Mission Moment: Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of NC

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The Power of Partnerships

The heart of our relationship/partnership is with 140+ Baptist congregations across North Carolina, with whom FBC has cooperatively been engaged since its founding in 1994.  Indeed, there is “Power in a Partnership.” (Philippians 1:4-5)

Together In Partnership:
• we have a ministry presence on our 7 in-state Baptist Colleges and Universities and at our four Divinity Schools.
• we support the ministry of the NC Baptist Children Homes, NC Baptist Men, WMU, Baptist Camps, and other Baptist in-state ministries.
• we are ministering and offering Christian hospitality to immigrants and refugees within our state, to the Latino community, and working for racial justice.
• we are supporting and equipping the work of ministers and congregations, and engaging in the spiritual formation of youth and young adults.
• we are enhancing the fellowship of our cooperating congregations.
• God is at work touching many hearts and minds with the transforming love of Christ.(1 Corinthians 12:27)

In fellowship and partnership with other believers we can do far more together than alone.

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  1. Brenda Hipp says

    CBFNC also still offers some support for missions in Belize. Earlier CBFNC churches provided for guitars for all pastors in Belize and for the Pastor Training School. The benefits of that continue today as pastors tell me how that has enhanced their ministry.

    CBFNC is also planning ways to assist in this time of pandemic. As they have done in past times of need, they will assess where there are gaps in the provision of help and plan how best to meet those needs. The CBFNC website and emails can keep you up to date on their/OUR response.
    Thanks for your contributions.

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