Baskets for Kamp Kiwanis Children

FBCIMG_20140628_101145_457 will be providing baskets for children who are attending Kamp Kiwanis again this year. These baskets are given to the children when camp is over to take home with them. Thanks to Charlotte, Johnny, and Kacie Beck for coordinating this mission project.

Here are the items that are needed:
Wash Clothes
Tooth brushes
Hair brushes for girls
Tooth paste
Combs for boys
Chap stick
Cheese/peanut butter crackers
2 in 1 shampoo and Conditioner
Single serve cereal boxes
Fruit roll-ups/gummies
Sugarless gum
Nutragrain and granola bars
Fruit Cups
Bagged chips/pretzels
Juice boxes
Individual tissue packs

Cash donations are also greatly appreciated!

Kamp Kiwanis Gifts 2014

Charlotte, Kacie, and Johnny Beck met the Kamp Kiwanis’ children this morning and gave them the baskets or bags that were donated by FBC church members.

Baskets were given to each female camper while the males received a bag. They contained food, toiletries, socks, a washcloth, and snacks. A total of 63 baskets/bags were given away.  Another 63 will be given away the following weekend.  It was heart-warming to see the children so excited about these gifts.

Thanks Charlotte, Kacie, Johnny, Peggy and FBC!

Photo credits:  JHowell

Youth Summer Activities, summer of 2014

June 1 and 8     “Summeritis”    Sunday nights at Youth!

June 8      Baccalaureate    We recognize our graduating seniors!

June 16  (Monday)   We prepare a meal for Kamp Kiwanis!

Week of June 16:  (Date to be announced)  Shopping day for Wizard of Oz costumes for Passport

Passport Kids:  June 30 –July 3   Converse College Spartanburg, SC

Passport Missions:  July 7 – 12  Avererett University, Danville, VA

July 20 – 24  Vacation Bible School

July 24 Winston-Salem Dash Baseball