant

Hospital Visitors: Make visits to patients in hospitals. Determine needs beyond hospital stay.

Nursing Home/Rehab Visitors: Make visits to patients in these facilities. Determine special needs.

Home Visitors: In the event follow-up is needed in home, make visits and determine needs. Contact Caring Committee and/or telephone committee if needed.

Caring Committee: Provide visits and encouragement when needed.

Prayer Committee: Provide systematic prayer support when requested.

Telephone Committee: Phone individuals to see how they are doing. Check to see if they are taking medication. Follow-up appointments.

Transportation: Provide transportation to and from facilities when needed.

Outreach Ministry: Provide support and help to those outside our church family.

Specialty Ministry: Provide help and support for specific illnesses.

Nutrition: Provide healthy lifestyle options through education and special events.

Appointments: Work with Hospital Liaison to secure and expedite medical appointments.

YMCA: Keep church aware of activities at the YMCA. Coordinate church events in collaboration with the YMCA. Work with YMCA on faith related ventures.

Publicity: Make church aware of events, opportunities, and health related issues that are iimortant to the congregation.

Community Agencies: Serve as liaison between church and agency, facilitating access to services when needed. Agencies include: Carolina Cancer Services, Davidson Medical Ministries, Hospice of Davidson County, Pastors Pantry, Crisis Ministry, Meals on Wheels, Positive Wellness Alliance.

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