We’re in this together.

As the news of COVID-19 expands, there are many sources….some excellent, some OK and some not so good.  You may or may not know that FBC has 2 Public Health professionals in our membership.  We’re collaborating to provide you with accurate news resources.

In keeping with the Baptist philosophy of “priesthood of the believer”, below are some resources for your consumption and discernment.  These below resources are updated daily.

Davidson County, NC Health Department. COVID-19

State of NC
State of NC COVID-19

National Resource
Center for Disease Control, COVID-19

And, if you really want a deep dive into Public Health, International Resource
World Health Organization

Perhaps, one of the best summations to-date of this pandemic, was given by a former Harvard epidemiologist, now with UCLA School of Public Health:

The most important question is, “How do we all get through this?” And we get through this by focusing on what we know, and what we need to learn, and taking care of each other — so not by discriminating, not by panicking, and not by trying to isolate ourselves with our 500 rolls of toilet paper. If you’re my age (note: mid 50s), you have lived through two pandemic influenza outbreaks, 1968 and 2009, you have lived through HIV, you have lived through SARS and MERS and the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. And in every one of these cases, using what we know we have either been able to make huge advances in minimizing the impact of these viruses, or actually containing them completely. And that’s going to help us with this virus too.

Further, when asked: In terms of possible interventions, then, what can we do?

His response was: I think the last thing I would say we can do, very concrete, is we can take care of each other. If you’re aware of a friend or colleague or a neighbor who has had to self-isolate because either they have COVID-19 or they have been in contact, call them up. You cannot get COVID-19 over the phone. It just doesn’t happen. So call up and make sure they’re OK, see if they need anything, just check in on them. If you know someone who is elderly and home alone, call them up, make sure they’re OK. Just check in on them. That’s how we’re going to get through this, is by using knowledge that we learn both about this virus and what we know about other viruses and public health in general, and compassion. 

The above reads like some thing we, FBC, are already doing!  Keep ministering (at a distance) and if you’re not, start ministering…we’re in this together for the long haul and there’s good to be had in bad situations!

Growing Generous Givers

Lois Hill and Brenda Hipp attended “Growing Generous Givers “, a stewardship conference led by Ruben Swing.  The three are pictured here on Friday,  September 19 at Wake Forest Baptist Church.  The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of North Carolina sponsored the event.

Ruben Swing, Brenda Hipp, and Lois Hill (from left to right)

Ruben Swing, Brenda Hipp, and Lois Hill (from left to right)

Ideas and examples were shared for encouraging giving.   In terms of motivation or reinforcement,  did you know that giving is good for your mental and physical health and that your generosity tends to evoke generosity in others.  You may see some of the ideas from this conference modified to fuel our congregation as the  Commitment and Finance committees carry out their parts in our church’s ministry.

NC Baptist All-State Youth Choir Concert

July 18 – 7:00 p.m. – First Baptist Church Sanctuary

Ninety-six young people from Baptist Churches all over North Carolina will come together to form the “North Carolina Baptist All-State Youth Choir.” This year’s theme is IMAGE,  “He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of all creation” Colossians 1: 15.

Admission is free and everyone is cordially invited to attend.

Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of North Carolina

Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of North Carolina (CBFNC)

2014 General Assembly March 28 – 29,  First Baptist, Greensboro, NC

All FBC Deacons, Sunday School teachers, Mission leaders, and all members are encouraged to take advantage of this free opportunity to learn and fellowship.


The Baptist Bible School of Belize 2013

On October 6, 2013, the Baptist Bible School of Belize held its fifth graduation in Orange Walk.  There were twelve very happy graduates–the largest class ever. There was a pastor from way down south near Punta Gorda and up north at Orange Walk as well as from Belize City. Most graduates are lay leaders, including a pastor’s wife who has brought many into the church at Burrell Boom, an energetic 74-year-old, and an American who has adopted several children from Belize. The later paid his own way.

Belize Bible School graduation 2013

Belize Bible School graduation 2013
photo by Rev. Susan Pasour, the stateside coordinator for the BBSB

FBC has supported this school from its beginnings in 2006. Dennis Hipp and Graham Hall were provided travel to assist in the school. Since Graham’s “retirement”, funding has helped Brenda Hipp to travel and assist with the school and attend this 2013 graduation. Designated funds have been sent to CBFNC and accessed to pay for student’s books, for food for students during the three weeks they spend in school at the Baptist Training Center, and for administrative costs. Much of this has come from Fellowship/Philpott Sunday School class of FBC. It is not a line item in either the FBC or CBFNC budgets. But it is a cause that changes the lives of the participants and those to whom they minister.

Brenda Hipp