Baccalaureate Sunday 2016

We give blessings to you for all that you have achieved and many more achievements yet to come.

We give you blessings of good will and love as you journey forth into the world.

We pray that as you leave this place you will remember all the good times that we have shared with you.

We pray that God will give you strength and determination to develop new relationships that will help to strengthen and sustain your faith.

We pray that you make wise and rational decisions always turning to God for help.  God hears, God is always with you.  Remember if you turn to God, he will turn to you and guide you on the way.

Congratulations to:
Ethan Houser, Emerson Williams, Sheldon Bailey, Maggie Lancaster, Olivia Brown and Nolan O’Bryant!  FBC is proud of you!

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