Educator Sunday

Missional Survey

Our church has spent many rewarding hours this year exploring how we as a church family can reach out to our greater community in support of local mission. Through our budget we support a number of local missions…each of which is very deserving. However, the extensive number of missions dilutes the impact we can make financially on each individual organization.

One of the most impactful sessions we had this year was the visit by Dr. Matt Cook, senior pastor at First Baptist Church, Wilmington, NC. Several years ago, FBC Wilmington found themselves in a similar situation with small donations going to many missions. They felt that their contribution was not making a significant impact on any of these deserving organizations. They changed their approach to a focus on missions where congregation members were actively involved. They then offered not only financial contribution, but also additional time, talent and resource support, essentially establishing a partnership with the selected missions. This resulted in a major reduction in the total number of missions being funded, but those that were supported were offered significant resource support of both financial contribution and human service.

The purpose of our FBC Missional Survey is to get a snapshot of our community missional involvement as a congregation. This information will be used to then help determine the level of partnership that is appropriate between our church and each organization.

In order to develop a program that can make a difference with our local missions, we need your help. Please take a few minutes to complete the survey and then take it by the church office, give it to an usher, email to or fax it to the church at 336-249-4762.
Thank you for your help on this important project.

Missional Leadership Team

We want to hear from you!!! Download and complete the form!  Or complete the form online at this link.  It’s in Google forms, so just click on the link to open the survey. The survey walks you through the rest of the steps.  (Thanks Whitney!)

Save the Date: TDCWL 2017

Jesus commanded us to love our neighbors.  Touching Davidson County with Love, a community mission activity, was born to help us fulfill this command.  2015 was the tenth year of celebrating TDCWL, and fifteen Davidson County churches joined together last April to conduct a one-day demonstration of love for the needy.  The churches represented a variety of denominations.

The next Touching Davidson County with Love is April 22, 2017.

We would love to have you involved in 2017!

Here is our outline of activity:
–In January all interested churches will select one or more representatives to serve on the TDCWL Steering Committee.
–There will probably be a meeting of the Steering Committee each month until the day of Touching Davidson County with Love.
–For several months, we will be searching for projects that will demonstrate our love for the needy.  Possibly projects include but not limited to building wheelchair ramps, visiting nursing homes, singing at nursing homes, making blankets for abused children, cleaning yards, delivering food and other gifts, making repairs, cleaning up camps to get ready for the summer and many other ideas that you may suggest.

For more information or to sign up to participate, please use our contact us page to get involved in this priceless local ministry.

Grape Jelly and Tomato Soup

Our church, for many years, has been responsible fore supplying tomato soup and grape jelly for Crisis Ministry of Davidson County. We have recently fallen behind our commitment.

Let’s us use the month of May to renew our commitment to Crisis Ministry and replenish the supply of soup and jelly. You can bring your donations to the basket located under the television monitor beside the ground floor elevator.

Opportunities for Service.

From Ray’s sermon of April 10th, 2016, Opportunities for Service is here on the opportunitiesforservice-apr2016website.  Ray’s invitation to join the ministry of FBC included three basic points of consideration for action.

He called them the ABCs:

A: Ask God,

B: Be yourself and

C: Commitment.

The online signup form is here.

Some of these opportunities can be filled by one person.  Some will require numerous volunteers.  Where is God leading you to serve?

Visit Nursing Homes, Rehab Centers, and Homebound (Coordinate with CARE Committee to visit our church family members who are confined to home or a healthcare facility)

Coordinate Lay Readers (Schedule Lay Readers for Sunday Mornings, Coordinate with Ray to provide Scriptures in advance)

Coordinate Bible Openers (Maintain a list of children to open the Bible, contact families in advance to schedule Sundays and coordinate with Ray or the church office)

Church Paraments (Coordinate with Ray to have the correct Paraments on the pulpit and communion table, and make sure the paraments are maintained, protected, and properly stored)

Coordinate Youth Snack Suppers (Beginning this fall, schedule snack suppers for Sunday nights, coordinating with youth leaders)

Vacation Bible School (We need workers for VBS July 25-29)

Family Life Committee (We hope to plan more family, social, and fun activities and would like to increase the number of people on the Family Life Committee)

Church Vehicles (Make sure our bus and mini-bus are up to date on service and inspections. Know where to send vehicles if repairs are needed)
Wednesday Night Meals (Volunteers needed beginning in the fall)

Visitors Follow-Up
(Contact those who visit our church and share information on the church if interested)

FaithHealth (Join our FaithHealth ministry to provide transportation, meals, or support services as needed)

FaithHealth Monthly Emphasis
(Coordinate with Dr. Victor Farrah to provide the monthly bulletin insert on a timely health issue)

Hospital Visitors (When Ray is not available, visit our church members who are hospitalized)

Agency Representative (Keep our church family informed of needs and volunteer opportunities in the agency that you represent)

Sunday Morning Coffee Room (Thank you Alyson Honeycutt for coordinating!—we will need volunteers to help)

Sunday Morning Greeters (Join our friendly group of greeters to provide a cheerful welcome and assistance when needed)

Shoebox Ministry (Coordinate our annual Shoebox Ministry)

Salvation Army Christmas Angels (Coordinate our annual Christmas Angel campaign through the Salvation Army)

Church Bulletin Boards
(Coordinate and decorate our church bulletin boards to promote important events)

Sanctuary Flowers (Coordinate flowers for the sanctuary including the annual Christmas Poinsettias, palms for Palm Sunday & Easter Lilies)

Fountain (Maintain our church fountain in the Columbarium Garden)

Columbarium Sales and Oversight (Oversee our Church Columbarium with responsibility for sales)

TV Informational Monitor (Update the TV monitor in the Fellowship Hall lobby on a weekly basis)

Sunday Morning Prayer Ministry (Join our Sunday morning prayer team to pray for our church during this important time)

Candles and Candle Lighters (Look after the candles in the sanctuary and the lighters that we use for the Christ Candle.  Coordinate with Ray for candles needed for All Saint’s Sunday)

Extended Session/Nursery (Volunteers are needed to help with the nursery and extended session during the worship service)

Children’s Ministry (Coordinate a Children’s Ministry during worship, plan a week at Passport Kids, plan outings and events for children)

Chrismon Ministry
(Join this dedicated group of talented members to create new Chrismons for our beautiful tree this Advent season)

Small Jobs Ministry
(Help is needed with this important ministry)

Single Adult Ministry
(Start a Single Adult Ministry in our church)

Host a Small Group (Small groups can meet for Bible Study, book reviews, prayer, or for any special ministry)

Create a New Ministry (Perhaps God is calling you to create a brand new ministry)

Music Ministry (Sanctuary Choir, Senior Adult Choir, Handbells, Youth Choir, Soloists, Ensembles, Children’s Choirs-Joyful Singers and Chancel Choristers)

Sunday School Literature (Work with SS Director John Thacker to organize and distribute Sunday School Literature)

Creative Writing (Use your creative writing skills to write original “Gatherings” and/or litanies for the worship service)

Church Ambassador (We have many outside groups and agencies who use our church building as part of our mission to the community. We need someone to represent the church at these occasions)

Prayer Shawl Ministry (Join this group of gifted women who knit or crochet prayer shawls for the sick, baby blankets, and afghans for our high school graduates)

Nominating Committee
(Our Nominating Committee will be meeting soon to fill our committee and leadership positions.  Find a place of service and let us know this is where you would like to serve)

Touching Davidson County With Love
(Become a part of our leadership team to begin planning the 11th Annual TDCWL!)

FaceBook and Twitter
  (Manage our church’s FaceBook page, updating frequently.  Start a church Twitter account to promote church activities and share information.)

We have many church members who are involved in a multitude of ministries.  If you are already doing something that is on this list we are grateful.  This list is by no means exhaustive and does not include many of the important tasks that are appointed by the Nominating Committee.  These are areas that we need your help to build the church of Christ.

To volunteer for a service opportunity on this list or to learn more you can
a) email ray at ray(at);
b) call the church office at (336) 245-1261;
c) circle the opportunity (or opportunities) and hand the list to Ray, Jim Tate, or the church office or;  Print out the list here.
d) complete this online form.

To volunteer for a position of leadership or service that is covered by the Nominating Committee, please email Debbie Tate at dtate(at)


April 24th, Celebration

Our church family will celebrate the ministry of Tommy and Sandra Wilson on Sunday, April 24th.  Following the worship service we will gather in the fellowship hall for lunch and a special  program.

Rev. Tommy Wilson

Rev. Tommy Wilson

Tickets ($6 Adults/ $3 Children) will be available beginning April 3rd.  Seating is limited so you are encouraged to purchase your tickets early.  Tickets will be available in the church office during the week and on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights.

Thanks Tommy and Sandra for your ministry at FBC!

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

Candlelight Service 2015 bulletin

Merry Christmas!  –FBC staff

Christmas Eve Communion Candlelight Service 2015

Thursday, December 24     5:30 p.m.     Sanctuary

Arrive early for this tradition of candlelight and communion. We will close the Advent season with the singing of “Silent Night” while the Sanctuary is illuminated by candles and filled with the anticipation of Christmas Day.

We will be receiving a special offering at the Christmas Eve Service to help our church reach our budgetary commitments for 2015.

If every family would consider a special Christmas gift in addition to their regular gift, it would make a tremendous difference. We invite you to come to the Christmas Eve Service prepared to make a special Christmas gift.

Belize Field Journal 2015

Day 9:  We had a great day yesterday.    Grilled 75 hamburgers and had delicious watermelon.   The Youth from Belmopan had a wonderful time.  Waiting for power to go off.  Our youth are ready for worship this morning.

Day 8:  We have had a fantastic week in Belize.  I can’t say enough good things about our youth.   They have been phenomenal!   Bible School was a big success.   The youth have some powerful experiences to share.   Grayson went to the children’s home yesterday to take the sports equipment. It was an experience he will never forget.image(1)

  Today we are hosting the Belize youth for a day long celebration.   We have been asked to lead the worship service tomorrow at Belmopan Baptist.  The youth will be singing and speaking and I will be preaching in the morning.
    We celebrated Emerson’s and Carol’s birthdays yesterday.   The is nothing like a Belizean birthday!
  Working with FUMC has been a great experience.     All of our kids have bonded and can’t wait to continue working together when we get home.  We have talked a great deal about plans for the school year and everyone is excited about senior high youth!
  This may be my last email.   The electricity will be off tomorrow.   Monday we go to the island where we have no connection by phone or email.   In the event of an emergency contact Pelican Beach Resort in Dangriga.
      This trip has exceeded all expectations.   God has richly blessed us all.


Day 7: Great day in Belize yesterday.  We visited the Mayan ruins which is a great image(2)highlight.   Today is the last day of VBS.   Our numbers have grown each day.  Working with FUMC has been a great, positive experience.   The kids have been great and have bonded very well.  They are already planning ways to work together when we get back home.

Day 6:  image_2image_1image

Day 5: image

Day 4:   Another great day in Belize!   Our numbers in Bible School increased again this morning and we were officially informed that they want us to lead the worship service this Sunday.   We went to see the Howler Monkeys this afternoon.  We go into the very heart of the rain forest and our guide “calls” the monkeys down from the trees.  It is an incredible experience the kids will never forget.

These young people are phenomenal.  They are working so well together and demonstrating exceptional leadership.   They are all well and having a fantastic time.

We are grateful for the opportunity to share this experience with them.  Tomorrow we visit Mayan Ruins

Day 3:  The kids had an amazing experience this afternoon as we went cave tubing.  We explored one of the most incredible cave systems in Belize. The kids were able to jump off an underground cliff inside the cave into the cold water below. It was an experience they will never forget. Bible School went much better today.    Everyone is having a great time in Belize.

Day 2:   Belmopan is the capital city of Belize but there were no eggs to be found on Monday, August 3.  There was Bible School in Belmopan. Lee and I had to leave to go to Belize City to get his bag, but not to worry–our youth took over and by the end of the day the children were so excited they couldn’t wait to come back tomorrow. The kitchen crew is busy getting ready for dinner tonight.  The kids are resting.   We saw a rainbow this morning that was a simple confirmation God is blessing us.  Everyone is healthy.  All is good.

Day 1:   The group landed early in Belize and after a great lunch at Cheers we arrived at image_1the camp about 3:00 pm.  The only glitch is that LMabe’s suitcase is still at the airport–we hope!   We find out in the morning.  Everyone is tired but very happy to be here.  Bible School begins in the morning.

Our mission shirt is already hanging at Cheers!image

2nd Sunday of Easter – 25 years of Service.

Celebration of 25 years of Ministry, Dr. Ray Howell, III.  April 1, 1990 – 2015.

Welcome and Introductions: Brian Walker, Moderator.

Remembrances:  Julia Dunn, Mack Mast, Vinnon Williams.

Pulpit Committee:  Vinnon Williams, Moderator.  Mack Mast, Phil Mickey, Julia Dunn, Hubert Olive, Evelyn Kepley, Marge Team, Lane Gilliam, Edgar Thomas and Judy LeCroy.