Educator Sunday

Baccalaureate Service 2017

At each transition of life, we must be prepared for farewells and new beginnings. In every farewell, there is a legacy to gain. In every new beginning, there is a hope to transform. In all of life’s transition, there is a foundation of faith to provide stability and courage.

Happy Graduation, FBC Youth!

Thanks Sparky, for the photos!

Baccalaureate Sunday 2016

We give blessings to you for all that you have achieved and many more achievements yet to come.

We give you blessings of good will and love as you journey forth into the world.

We pray that as you leave this place you will remember all the good times that we have shared with you.

We pray that God will give you strength and determination to develop new relationships that will help to strengthen and sustain your faith.

We pray that you make wise and rational decisions always turning to God for help.  God hears, God is always with you.  Remember if you turn to God, he will turn to you and guide you on the way.

Congratulations to:
Ethan Houser, Emerson Williams, Sheldon Bailey, Maggie Lancaster, Olivia Brown and Nolan O’Bryant!  FBC is proud of you!

Christ is risen!


Sunday, September 13, 2015

2015 Budget Catch Up Sunday

 $674,636— 2015 Budgeted Contributions
$329,919  –  Contributions through July
$344,716  –  Needed through the next five months
We are currently meeting all expenses but hope to begin Building and Grounds projects and funding Mission Expenditures. Please plan to give and let’s catch up on our Financial Stewardship

Baccalaureate Sunday 2015

At each transition of life we must be prepared for farewell and new beginning.  In every farewell there is a legacy to gain.  In every new beginning there is a hope to transform.  In all of life’s transition there is a foundation of faith to provide stability and courage.

Note:  Get all the details of the service from the FBC bulletin: June 7, 2015.


Senior Adult Sunday

Senior Adult Sunday, April 19th – 11:00 a.m. Worship Service – 12:15 pm. Luncheon.

Easter 2015

Christ is risen,
He is risen indeed!


Commitment Forms Available

“Give and it will be given to you”

Commitment packets with forms for adults and children are available in the hall near the parlor. The packets are arranged alphabetically and contain two separate forms for adults and one for children. The long form contains the many opportunities for service, and the smaller form gives each person or family the opportunity to pledge financial support to FBC during 2015.
Many of the investments of these monies are represented on the branches of the tree in the 2015 logo. When members invest and give of their time and resources, God’s kingdom (including we giver) receive a blessing.

All Saints Sunday, November 2, 2014

On Sunday, November 2, 2014, All Saints Sunday, we will remember our ten church members who died in
the past year. We also invite those of you who have lost an immediate member of your family to participate.

If you would like to memorialize your loved one as apart of our Sunday service, please contact the church office.